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Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117 Paint Color


Let’s talk about Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117 and how it’s simply one of the best white paint colors on the market. You can read all about it, plus learn the undertones, other popular shades of white, and much more.

Simply White from Benjamin Moore

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Simply White OC-117 Review & FAQ’s

benjamin moore simply white office

What color is Simply White?

Simply White is a shade of almost-white that has a tiny hint of warm golden hues. It has been one of the best selling paint colors from Benjamin Moore for nearly 10 years and was their color of the year in 2016.

It’s considered to be a neutral paint color


What’s the light reflective value of Simply White?

It has a light reflective value of 91.7 on a scale of 0 to 100, indicating that it’s very light, but not a stark white.

LRV simply white benjamin moore

What are the most popular whites from Benjamin Moore?

There are dozens of beautiful shades of white, but these are currently the most popular white from Benjamin Moore:

You can see many more popular whites from Benjamin Moore here: Best Benjamin Moore White Paints

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    Is Simply White warm or cool?

    Simply White is a warm white that has very subtle hints of yellow that keep it from being stark and cold. The laundry room below has cabinets painted with Simply White and you can see how they’re slightly warmer than the cooler white washer and dryer.


     “Fresh as the first snowfall, this clean, crisp, multi-purpose white is a perennial favorite for trim, ceilings, and walls.” – Benjamin Moore website.

    benjamin moore simply white color swatch

    Is Simply White or White Dove lighter?

    These are two of the most popular whites from Benjamin Moore and both are great colors. Simply White is lighter than White Dove when compared side-by-side. Simply White has an LRV of 91.7, where White Dove has a slightly lower LRV of 85.38.

    simply white vs white dove

    Both colors are beautiful shades of white. They could be used together since they have similar undertones and complement each other nicely. Either would be great for trim, cabinets, or walls.

    MORE ABOUT WHITE DOVE: In our home, the trim throughout the main level, our living room, the painted brick fireplace, and my craft room are all painted with White Dove.

    Does Simply White go with Chantilly Lace?

    There’s not a huge difference between these two colors, but Simply White has warm undertones and Chantilly Lace is slightly cooler. Side by side you can see the difference.

    I would probably recommend using one or the other, but not both of them together. The choice would be determined by whether or not you need a warm undertone in your space.

    simply white vs Chantilly lace

    What’s the difference between Cloud White and Simply White?

    Cloud White and Simply White are both warm colors and excellent choices for white paint. Simply White is lighter, with an LRV of 91.7, where Cloud White has an LRV of 87.35. There is only a slight difference between them.

    simply white vs cloud white

    What Colors are Similar to Simply White?

    If you need more options then you might take a look at these off-white paint colors that are similar to Simply White:

    What’s a darker shade of Simply White?

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      If you want a color that’s a little darker or are looking for a monochromatic color scheme, here are the best colors to consider:

      simply white color strip

      What colors go with Simply White?

      There really aren’t many colors that DON’T go with Simply White. For a neutral palette, pair it with beiges or greige paint colors.

      You can also use it with various sage green colors, blue paint colors, earthy hues like russet, brown, and gold, and bright colors too.

      Now let’s take a look at some areas painted with Simply White.

      Simply White Living Rooms

      This classic living room from Kate Knowles has a built-in bookcase, trim, and walls all painted with Benjamin Moore Simply White. It looks fresh and crisp and complements the wood floors and various shades of blue beautifully.


      This Simply White living room has a clean, fresh feeling to it and the walls allow the furniture and decorative accents to be the stars of the show.

      benjamin moore simply white living room

      The Simply White walls paired with the natural wood tones give a beautiful Scandinavian feeling to this space. And it’s so serene. From Studio McGee.

      simply white living room

      Here’s another open, airy space with Simply White on the walls. The wood elements warm up the space nicely.

      living room painted with Benjamin moore simply white

      The light in this living room painted with Simply White is simply amazing! And the non-color of the walls doesn’t distract from the gorgeous views.

      rustic living room with simply white painted walls

      Soft and subtle, this small living room with Simply White walls looks great with the blue doors.

      benjamin moore simply white living room

      Benjamin Moore Simply White Kitchen Cabinets

      This fresh, white kitchen with Simply White on the cabinets and walls is so cozy and charming. The copper accents in the cabinets and the soft contrast of the floors and walls are a timeless touch.

      benjamin moore simply white cabinets

      This traditional kitchen with Simply White cabinets would be a dream to cook in. And the black counter tops and chairs add a nice little punch of color.

      Benjamin Moore Simply White Kitchen Cabinets

      Benjamin Moore Simply White Bedroom

      simply white bedroom with wood beams

      This rustic bedroom from Jaime Costiglio has amazing wood beams on the ceiling and wide plank floors. The Simply White walls keep the room light and clean without competing with all the wood tones.

      Explore more great bedroom colors here >> Best Paint Colors for Bedrooms

      Benjamin Moore Simply White Trim

      It looks beautiful as a trim color with more subdued wall colors like Classic Gray in this 2-story living room. From Martha O’Hara Interiors.

      simply white trim, classic gray walls

      More Interior Spaces with Simply White

      This rustic dining space is fresh and clean with the Simply White walls. The wood beams, table, and cabinet give a nice warmth to the space and add tons of patina and character.

      Benjamin Moore Simply White Kitchen

      An office with Simply White cabinets is calming and clean. The black and white photos look stunning against the Simply White.

      Benjamin Moore Simply White Built-in cabinets

      Isn’t this a dreamy studio? The Simply White walls and the beautiful windows provide an abundance of inspiration.

      studio with simply white walls and wood art easel

      Here’s another rustic studio with clean walls and the warm wood accents. Any artisan would be motivated to create in this serene space.

      pottery studio with benjamin moore simply white walls

      Walls – Benjamin Moore Simply White, Trim – Benjamin Moore Ice Mist

      Simply White Exteriors

      This charming vintage home in Austin looks cozy and welcoming with the Simply White siding and Azores front door. From Avenue B Development.

      simply white siding, azores door

      Recap of Simply White

      What’s your opinion of this super popular white paint color? Leave me a comment below and let me know if you’ve used it anywhere and what you think of it. Here’s a recap:

      • Simply White is one of the most popular white paint colors used today
      • The LRV (light reflective value) is 91.7
      • It has neutral to slightly warm undertones
      • Use it on trim, walls, cabinets, and exterior surfaces
      • It’s neutral enough to be used with almost any color

      Try a sample

      Are you ready to try it out? Get a peel and stick sample or tester sample and see how Simply White looks in your home. Found here:

      Benjamin Moore simply white paint swatch

      To learn more about the colors or to find a store near you, go here.

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