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Best Benjamin Moore White Paints for Every Home

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the best Benjamin Moore white paints in real rooms

White painted rooms are all the rage these days and you’ve probably seen them across magazines, in show houses, and on the internet. And while it might seem easy to just paint your walls in plain old white, there are many almost white shades of paint that are even more popular than basic white.

Benjamin Moore Icicle

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Best Benjamin Moore White Paints

Are you surprised at how many white paint colors are available? There are hundreds, and while most of them will appear white on the walls, subtle undertones can show up on large surfaces so it’s important to do a little research and sampling before painting a room.

Which white paint is the whitest?

The whitest paints from Benjamin Moore are Chantilly Lace and Super White. They have the fewest undertones and therefore appear whiter than others.

whitest paint colors from benjamin moore

What’s the difference between a warm white and a cool white?

Most every white has some type of undertone to it. Warmer whites have red, yellow, and orange tints undertones. Cooler whites have green, blue, and violet undertones to them.

What’s an undertone?

I’m glad you asked! Did you know that unless a color is premixed at the paint factory, it has at least a few drops of colorant added to it at the paint store? I worked at our family paint shop for 30+ years and can attest to this.

You’d be surprised at the colors the make up your white and neutral paints. But don’t worry, these formulas have been used for decades and are always spot on.

There are 16 different colors in the Benjamin Moore paint tinting machines. Variations of tints are unlimited and will determine the undertones of your paint.

For example, a drop of yellow oxide or  red oxide will give your white paint a warm undertone. A drop of black, blue, or green will produce a cool undertones. More drops and more tints will affect the depth of color and the undertones.

What does LRV mean?

LRV, or light reflective value, is a number that’s assigned to paint colors to indicate the percentage of light that reflects off of them, or basically how light they appear on a wall. The scale ranges from 0 (absorbs all light) to 100 (absorbs no light or reflects 100%). Whiter, lighter colors have high LRV’s since they reflect more light, and darker colors have low LRV’s reflect less light and absorb more of it.

Cool and Warm White Paints

Below is are examples of cool and warm white paints. Keep in mind that these will still look almost white on the walls. They appear darker here because they’re against a white backdrop. This is one of the reasons it’s important to look at larger samples and test them whenever possible.

Find peel and stick samples for all Benjamin Moore colors here →
Samplize Peel and Stick Paint Samples

Cool White Paints

white paint colors with cool undertones.

Where should I use cool whites?

Cool white paint colors are ideal for south-facing rooms. Why? These rooms get a lot of direct natural light and warm tones from the sun. Whites with cool undertones will counterbalance the natural warm tones from the southern exposure.

Warm White Paints

benjamin moore whites with warm undertones

Where should I use warm white paints?

Rooms that face east and north don’t get as much warm natural light as rooms that are south and west-facing. To counterbalance the cooler, shady rooms, try a warm white.

Keep in mind that every color will appear different depending on factors like the time of day, the amount of cloud cover, and whether or not there are large shade trees near the home. These are more reasons to sample your paint choices before making a final decision.

Again, I recommend using peel and stick samples for all Benjamin Moore colors. Found here → Samplize Peel and Stick Paint Samples

What are the most popular whites from Benjamin Moore?

There are dozens of beautiful shades of white, but these are currently the most popular white from Benjamin Moore:

best benjamin moore white paint colors

Tips for choosing your white paint colors:

  1. If you don’t know where to begin, start with any items that won’t be changing like large furniture pieces, flooring, or any other permanent features in the area to be painted.
  2. Look for inspiration on pinterest, instagram, or in home magazines.
  3. Once you’ve decided on the direction you want to go, narrow your choices down to 5 or less, ideally.
  4. Keep in mind that paint colors will look more intense on your walls than they do on paint color strips with multiple shades. This means light colors will look lighter and dark colors will look darker.
  5. Look at the color you’re considering in the room that you will be painting, not outside in the bright sun.
  6. See how the paint color looks in that room during different lighting situations…on a sunny day, on a cloudy day, with and without the lights on, and at night. They look different in each of these
  7. I strongly recommend testing the color either by painting areas of the room (next to the trim) or by using a peel and stick paint samples. You can get them here: Samplize Peel and Stick Paint Samples. They’re reusable, affordable, and you don’t even have to wash out a brush.
  8. Most importantly, remember that there’s not a “perfect” white. There are likely a few good choices that will look beautiful in your room.

How do I get the best looking paint job?

If you’re doing the painting, there are several products I recommend for the best finish, starting with high quality paint. With good paint, you’ll get better coverage which means you won’t have to use as many coats (or buy as much paint).

High quality paints also have a smoother finish because they’re made with finely ground solids. With Benjamin Moore, you usually have a choice of price points in what I call “good, better, and best”. If possible, go with “better” or “best” See my list of supplies to use for a professional looking paint job here:
Must Have Painting Supplies

Join the VIP group and get these free paint can labels, a color tracker, and paint sheen guide for your files.

Now let’s take a look at the most popular almost white paint colors from Benjamin Moore, not in any particular order.

1. Benjamin Moore Decorators’ White

benjamin moore decorators' white bathroom
benjamin moore decorators white

Decorators’ White Peel and Stick Sample

Decorator’s White is a color that’s been around for decades and never goes out of style. It’s been the standard white for Benjamin Moore for many years. It has a slightly cooler, gray tint to it and looks beautiful in this bathroom. It perfectly complements the blue ceiling and the dark floors.

2. Benjamin Moore China White

Benjamin Moore China White

Traditional Home –  Benjamin Moore China White

Benjamin Moore China White

Get a sample of China White

Another Benjamin Moore classic color for decades, China White also is extremely neutral and goes wonderfully with the black door and brick floor in this entry. It’s considered to be a very slightly cool white.

3. Benjamin Moore Simply White

Benjamin Moore Simply white
Benjamin Moore Simply White

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2016, Simply White has just a few drops of color in it that give it a warmer hue. You can see several more spaces painted in this popular shade here:
Benjamin Moore Simply White. And you can get a sample here: Simply White Paint Sample

4. Atrium White

Benjamin Moore Atrium White
Benjamin Moore Atrium White

Get a sample of Atrium White

Atrium White has a slightly warmer undertone but still appears white on the walls. It’s a great color for north and east facing rooms because of the warm tints that go into it.

5. Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Benjamin Moore Cloud White
Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Get a sample of Cloud White

For a slightly warmer hue, consider Cloud White. It has very faint cream undertones and is a cozy, warm white that looks beautiful with the rich reds and golds in this living room.

6. Benjamin Moore Icicle

Benjamin Moore Icicle
Benjamin Moore Icicle

Get a sample of Icicle

For a slightly cool white, try Icicle. It’s a great color to use in a room that faces west or south and works with virtually any color decor.

7. Benjamin Moore Mountain Peak White

Benjamin Moore Mountain Peak White
Benjamin Moore Mountain Peak White

Get a sample of Mountain Peak White

Mountain Peak White has subtle warm undertones and would be a nice color for rooms that face east or north. It looks beautiful in this living room with the gray sofa and light neutral floors.

8. Benjamin Moore Ice Mist

Benjamin Moore Ice Mist
Benjamin Moore Ice Mist

Get a sample of Ice Mist

As the name implies, Ice Mist is a cool white that works well in rooms that get a lot of sun in the afternoon but not the soft morning sun. The blue door and gray trim continue the cool color scheme in this minimalist entry.

9. Benjamin Moore Paper White

Benjamin Moore Paper White
Benjamin Moore Paper White

Get a sample of Paper White

If you want to cool down a room that gets late afternoon sun, try using Paper White on the walls. It has slight gray undertones and perfectly complements the dark wood floors and black furniture and windows in this dining room.

10. Benjamin Moore Pure White

Benjamin Moore Pure White
Benjamin Moore Pure White

Get a sample of Pure White

Another white with gray undertones, Pure White looks perfect with black, charcoal, blue, and contrasting colors like red or orange.

11. Benjamin Moore Super White

Benjamin Moore Super White bedroom

Nathan Turner – Benjamin Moore Super White

Benjamin Moore Super White

Get a sample of Super White

Super White is the purest white available from Benjamin Moore. It’s not really cool or warm, but is almost devoid of any undertones. If you want a color that goes with everything and won’t clash with anything, Super White is the one.

12. Benjamin Moore Timid White

Benjamin Moore Timid White
Benjamin Moore Timid White

Get a sample of Timid White

Timid White has a very light, warm gray hue. It’s more of a slight off white than a white, but still isn’t really a beige or tan. It has just enough color to contrast with white trim and would go with any color accents.

13. Benjamin Moore Mascarpone Living Room

benjamin moore mascarpone living room
Benjamin Moore Mascarpone

Get a sample of Mascarpone

Mmmm, Mascarpone! This color is a very light creamy white. It has a few drops of color but still has a white appearance. It looks ideal with the soft blues, greens, and silver accents in this dining room.

14. Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Cabinets

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45, Walls – Yarmouth Blue

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee color swatch

Get a sample of Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is another warm gray white. It looks white unless you hold something white next to it. The Carrera marble counters look great with it in this kitchen.

15. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace dining room

designing vibes

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Get a sample of Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace is a crisp, fresh white. It’s a white that goes with pretty much anything. It looks perfect on the walls in this modern farmhouse dining room.

16. Benjamin Moore White Dove

living room with Benjamin Moore White Dove walls
Benjamin Moore White Dove color swatch

Get a sample of White Dove

I painted our living room in White Dove and absolutely love it. It’s a warm white and goes
with anything I put with it. Our curtains are white and the floors are 1960’s oak and look great with the White Dove. You can see more of our living room here:
Fall Living Room.

17. Benjamin Moore Wedding Veil

Benjamin Moore Wedding Veil

Top – Wedding Veil, Bottom – Blue Danube

Benjamin Moore Wedding Veil

Get a sample of Wedding Veil

Don’t you love the name of this white paint? Wedding Veil has the slightest gray undertone to it and looks amazing in the bathroom above, paired with the deep blue lower walls and accents.

18. Benjamin Moore White Opulence

Benjamin Moore White Opulence

Walls – White Opulence, Door – Caliente

Benjamin Moore White Opulence color swatch

Get a sample of White Opulence

This space looks fresh and inviting. The red, black, and blue accents work beautifully with the slightly warm undertones found in White Opulence color.

19. Benjamin Moore White Wisp

bedroom painted with Benjamin Moore White Wisp
Benjamin Moore White Wisp color swatch

Get a sample of White Wisp

Just the sound of this color makes me think of a cool breeze. White Wisp has subtle gray undertones and would look lovely in a bedroom or any west or south facing room. The warm natural textures of the rug, basket, and bench along with the throw blanket make this bedroom such a dreamy space.

20. Benjamin Moore Winter Snow

Benjamin Moore Winter Snow
Benjamin Moore Winter Snow color swatch

Get a sample of Winter Snow

Winter Snow has a clean, cool, refreshing look with its slightly gray undertones. The woven leather chairs in this living room warm up the space beautifully. As does the fire in the fireplace, of course.

Try a sample

Are you ready to try one of these beautiful colors in your home? Brush on samples are available from Benjamin Moore here: Color Samples.

And you can find peel and stick samples here: Peel and Stick Paint Samples.

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benjamin moore best white paint colors


  1. Good Morning,
    A post after my own heart. This white and neutral girl loves all the whites. My fave white is called Snow Drift. I love it because is has a tint of gray. It keeps the rooms pretty in all lighting and you can add just about any color in your decor with this as the background.
    I have used Chantilly Lace that you mentioned another great one with a hint of gray. It is amazing all the wonderful shades of white you can find.
    Have a great week.

    1. Snow Drift sounds very pretty. White rooms are always so easy to decorate. You have a great week as well! ~ Angie

  2. I always thought I needed a little bit of color on my walls, but after reading this beautiful post I'm thinking I just may go with white in our next home. Wonderful inspiration!
    Mary Alice

    1. It seems like my favorite rooms from our house have been shades of white. It always makes accessories and collections stand out. Have a great week! ~ Angie

  3. These are beautiful rooms. I still need color but appreciate those who choose all white. That being said I noticed my pallet has definitely lightened more and more over the years.


    1. I've grown to really like white walls with pops of color in the room. I like to change my accessories seasonally and don't have to worry about them clashing with the walls.

  4. You must try Sherwin Williams Nuance. The perfect white. I tried nearly one dozen whites before I discovered this gem!
    Hope you like it as much as I do.

  5. Hi Angie
    I am trying to paint my living room and have a pile of white samples from BM and love a few, but can't figure out which white trim to use. I tried simply white walls with decorators white trim in my mud room, but didn't love the result. There isn't enough contrast between the trim and walls and it doesn't look polished. I have a small craftsman and it doesn't get great light so my goal is to give it a brighter look. All the trim will be white but we have a dark wood archway and doors. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Alexandra

  6. We painted our low light basement (it was the cheap fake paneling for walls) BM Snow on the Mountain and it looks FABULOUS. Not too stark but a fabulous color to brighten up a dark space (it's an old 1920's home with the tiny basement windows). What a transformation!

    We used White Dove on our south facing bathroom trim in a black and white subway tiled original 1920's bathroom. Another fabulous white.

    And for ceilings in our dark north facing bedroom, we used BM Cotton Balls (why isn't this on your list??). Beautiful white that isn't stark but doesn't go yellow, not gaudy in the least but totally gave the room a nice fresh feel to it. We paired it with BM SLIP (affinity line), and I LOVED that room. It felt sooooo fresh

    Great post. Thank you for sharing!

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