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Best Sherwin Williams Dark Green Paint Colors

Looking for a rich, cozy, classic color for your home? Then look no further than dark green. You’re probably seeing it everywhere and it’s a color that most people feel comfortable with.

top 10 dark green paint colors from Sherwin Williams

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Best Sherwin Williams Dark Green Paint Colors

Today we’re exploring the top dark green paint colors from Sherwin Williams. You can see each color in a room setting and learn all the details about it like what its undertones are, what the LRV is, what colors to use with it, and where it looks best.

Why is Dark Green a good paint color choice?

We’re inherently drawn towards colors from nature and dark green is one of the most abundant colors found in the wild. It reminds of us soothing parks, evergreen forests, and our favorite herb garden. Greens have been known to have a calming effect and could possibly reduce stress.

Where are the best places to use dark green paint?

You can use it on accent furniture or a feature wall if you don’t want too much of it. It’s also a wonderful color for kitchen cabinets, islands, and bathroom vanities. Or you can paint an entire room in it. See my favorite ways to incorporating green into your home here: Ideas for Decorating with Green

Dark green is a great for “color drenching” as well. That’s when the walls, trim, and ceiling are all painted in the same color.

best dark green sherwin williams colors

What’s LRV?

LRV stands for “Light Reflective Value”, and is a measure of how dark or light a color is. Colors have a rating from of 0 to 100, with 0 being darkest. It means that it reflects the least amount of light. Colors with higher numbers reflect the most amount of light and appear lighter. Makes sense, doesn’t it? All of the greens featured here have a light reflective value between 4 and 16.

What are undertones?

Almost every color has undertones of some type. Unless you choose a factory-mixed paint color, all paint colors usually have to be tinted in the paint store starting with a tint base that’s white. Various amounts of pigments are added to the tint base to create the color that you want, and those pigments create undertones.

I owned and worked in a paint store for most of my adult life and have years of experience with mixing paint. You’d be surprised to find out the pigments that make up each color! Most green paint colors are made of a variety of black, yellow, blue, and sometimes red or orange pigments. You’ll see undertones of either blue, black, gray, yellow, or brown, and sometimes a combination of these. Let’s explore this a little deeper.

Different Varieties of Dark Green

The main varieties of dark greens are olive, sage, forest, hunter, and teal. Most of the colors in this post are in the sage, forest, and hunter range. There’s no right or wrong one to use. It all depends on what appeals to you and what goes best in your space.

Here’s a comparison of the different dark green undertones:

tones of dark green colors

With green paint colors, there are varying amounts of mostly blue, black, and yellow tints added to “tinting base” to create the desired final color. A few drops of each colorant can totally change the undertone of any color. Here’s a look at various undertones of dark green colors:

Tone of GreenUndertones
OliveYellow and brown
SageBrown, gray, sometimes yellow
ForestGray and yellow
HunterSlight blue and gray

And here’s a great illustration of the range of green tones on a color wheel.

dark green color wheel

Warm Green vs Cool Dark Green

Greens with more yellow and brown undertones will appear warm, while greens with blue and black undertones will be cooler. Take a look below to see a side-by-side comparison of two popular dark greens…one is warm and one is cool.

Sherwin Williams Secret Garden vs Cascades

And here’s a general guideline of where to use cool and warm colors, but exceptions can always be made. As long as you like a color you can use it wherever you wish. It’s your home, after all! But always test the color before investing in a gallon of paint.

If the room facesUse Cool ColorsUse Warm Colors
East (morning sunlight)X
West (afternoon sunlight)X
North (minimal natural light)X
South (maximum natural light)X

Now let’s take a closer look at some gorgeous green paint colors in real rooms!

Read my tips for finding the right paint color here: How To Choose the Right Paint Color

10 Best Dark Green Paint Colors from Sherwin Williams

10 of the most popular Sherwin Williams dark green paint colors are featured here today. You’ll see them in room settings so you can get an idea of how they look on a larger surface. They’re not listed in any particular order.

Click below to see my curated collection of dark green decor

1. Shade Grown SW 6188

Dark yet calming, this cool green complements natural elements like wood and metal. Bring a down-to-earth elegance to your favorite room.

Sherwin Williams

Make a statement in your office or room by painting a wall of built-ins with a dark green color. In this room, Shade Grown SW 6188 was the color used and it looks sophisticated and smart. The cognac leather office chair and warm wood floors are perfect complements, and the brass urns add a wonderful sparkle to the room.

sherwin williams shade grown office

Image courtesy of Kiah Ortman

Here’s another room where Shade Grown was used on the built-ins as well as the walls. The woven light fixture and area rug along with the light wingback chairs keep if from being too dark. Such a lovely reading/dining room.

Shade Grown SW 6188 Details

  • LRV: 8
  • Undertones: black, green, slight yellow
  • Where to Use: kitchen or bathroom cabinets, exterior shutters and doors, built-in bookcases

Coordinating Colors:

  • Grecian Ivory SW 7541
  • Green Onyx SW 9128
  • Ethereal White SW 6182

2. Pewter Green SW 6208

Dark yet calming, this cool green complements natural elements like wood and metal. Bring a down-to-earth elegance to your favorite room.

Sherwin Williams

Pewter Green is one of the most popular dark green colors. It’s more gray than some of the other greens and has cooler undertones. It’s perfect in this kitchen with marble counters and wood floors.

kitchen cabinets painted with sherwin williams pewter green

Image courtesy of Yancy Interior Design

Pewter Green SW 6208 Details

Use muted, less saturated colors with Pewter Green such as a grayed green, soft fleshy beige, and soft neutral off white.

FYI: The 2024 Sherwin Williams color trends have just been released and you can see them all here: 2024 Sherwin Williams Colors

3. SW 6994 Greenblack

This cool black with its tinge of green undertone makes a striking statement on an accent wall or cabinetry. Pair with another cool neutral like Quietude.

Sherwin Williams

Don’t be afraid of the dark! This hallway is color drenched with Greenblack and is super dramatic. The light wood tones and natural light keep it from being too dark. It’s the darkest green featured here today and can look black in certain lighting situations.

tricorn black vs greenblack
Sherwin Williams Greenblack

Image courtesy of McGee and Co.

Greenblack SW 6994

  • LRV: 4
  • Undertones: black, blue, green
  • Where to Use: kitchen or bathroom cabinets, exterior shutters and doors, built-in bookcases

Colors that coordinate:

  • Extra White SW 7006
  • Snowbound SW 7004
  • Rave Red SW 6608

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4. Forestwood SW 7730

Forestwood has moved into the Top 50 colors for Sherwin Williams and it’s not surprising. It’s gorgeous with rich, warm undertones. Not too gray, not too yellow. It’s a true deep green and looks great with natural wood tones.

Sherwin Williams Forestwood

Image courtesy of McGee and Co.

Forestwood SW 7730

  • LRV: 8
  • Undertones: black, brown, yellow
  • Color Collections: Timeless Colors, Top Interior Colors
  • Where to Use: kitchen or bathroom cabinets, exterior shutters and doors, built-in bookcases, ideal for color drenching

5. Rosemary SW 6187

Soothe your senses with this deep, organic green. With its cool gray undertone, it’s a gorgeously fresh color for cabinets and wooden furnishings.

Sherwin Williams

Rosemary is another dark green that’s become very popular over the past couple of years. It’s a softer, slightly grayish green that works well in modern homes. Use it with light wood tones, muted off whites, and

sherwin williams rosemary

Rosemary SW 6187 Details

6. Sage Green Light SW 2851

If you’re looking for a slightly warmer green that’s not quite as dark as some on this list, you’ll want to check out Sage Green Light. It’s a truly timeless green paint color and is part of the Sherwin Williams Historic Color Collection. These colors are safe to use in any era, in any style home.

sherwin williams sage green light kitchen cabinets

Image courtesy of Valeria Jacobs

Sage Green Light SW 2851 Details

Love sage green paint colors? See the best 25 shades in real rooms here: Top 25 Sage Green Paint Colors

7. Secret Garden SW 6181

Who doesn’t want a secret garden to retreat to? The built-in bookcase below is painted with Secret Garden and is a wonderful way to incorporate a deep color if you don’t want the entire room to be dark. It’s a great backdrop for all of the lovely accents too.

sherwin williams secret garden bookcases

Image courtesy of Abigail Amira Home

Secret Garden SW 6181 Details

  • LRV: 8
  • Undertones: Yellow, brown
  • Collections: Rejuvenation (Fall/Winter)
  • Where to Use: kitchen or bathroom cabinets, exterior shutters and doors, built-in bookcases

8. SW 7623 Cascades

This dark, majestic blue exudes a rich and mysterious personality with its swirl of gray, yellow and blue undertones. Add sophisticated mystique to any space.

Sherwin Williams

For a cooler, almost teal version of a dark green, take a look at Cascades. It has strong blue undertones and works well with warm wood tones, crisp whites, and cool grays. And it makes a nice statement wall in the living room below.

sherwin williams cascades

Image courtesy of Sherwin Williams

SW 7623 Cascades Details

  • LRV: 4
  • Undertones: blue, green
  • Collections: Timeless Colors, Color ID (Enthusiast), Colormix Forecast 2022 (Ephemera)
  • Where to Use: kitchen or bathroom cabinets, exterior shutters and doors, built-in bookcases

9. Billiard Green SW 0016

“This velvety deep green is dramatic, lush, and subdued with an understated bluish undertone and plenty of personality.”


Here’s a classic, beautiful, rich green from the Victorian collection of colors. Billiard Green has slight blue undertones and looks great with warm wood tones, tans, and classic black.

Billiard Green SW 0016

10. Succulent SW 9650

If you prefer a bit of a softer, toned down dark green then you might want to consider Succulent. It has more gray undertones than most of the greens listed here today. And it’s a little lighter as well. Use it on kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or entire rooms for a modern take on dark green.

sherwin williams succulent sw9650 kitchen cabinets

Image courtesy of Sherwin Williams. Wall color is White Sail.

Succulent SW 9650 Details

That’s a wrap for the best dark green paint colors from Sherwin Williams. Here are some additional ones to consider if none of these are quite what you’re searching for:

Recap of dark green paint colors

Hopefully you’ve been inspired by these beautiful dark green paint colors and have gotten closer to narrowing down your choice. Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve shared here today:

  • Dark green paint can create a space that’s cozy, rich, and possibly even stress-reducing.
  • You can use dark green on kitchen cabinets, built-in bookcases, front doors, bathroom vanities, accent walls, entire rooms, and basically anywhere you want.
  • Warm and dark green colors are available and the amount of natural light your space gets will determine which one works best.
  • It’s always a good idea to test the paint color before buying a gallon. It will save you money in the long run and might prevent you from making a mistake. The best way to test is with Samplize peel and stick samples or with a color sample painted on a board that you can move around.

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