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2021 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year and Color Trends

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2021 Benjamin Moore Paint Color Trends

dining area with walls painted in Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

Benjamin Moore Color Trends for 2021

Benjamin Moore recently released their 2021 color trends and color of the year and there are some beautiful colors in the palette. I’m sharing them all here today with photos of each color. Let me know which ones are your favorite!

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Tips for finding the right Benjamin Moore paint color

Choosing the right paint color can be frustrating and tricky. Here are a few tips for getting it right:

  1. Look for ideas in magazines, on pinterest, or home decorating websites.
  2. Start with an inspiration piece like an area rug, sofa, or bedding.
  3. Look at your favorite swatches in the actual room that you’ll be painting.
  4. Narrow down your choices to less than 5.
  5. Test the color(s) in the room that will be getting painted. You can use tester sample paint pots or peel and stick color samples.
  6. Look at the painted samples at various times of the day and on sunny and cloudy days. Lighting can make a color look quite different.
  7. There is no perfect paint color. If you end up hating one that you choose, repainting isn’t that difficult so don’t stress out over it.

Read more tips for finding the right color here → How to Find the Right Paint Color

2021 Benjamin Moore color of the year

Aegean Teal

Add vibrance and energy to your kitchen with Aegean Teal. It complements the brass cabinet pulls,
copper pendant lights, and wood countertop beautifully.

kitchen with cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

From Benjamin Moore, here’s the description of this color: “Intriguing, balanced, and deeply soothing, the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2021, Aegean Teal 2136-40, creates natural harmony.”

dining area painted with Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

Aegean Teal is a very versatile color and will work with modern, cottage, and beach-themed decor. It’s a blue-green with a somewhat muted turquoise look.

You can see more ideas for bedroom colors here → 14 Popular Bedroom Paint Colors Shown in Real Rooms

bedroom with bench, white quilt, walls painted with Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

To see how this color looks in your home, try a sample from here → Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal Peel and Stick Sample. 

Benjamin Moore 2021 Color Trends

Chestertown Buff

For a rich and timeless look, Chestertown Buff is a great choice. This color blends nicely with dark woods or whites and has a warm, earthy maize hue. It’s from the Historical Collection of Benjamin Moore and will stand the test of time.

traditional entry with dark wood stair railing and walls painted with Chestertown Buff

Chestertown Buff would look great in an entry, dining room, or powder room.

For a sample of this color go here → Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff Peel and Stick Paint Sample


Gray Cashmere

Gray Cashmere is a light, soft gray with a hint of blue and green and changes slightly depending on the lighting and the time of day. It’s a nice cool neutral that will work with tradtitional, farmhouse, and modern decor.

living room with glam furniture and walls painted with Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere

Try it on your home with a peel and stick sample here → Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere Peel and Stick Paint Sample


For a warm neutral that’s not too light, Muslin is a great choice. It’s a classic neutral that will make any space cozy and inviting and is a perfect color for any room. You can use almost any accent color with it.

For more fool-proof neutrals go here → 9 No-Fail Neutral Paint Colors

built in bench with throw pillows and blankets and wall painted with Benjamin Moore Muslin

You can get a sample of this color here → Benjamin Moore Muslin Peel and Stick Paint Sample

Potter’s Clay

Potters Clay is a warm and rustic color that is reminiscent of an aged clay pot. There are soft orange, brown, and yellow undertones that give it a very earthy feeling. It complements wood tones beautifully and works great with boho and southwestern decor.

living room with cozy sofa and throw pillows and walls painted with Benjamin Moore Potters Clay

See how it looks in your home with a sample from here → Benjamin Moore Potters Clay Peel and Stick Paint Sample

Atrium White

Atrium White looks white on walls and trim, but has a slightly warm hue. It’s a wonderful white if you don’t want too sterile of a look. It complements wood tones and warmer colors perfectly.

For more whites and off whites colors you might like this article → 10 Wonderful White Rooms

southwestern style entry with dark floor and walls painted with Benjamin Moore Atrium White

For a peel and stick sample of this color, go here → Benjamim Moore Atrium White Peel and Stick Sample

Amazon Soil

“A hint of black gives this pronounced shade of deepest mauve its rich, velvety quality. Dramatically dark, it inspires a sense of tranquility.”

Amazon Soil would be a great color for a bedroom, living room, or any room you want to add drama and intimacy to. 

terra cotta planters on wood floor with walls painted in Benjamin Moore Amazon Soil

Try it in your home with a peel and stick sample here → Benjamin Moore Amazon Soil Peel and Stick Sample

Rosy Peach

Not really red and not really orange, Rosy Peach does in fact resemble the darker parts of a peach. It would look amazing with natural wood tones and southwestern, retro, or boho decor. It’s great for an accent wall or furniture piece as well as a dramatic dining room.

bookcase with books and decor and back wall painted with Benjamim Moore Rosy Peach

Get a peel and stick sample to try here → Benjamin Moore Rosy Peach Peel and Stick Paint Sample

Kingsport Gray

Kingsport Gray is a medium dark taupe from the Historical Collection. It’s a blend of brown and gray and has a soft but rich and warm neutral tone.

It goes with any style decor and virtually any color. Kingsport Gray is also a wonderful exterior color and complements red brick beautifully.

dining room with walls painted in Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray

You can get a sample of this color here Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray Peel and Stick Sample



Red undertones make silhouette a sultry gray that can turn an unremarkable room into a lush, sumptuous space.”

For a moody and dramatic color, consider using Silhouette. White or off white trim gives it a crisp contrast. It’s a good complement for modern and traditional decor and would look great in a bedroom, family room, or bold entry. 


modern living room with walls painted in Benjamin Moore Silhouette

Go here for a sample of this color → Benjamin Moore Silhouette Peel and Stick Paint Sample

Beacon Hill Damask

Another color from the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection, Beacon Hill Damask is a yellow with a hint of green in it. It looks like a color that you would actually see in an historic home and complements metallics, white, and deep wood tones nicely.

formal sofa and walls painted with Benjamin Moore Beacon Hill Damask

To try this one in your home go here → Benjamin Moore Beacon Hill Damask Peel and Stick Paint Sample

That’s a wrap on the 2021 paint color trends from Benjamin Moore. For more paint color ideas visit these posts: 

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  1. I've always had a soft spot for teal, so that would be my favourite of the bunch! But I wouldn't hesitate to use them all – lol!

  2. I liked the gray cashmere and rosy peach. Rosy peach would be so pretty on an accent piece in the room painted gray cashmere.

  3. You know me. I will go with any blue or peach tones. I am lovin' the muted tones for a fresh, new look. Thanks for the tips and tricks on how to choose colors for various rooms.
    Awesome blog post, Angie!

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