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25 Best Sage Green Paint Colors for 2023

If you’re seeing sage green paint colors everywhere these days, you’re not alone. This fab color is definitely trending now so if you’re looking to refresh your home or office then it’s definitely one to consider.

Here you’ll see the best sage green paint colors to try in your home.

sage green paint colors

25 Best Sage Green Paint Colors for 2023

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Why is sage green so popular?

That’s a great question and there are several reasons. Just like fashion, paint color trends change every few years. I’ve been recommending paint colors for 30 years and have definitely seen the cycles.

Remember the Tuscan colors of the early 2000’s and the jewel tones or the 90’s? And who can forget the dusty mauves and blues of the 80’s? Anyway, paint color trends circle around just like jeans and hairstyles.

And after the cold grays and sterile whites that have been popular for the last several years, we’re longing for something with more personality and warmth. Sage green fits the bill with its soothing and earthy hues.

FYI: The 2024 Sherwin Williams color trends have just been released and you can see them all here: 2024 Sherwin Williams Colors

How does sage green make a room feel?

Another reason to love this color is the mood that it brings to a space. As a general rule, sage greens add a sense of calmness and serenity to a room, somewhat like taking a peaceful walk out in nature. It has a way of lowering our stress level and we all need this after the last few years, amiright?

sherwin williams clary sage

What color is sage green?

It’s usually a green with undertones of gray, blue, or brown. There are dozens, if not hundreds of colors that could be called sage green.

Some sage greens resemble the color of fresh sage which is a muted, softened green with hints of gray. Others are more like the color of dried sage leaves that are darker and a little browner.

We’ll take a look at several varieties here today from popular paint companies Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Farrow & Ball, and Behr.

sage green paint samples

Is Sage Green warm or cool?

Most sage greens lean to the cool side of the color spectrum but some are also warmer. They all have varying amounts of colorants like blue, gray, black, oxide yellow, and even red or orange.

The amount of each colorant that goes into each color will determine the warmth or coolness of it. You’ll see a wide variety of colors that have the word “sage” in them.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

warm and cool sage green colors

See what I mean? Sherwin Williams Svelte Sage has a few more drops of red or orange in it which neutralizes the green and gives it warmer undertones. The Benjamin Moore Sagebrush has more black and blue in it and it has a cooler appearance.

Why does it matter? The warmth or coolness of a paint color will be enhanced by the amount and source of light in an area.

Best areas to use sage greens with cool undertones

Rooms that get less light, like ones that face north and east, will benefit from using a paint color with a warmer undertone to warm up the coolness of the space.

Best areas to use sage greens with warm undertones

Rooms that face south and west get a lot of strong natural light look great with cooler colors. A sage green with cool undertones would work well in these areas.

Where NOT to use sage green paint

It’s not recommended to use sage green paint in bathrooms where you apply makeup. The green can reflect off of the walls and give your skin a sickly color, causing you to possibly apply your makeup wrong. If it’s a bathroom that isn’t used for makeup application then it won’t be a problem.

What color complements sage green?

sage green with coordinating color and fabrics

Sage green is a very versatile color and can be used with many different complementary colors depending on the mood you want to create in your room. It often can be neutral but has a a bit more personality than grays, greiges, whites, or beiges.

Here are a couple of color palette ideas for you.

Soft Sage Green Color Palette

For a more subdued palette look for soft ivories, muted light corals, pale earth tones, and lighter woods with natural or gray undertones.

muted sage green color palette

Best place to use this muted color palette:

  • Nursery
  • Bedroom
  • Entry
  • Laundry room

Dramatic Sage Green Color Palette

If you prefer more bold colors you’ll want to use coppers, blackish browns, russet, and deep wood tones.

bold sage green color palette

A bold palette like this is perfect for these areas:

  • A cozy modern kitchen
  • Family room
  • Bathroom.

Does sage green go with gray?

Yes, it can work if done right. There are hundreds of gray paint colors ranging from cool blue-grays to warm greiges. Sage greens with cool undertones could go with grays that are not too blue or not too greige.

Here’s a favorite pairing of Benjamin Moore Sagebrush and Wickham Gray.

sage green with gray

Is Sage Green Paint outdated?

On the contrary. Sage Green is the hottest color for 2023 and will be for the next several years. You can feel safe in knowing that this color will be popular for a while since it’s trending upwards. NOTE: I don’t recommend using it just because it’s on trend. Use what you love and what works in your home, regardless of what’s “in”. If it does appeal to you, there are lots of great ways to use it in your home.

If you want to see more ideas for current paint colors be sure to visit these posts:

Sage Green Home Decor

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to painting your walls with sage green you can always add in a few accent pieces. Here are some favorite home decor items and you can see dozens more in my Amazon Sage Green Favorites shop.

What trim colors go with sage green?

Soft whites paired with sage green will give a more subtle contrast but you could also use a crisp clean white with a lighter color.

Most sage greens look great with these trim colors:

See many more options for whites and off whites here: 20 Best Whites and Off Whites from Benjamin Moore

What are the most popular sage green paint colors?

Every paint brand has several versions of this popular color and I’ve rounded up the 25 best ones. Grab a drink and get comfortable because there are a lot of great colors to see here. (Stay tuned for a roundup of the best light sage green paint colors coming soon.)

sage green paint colors swatches

Best Sage Green Paint Colors

Sage green colors will give your rooms depth and personality. They’re perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, or any room you want to make feel more cozy and warm.

Here are the best ones with photos of them in real rooms.

Farrow & Ball Mizzle

From our favorite paint brand from across the pond, Farrow & Ball Mizzle is definitely a top choice for sage green walls. It’s soothing, soft, and will make your room feel like it’s giving you a warm hug.

sage green color farrow and ball mizzle
Farrow and Ball Mizzle living room

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage HC-114

Saybrook Sage has been a classic paint color for decades. It’s from the Historical Collection from Benjamin Moore and is a timeless choice for any era. The best places to use it today are kitchen cabinets, exteriors (see image below), built-in bookcases, and any room you want to create a Zen-like feeling.

sage green color Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage HC-114

This cozy bungalow looks so charming with Saybrook Sage siding. The door is painted with New London Burgundy.

benjamin moore saybrook sage exterior

Image courtesy of Avenue B. Development

Another classic old house, this one has Saybrook Sage as the main siding color with Wethersfield Moss as an accent. The trim color is Navajo White white and the accent stripe is Georgian Brick.

bm saybrook sage, wetherfield moss, navajo white white, georgian brick

Image courtesy of HP Craftsmen

Benjamin Moore Horizon Gray

Horizon Gray is a little less green than some of the other sage greens, but it definitely is still in this color family. Best place to use: this cool, muted color is a good choice for rooms that get a lot of late afternoon sun (facing west) to counter balance the warm yellow rays of sunshine.

sage green color Benjamin Moore Horizon Gray 2141-50

This stunning classic kitchen has Horizon Gray walls paired with White Dove cabinets and warm natural wood accents.

kitchen with sage green walls

Image courtesy of Jackson Built Custom Homes

Benjamin Moore Soft Fern

Soft Fern…doesn’t the name make you want to take off your shoes and walk barefoot? This warm medium tone green from Benjamin Moore has slight yellow undertones and a very earthy hue.

sage green paint color Benjamin Moore Soft Fern 2144-40
sage green bedroom

Image courtesy of Schrader and Companies

Sherwin-Williams Soft Sage

If you want less yellow and a little more brownish-gray undertones, Sherwin-Williams Soft Sage might be the best paint color for you. It’s a muted mid-tone color that has a definite soothing quality to it.

sage green paint color Sherwin Williams Soft Sage sw9647
Sherwin Williams Soft Sage paint color

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

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Sherwin-Williams Filmy Green SW 6190

Who came up with this name? Although it deserves to called something better, Filmy Green is a delightful color. It’s soft and subtle with muted earthy undertones. Perfect for a relaxing bedroom, half bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen.

sage green color sherwin williams filmy green SW6190
sage green color bedroom painted with sherwin williams filmy green

Image courtesy of Creative Touch Interiors

Sherwin-Williams Contented

If the name is any indication, then you’ll feel Contented with this soothing hue. It’s slight darker than Filmy Green but has the same soft, muted, earthy undertones. It looks beautiful in the bathroom pictured below.

sage green paint color sherwin williams contented SW6191
sage green bathroom painted with Sherwin-Williams Contented SW6191

Image courtesy of Creative Touch Interiors

Benjamin Moore Sagebrush

Reminiscent of the scrubby sagebrush bushes out west, Sagebrush has a natural and comforting hue. It’s a very neutral shade that works in any space and with many different colors.

sage green paint color Benjamin Moore Sagebrush SCP-770

I created 2 color palettes centered around this hue and you can download and print them when you sign up for my newsletter (sign up form is at the bottom of the post).

sage green color room painted with Benjamin Moore Sagebrush

Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore October Mist

The color of the year for 2022 from Benjamin Moore is October Mist and it has become one of their top sellers. It’s a medium tone color and is a wonderful choice for cabinets, accent walls, or any room you want to add a bit of coziness to.

sage green paint color October Mist 1495 from Benjamin Moore
sage green walls October Mist Benjamin Moore

Sherwin-Williams Softened Green

Sherwin Williams Softened Green is has warmer undertones than some sage greens. It brings a subdued elegance to any space and has a evokes the feeling of being outside.

sage green color Softened Green from Sherwin Williams
sage green color kitchen cabinets Softened Green Sherwin Williams

Image courtesy of MA Peterson Designbuild

sage green living room with Softened Green from Sherwin Williams

Image courtesy of S.J. Janis Company, Inc.

Benjamin Moore Tree Moss

Tree Moss is on the warmer spectrum and is a bit more lively than some sage green colors. It’s very warm and earthy and brings a sense of nature to any room it’s used in.

sage green color Benjamin Moore Tree Moss 508
sage green color living room painted with Benjamin Moore Tree Moss

Image courtesy of Kathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC

Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage

Here’s a popular medium tone sage green that’s great for accent walls, cabinets, and more. Use it with soft whites, muted grays, or deep russet and blackish browns. Read my full review of this popular sage green color and see it in more rooms plus two color palettes here: Sherwin-Williams Clary Green Review

Sherwin Williams Clary Sage paint color
sw clary sage nursery

Image courtesy of Cami Swisher

Benjamin Moore Oil Cloth

Make an impact with this color. Oil Cloth has a bit of a cooler appearance with slight gray undertones and looks amazing on cabinets, kitchen islands, accent walls, and furniture.

sage green paint color Benjamin Moore Oil Cloth CSP-760
sage green painted Benjamin Moore Oil Cloth Kitchen Cabinets

Photo courtesy of Heidi Caillier Design

Sherwin-Williams Frosted Fern

If your prefer a color similar to dried rubbed sage, Frosted Fern might be a good choice. It has brownish-grayish-green undertones and is a great complement to dark earth tones.

Sherwin Williams sage green color Frosted Fern SW9648
Sherwin Williams Frosted Fern sage green walls

Image courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Behr Simply Sage

Almost the same as Frosted Fern, Behr Simply Sage is another color with brown, gray, and green undertones. It’s a soft, darker, muted sage green than makes a room feel more soothing.

Behr sage green Simply Sage PPU10-16
Behr Simply Sage living room

Image courtesy of Behr

Benjamin Moore Louisburg Green HC-113

From the Historic Collection of Benjamin Moore, Louisburg Green is a timeless and classic hue that works in any decade.

sage green color Louisburg Green from Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore Louisburg green kitchen

Benjamin Moore Dry Sage

Dry Sage has more brown and yellow undertones than some of the grayer ones. It’s best for rooms that face north or east and looks great with warmer colors and accents.

Benjamin Moore Dry Sage 2142-40 paint color swatch
kitchen painted with Dry Sage color from Benjamin Moore

image of kitchen courtesy of Neiman Tabor Architects

Benjamin Moore Carolina Gull

A much cooler color that’s still in the sage family is Carolina Gull. It has gray and green undertones and looks beautiful on kitchen cabinets, islands, built-ins, and accent walls.

sage green color Carolina Gull 2138-40 from Benjamin Moore color swatch
sage green cabinets painted with Benjamin Moore Carolina Gull

Image courtesy of Karen Watson Interiors

Sherwin-Williams Evergreen Fog

Sherwin-Williams 2022 color of the year, Evergreen Fog is a beautiful deep sage green and is perfect for walls, cabinets, and accent walls. It a lush hue that coordinates with warm off whites and earth tones.

sage green color Evergreen Fog from Sherwin Williams
sherwin williams evergreen fog sage green kitchen cabinets

Benjamin Moore Gloucester Sage

For a more earthy and rich sage, Gloucester Sage is a good choice. It resembles dried, rubbed sage and looks gorgeous with the stone in the image below. You’ll see brown, gray, and green undertones in this color from the Historical Color Collection from Benjamin Moore.

dark sage green color Gloucester Sage from Benjamin Moore
dark sage green accent wall painted with Gloucester Sage from Benjamin Moore

Recap of sage green paint colors

Whether you’re paint an accent wall, cabinets, an entire room, or the outside of your home, there’s a sage green color that’s right for you. There’s a broad range of cool and warm, light and dark to be sure to look at several different ones before making your decision.

Let me know in the comments which ones are your favorites or if you’ve used one in your home!


  1. I am redoing my kitchen; trying to narrow down my sage green Sherwin William wall colors to go with Alabaster cabinets, north facing room. You gave me some great options to look at. Thank you!

  2. Hi, I would love to purchase the postcards of best sage paint colors. How do I do this?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Tammy. If you’re looking for the larger peel and stick paint samples, they’re available from samplize here: Samplize peel and stick paint samples.

      You can purchase 4″ x 8″ paint swatches, peel and stick samples, and color tester paint pots from Benjamin Moore here: Benjamin Moore Color Samples

      And you can order smaller free swatches, medium size peel and stick samples, and tester pots of paint from Sherwin Williams here: Sherwin Williams color samples

      All of the colors are found on the free downloadable color chart that’s available to subscribers.

      I hope that helps!

      P.S. I’m putting together a “bundle” of the sage greens from samplize that should be available next week. One click and they’ll all be added to your cart and you can delete the ones you don’t want! I can send you a link to it when it’s ready if you want. Just let me know.

      Thanks! ~ Angie

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