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Bedroom Makeover Plan & All of Your bedding questions answered

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Today I’m answering all of your bedding questions and revealing our master bedroom makeover plans. Our master bedroom makeover is currently in the works and I’m not mad about it at all! We’re updating our headboard, bedding, throw pillows and more and you can see the plan and resources here.

mood board for master bedroom makeover

resources: Cane Headboard / Linen Euro Shams with Tassel Fringe / Jute Rug / Lightweight White Quilt / Paisley Block Print Throw Pillows / “Home” Accent Pillow / Table Lamps / Watercolor Floral Wall Art / Blue Throw blanket

Paint Colors: Walls: Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue, Trim: Benjamin Moore White Dove

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Reasons to change your bedding

I don’t really need too much of a nudge to change anything around our house. But sometimes, the cost needs to be justified with a legitimate reason. And these are some reasons that could provide strong motivation to change your bedding.

  • Style – Your current bedding is an outdated style or there’s been change in your decorating taste
  • Condition – Your old bedding is worn out or stained
  • Size – You’ve got a new mattress or bed/headboard and your existing bedding no longer fits
  • Change of seasons – lighter weight bedding is better in warmer months, heavier layers in colder months
  • Change in hormones – this is me. I’ve become a hot sleeper and needed a lighter weight quilt and that led to me to change other elements of the room. If you give a mouse a cookie….
  • Treat – Rewarding yourself for a special occasion or goal that you reached

Holiday Bedroom Decor

I enjoy changing pillows, throw blankets, and decor for each season. I added navy and red for accents in our Christmas bedroom from last year. A folded duvet cover is at the bottom of the bed for added color.

Christmas bedroom with navy and red accents

resources: upholstered headboard (similar) / faux fur blanket / bench (similar) / woven bamboo window shades / basket (similar) / quilt (similar) / “merry” pillow / Euro shams (similar) / navy throw pillows (similar) / curtains / rug (similar) / plaid throw blanket / duvet cover (similar)

Different Types of Bedding

Depending on your needs, there are a variety of different types of bedding you can choose from. I’ll do my best to answer your bedding questions so you can know what to look for. Once you determine what type of bedding you want then it will be a little easier to narrow down the choices from that category. Here are the different types:

  • Mattress pad/topper – Ranging in thickness, these fit over your existing mattress and can make it feel much more luxurious. They’re available in a variety of materials depending on your needs. They should be covered with a fitted sheet.
  • Fitted Sheet – covers your mattress and topper. Fitted sheets have elastic around the bottom edge to keep them in place.
  • Top Sheet – This is a protective layer that goes between the fitted sheet and bedcovering. They help extend the life of your more expensive quilts, comforters, etc.
  • Pillow Case/cover – these slip over and protect your sleeping pillows from bodily oils.
  • Pillow Sham – Usually more decorative than functional, pillow shams typically have a envelope closure on the backside. These aren’t absolutely necessary, but they do add a designer look to your bed. They’re available in standard and king sizes.
  • Euro Sham: These are large, square shams. They’re placed upright behind all other pillows. They really make the bed look luxurious.


  • Quilt – typically 2 layers of fabric with batting in between them. The top layer often has multiple pieces of fabric sewn together to form a pattern. The backside is usually white or off white. There’s decorative stitching through all the layers to hold them together.
  • Antique quilts and newer handmade quilts are especially prized for their meticulous handiwork and unique designs.
  • Coverlet – similar to a quilt, but typically on fabric on the top layer.
  • Bedspread – this type of bedding usually goes to the floor all the way around the bed. And it’s long enough for a pillow fold. This allows the pillows to be covered when the bed is made up.
  • Blanket – a warm, thermal layer added between the top sheet and bedcover.
  • Comforter – luxurious and full, comforters are thick bedcoverings consisting of two layers of fabric with batting in between.
  • Duvet Cover – consists of two layers of fabric. There’s an opening at the bottom that’s large enough to add a plain insert for warmth and fullness. Sometimes they’re unfilled and folded at the end of a bed. They’re not as fluffy or warm that way.
  • Duvet Insert – a plain, usually white comforter inserted inside a duvet cover. They’re available in down, down alternative, and polyester.

Tips for choosing bedding

I’ve searched high and low for a quilt that I like that wasn’t crazy expensive. For our bed, my priorities for our bedding is that it’s lightweight, white, linen/cotton/bamboo, breathable, matching shams available, machine washable, and fairly neutral in design. I like to change out our throw pillows and blankets so the quilt design is not that important, but the weight definitely is.

If you’re considering new bedding for your bed, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Budget – Decide how much you want to spend. If you’ve got your eye on something that’s out of your budget, watch for sales or sign up for emails from the brand for discounts. I can sometimes find decent quilts and decor for great prices at TJ Maxx, and my favorite splurge-worthy bedding is from Lands’ End, Pottery Barn, Ballard, and Serena & Lily.
  • Durability – Kids’ bedding needs to be more durable than other rooms. Also, if you have pets then you’ll want something that you can wash. Guest bedrooms don’t typically need to be all that durable unless you have overnight guests often.
  • Style – if you’ve always liked the same style then go all in with your bedding. If you enjoy changing things often, consider going with neutral bedding and change your shams, throw pillows, etc. whenever the mood strikes.
  • Weight – Warm climates and summer months usually require different bedding than cool climates and winter months. You can use layers that are easy to remove when needed.
master bedroom woodlawn blue

resources: Toile Duvet (similar) / Buffalo Check Pillow / Upholstered Headboard (similar) / Euro Shams (similar) / Bench (similar)

Favorite Sources for Beautiful Bedding

There are a gazillion places to buy bedding depending on your budget and style. These are some of the places I’ve looked at or purchased from. You can filter the results from each company depending on your priorities.

Budget-friendly Bedding

  • TJ Maxx – somewhat limited selection but you can find basics and a few trendy bedding designs here
  • Walmart – large variety of prices, styles, and colors
  • Amazon – big selection of designs, prices, fabrics
  • Make your own. With basic sewing skills you can make your own duvet. You’ll still have the expense of the fabrics, but you’ll have something unique and handmade! See how to make a throw pillow with fringe here: How to Make a Throw Pillow with Fringe or Cording

Mid-Priced Bedding

  • Lands’ Endclassic quilts, comforters, sheets and more in addition to their timeless clothing. Lifetime guarantee too!
  • Nordstrom – large selection of trendy bedding options.

Splurge-worthy Bedding

  • Pottery Barn – classic bedding with subtle designs. Sign up for emails and receive a discount code.
  • Ballard Designs – stylish designs with classic options. There’s always 20% off if you subscribe to their emails.
  • Brooklinen – luxury linen duvets, sheets, and more
  • Coyuchi – organic, luxury bedding
  • The Company Store – large selection of sheets, pillows, toppers, quilts, and everything bedding related
  • Serena & Lily – high-end coastal style with fresh and beautiful designs
  • Rejuvenation – large variety of bedding
  • Boll & Branch – luxury linens
  • Annie Selke – designer prints and styles for your bed
  • Peacock Alley – luxury bedding
  • Perigold – large variety of brands and styles
  • Custom or semi-custom – if you can’t find what you want, find a local workroom or designer and create your own. You’ll spend at least $800 – $1000 for custom bedding.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Giving the master bedroom a makeover wasn’t necessarily in our plans, but our kitties helped us with that decision. Since they decided to use our upholstered headboard as a scratching post, we really didn’t have much choice. Either the cats had to go or we had to replace the headboard, and we obviously want to keep the kitties.

See bedrooms with upholstered headboards here: Beautiful Bedrooms with Upholstered Headboards

Fall Master Bedroom Decor

We already have the new quilt and sheets but are still waiting on the headboard, so I’ll share pictures when the refresh is complete. Here’s our fall master bedroom from last year.

master bedroom with fall decor

resources: Upholstered Headboard (similar) / Euro Shams (similar) / Bench (similar) / Quilt (similar)

Although I still love our quilt and there’s nothing wrong with it, I’m also updating our bedding with a New Lightweight White Quilt Set and some New White Linen Sheets. It’s all whiter and lighter weight and I absolutely love it.

This is the current plan for the master bedroom makeover. I might tweak a couple of things, but the general look will stay the same.

master bedroom mood board

resources: Cane Headboard / Linen Euro Shams with Tassel Fringe / Jute Rug / Lightweight White Quilt / Paisley Block Print Throw Pillows / “Home” Accent Pillow / Table Lamps / Watercolor Floral Wall Art / Blue Throw blanket

Wall color: Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue, Trim Color: Benjamin Moore White Dove

Master Bedroom Makeover Resources

Since I haven’t yet won the lottery, I’m not replacing everything in our bedroom or giving it a full-blown makeover. But a refresh or change of a few key elements will give the space a new, updated look.

The Woodlawn Blue wall color isn’t changing because I like it and it’s fairly versatile. And also because I don’t have the energy or time to repaint it right now. That’s because I’m currently repainting our family room built-in bookcase and will be sharing that soon. Take a look at some great bedroom paint colors here: Favorite Bedroom Paint Colors

Items I already have

Here’s a run down of the items I’m using in the bedroom makeover that are from other rooms or already in here:

New Items For the Master Bedroom

I’ve been saving up and watching for sales for these items that I’m adding to the master bedroom.

That’s our master bedroom makeover in a nutshell. Hopefully it will all be finished by mid-May.

A couple of other projects I’m working on are the family room bookcases and the deck. I’ll keep you posted on these as well!

What projects are you currently working on? Also, let me know if you have questions about our bedroom makeover, or about bedding in general.

Thanks for dropping by!

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