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Sherwin Williams Shoji White: A Subtle White That You’ll Love


Today we’re talking about a paint color that you’ll love, Sherwin Willaims Shoji White. It’s definitely one you should consider if you’re looking for a near-white for your home. We’ll cover everything there is to know about Sherwin Williams SW 7042.


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Shoji White SW 7042 is a lesser-known off white that’s a great choice for trim, cabinets, walls, and even exteriors. If you’re not familiar with it then you will be after this post. You’ll be on a first-name basis!

Read on to find out everything there is to know about this versatile almost white color. You’ll see it in real rooms, learn about the undertones, see it next to similar colors, and more.

You can also download a free color chart that I curated with complementary trim and accent colors. This is a very in-depth post so get comfortable and let’s get to know Shoji White!

What color is Sherwin Williams Shoji White?

Shoji White is a creamy muted off white color. It’s one of Sherwin Williams’ top 50 paint colors and for good reason.

It’s a classic neutral near-white that works well with any decor and in any room. It was recently the color of the month for Sherwin Williams, so you might be seeing more in the near future.

SW Shoji White undertones

sw shoji white review

Shoji White has creamy neutral undertones that would be great for adding a little warmth a north-facing room.

Is Shoji White warm or cool?

Shoji White is relatively neutral but is in the warm side of the spectrum.

Does shoji white look gray?

Next to warmer colors and in rooms with low lighting, Shoji White could potentially take on a gray hue. Since it’s somewhat gray and somewhat beige it can lean either way depending on the surroundings.

Looking at any paint color in the room you’re considering it for is critical.

various rooms painted with beige

Does shoji white look pink?

Aren’t colors strange? Depending on the lighting and the other colors next to them, any color can and will look different.

In a south-facing room with warm sunlight streaming in, Shoji White could possible take on subtle pink hues.

That’s why it’s always so important to sample the color in your room with your specific lighting to see what undertones it will take on.

Shoji White monochromatic palette and color strip

Using a monochromatic color scheme keeps things simple and clean. If this is your goal, you’ll want to use darker versions of Shoji White. You’re always safest when you choose colors from the same color strip.

shoji white sw 7042 color strip

Here are the colors on Shoji White color strip from lightest to darkest:

Is Shoji White greige?

You could possibly call Shoji White a greige. It’s in that broad area between gray and beige, but it leans more beige than gray.

Of course there are 15 gazillion shades of gray and beige so it’s a bit subjective.

Beiges are typically warm off whites with slight fleshy undertones and grays are cooler. Here’s a little comparison of Shoji White against a “beige” and a “gray”.

shoji white greige comparisons

In reality it doesn’t look as beige-y as it does on the computer screen.

What’s the LRV of Shoji White?

The LRV, or Light Reflective Value of Shoji White is 74. The LRV is a measure of how much light reflects off of a color with lighter colors having the most reflection and darker colors having less reflection.

Dark colors absorb the light and light colors reflect the light. Makes sense now, doesn’t it? For comparison the whitest white from Sherwin Williams, High Reflective White, has a LRV of 93.

Also, the more gloss your paint has the more light it will reflect. You can read my comprehensive guide to paint finishes here: The Ultimate Paint Sheen Guide with Printables

Sherwin Williams Shoji White LRV

NOTE: Keep in mind that the background of your computer screen is white, and everything looks darker next to white. In the real world Shoji White isn’t as dark as it looks here. Again, this shows why you always need to look at color swatches in your home and test them whenever possible.

Is Shoji White a good trim color?

If you’re using a mid-tone or dark color then Shoji White would be a great trim color. It will provide a nice contrast without being a stark cold white.

Where can I use Shoji White?

There’s really not anywhere you can’t use it. North and East-facing rooms would have a little warmth added to them with this color, but you could also use it in South and West-facing rooms. It probably wouldn’t be a great front door color, but you can use it in any of these areas:

  • Trim
  • Cabinets
  • Vanity
  • Beadboard
  • Wainscot
  • Laundry Room
  • Kitchen
  • Entry
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Nursery

Now that we know the all the technical stuff about Shoji White and where to use it, let’s see how it looks in some real world applications. That’s what really matters.

Real rooms and houses painted with Shoji White

shoji white in various rooms

Shoji White living room

Living rooms painted with Shoji White are nice and light without feeling cold. There’s just enough tint in this color that you’ll know it’s not white.

But it’s not tan or beige either. Just a nice muted off white that goes with so many different colors.

photo courtesy of Sherwin Williams

This living room with lots of light makes the Shoji White walls look lighter. The blue and green accents and warm wood give the space a cozy modern farmhouse vibe.

Elegantly understated is the word for this pretty living room. The Shoji White walls are a lovely backdrop for classic furnishings, rug, and lighting in here.

This small gathering room off the kitchen is light and fresh with the Shoji White walls. The wood beams and floors really warm up the space.

living rooms painted with
Shoji White

Shoji White Sherwin Williams cabinets

Cabinets painted with Shoji White are much less harsh than white ones. These kitchens are all so warm and welcoming.

The bold red accents really pop in this kitchen with Shoji White upper cabinets. They keep the room from feeling cold with the gray backsplash and bottom cabinets.

Zelige tiles look stunning with the Shoji White cabinets in this kitchen. The floating wood shelves and table are a great way to warm up the space.

kitchen with shoji white cabinets and sw retreat island

photo courtesy of Oak Story Design

The walls and cabinets are al painted with Shoji White in this traditional kitchen. The artwork and accents really pop but don’t have a stark contrast.

The warm wood island, hood accent, and floors in this kitchen make it a welcoming space. The softness of the Shoji White cabinets is the perfect complement to the wood and black accents.

cabinets painted with Sherwin Williams Shoji White

Shoji White Bedroom

Bedrooms painted with Shoji White are soft, light, and warm. The creamy undertones keep bedrooms from feeling cold. And almost any color bedding and accents will go with this versatile off white.

In this bedroom from , the soft gray blues create a serene and peaceful setting. Always perfect for a bedroom.

bedrooms painted with Sherwin Williams Shoji White

More Rooms Painted with Shoji White

For a classic and subtle color in your entry foyer, Shoji White is a great choice. The unique floor is the star of the show in this one.

This Shoji White dining room is elegant and stylish. The walls are a nice non-descript backdrop the the light fixture and furniture.

This boho minimalist dining room looks like a nice place to hang out for a white. The light fixture is stunning and the chairs look so comfy.

Shoji White Exterior

If you’re looking for a good farmhouse exterior white then you should definitely consider Shoji White. Like most off whites and almost whites, it looks lighter outside in the direct sunlight. But it doesn’t have the stark and sterile look of plain white.

Instead it has a softened, less harsh look that complements many different roof and accent colors. You’ll want to get a sample and look at it outside before making a decision. Get a peel and stick sample here: Shoji White Peel and Stick Sample

This exterior has a mix of shingles, stone, and stucco. The Shoji White ties it all together and looks perfect with all the different textures and materials.

Here’s a nice combination of shingles and board and batten siding painted with Shoji White. The warm hue complements the wood posts beautifully.

If you’re going for a modern farmhouse but don’t want a stark white, Shoji White is a great choice. It looks so pretty with the metal roof on this home.

This charming home has black windows and light fixtures the contrast nicely with Shoji White. The natural wood front door warms it all up.

houses painted with
 Shoji White

Colors similar to Sherwin Williams Shoji White

Finding the right shade of white can be tricky and Shoji White might not be the one for you. And sometimes you just want to see some other choices. If that’s the case there are many other good ones to choose from.

Here are some colors from Sherwin Williams that are very similar to Shoji White:

shoji white sw 7042 similar colors

Now let’s take an in-depth look at some side-by-side color comparisons.

Shoji White vs Pure White SW 7005

shoji white vs pure white
  • LRV – With a LRV of 84, Pure White is noticeably lighter than Shoji White with it’s LRV of 74. There’s enough of a difference that you could use Pure White as a trim color for Shoji White.
  • Undertones – Pure White SW 7005 has similar undertones to Shoji White. They’re both neutral but lean slightly warm.
Comparison to Pure WhiteShoji WhitePure White
LRV7484 – lighter than Shoji White
Undertonesneutral to warmslightly cooler than Shoji White

Shoji White vs Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC – 45

shoji white vs swiss coffee
  • LRVSwiss Coffee OC-45 has a LRV of 82 and is noticeably lighter than Shoji White. It could be used as a trim color if you wanted a subtle contrast.
  • Undertones -Shoji White and Swiss Coffee have similar neutral to warm undertones.
Comparison to Swiss CoffeeShoji WhiteSwiss Coffee
LRV7482 – lighter than Shoji White
Undertonesneutral to warmwarm, about the same as Shoji White

Shoji White vs Alabaster

shoji white vs alabaster
  • LRVAlabaster is definitely lighter than Shoji White with a LRV of 82.
  • Undertones – Shoji White is more neutral where Alabaster has creamy undertones.
Comparison to AlabasterShoji WhiteAlabaster
LRV7482 – lighter than Shoji White
Undertonesneutral to warmslightly warmer than Shoji White

Shoji White vs White Duck

shoji white vs white duck
  • LRV -Both White Duck and Shoji White have a LRV of 74. They’re the same depth of color.
  • Undertones – Shoji White is more neutral where White Duck has slightly cooler undertones.
Comparison to White DuckShoji WhiteWhite Duck
LRV7474 – same depth as Shoji White
Undertonesneutral to warmslightly cooler than Shoji White

Shoji White vs. Accessible Beige

shoji white vs accessible beige
  • LRVAccessible Beige has an LRV of 58 is definitely darker than Shoji White.
  • Undertones – With similar undertones, these two colors would work well together. Shoji White could be a nice subtle trim color for Accessible Beige.
Comparison to Accessible BeigeShoji WhiteAccessible Beige
LRV7458 – darker than Shoji White
Undertonesneutral to warmsame undertones Shoji White

Shoji White vs. White Dove

shoji white vs white dove
  • LRVWhite Dove has an LRV of 83 is definitely lighter than Shoji White.
  • Undertones – With similar undertones, these two colors would work well together. White Dove could be a nice subtle trim color for Shoji White.
Comparison to White DoveShoji WhiteWhite Dove
LRV7483 – lighter than Shoji White
Undertonesneutral to warmThe tiniest bit than Shoji White

What Benjamin Moore colors are closest to Shoji White?

These two colors are the closest ones from Benjamin Moore to Shoji White:

  • LRVEtiquette has an LRV of 75.18 and is basically the same depth Shoji White.
  • Undertones – These colors are extremely close but Etiquette is just a tiny bit warmer than Shoji White.
Comparison to EtiquetteShoji WhiteEtiquette
LRV7475.18 – same depth as Shoji White
Undertonesneutral to warmever so slightly warmer than Shoji White
shoji white vs classic gray
  • LRVClassic Gray has an LRV of 74 and is the same depth Shoji White.
  • Undertones – These colors are extremely close but Classic Gray is just a tiny bit cooler than Shoji White.
Comparison to Classic GrayShoji WhiteClassic Gray
LRV7474 – same depth as Shoji White
Undertonesneutral to warmslightly cooler than Shoji White

What Trim Color Goes with Shoji White

The best trim colors for Shoji White are ones that don’t have strong undertones. Here are some great choices for lighter trim:

Or if you want to use a darker trim you might consider these colors:

Shoji White and Urbane Bronze

Looking for a dark neutral to coordinate with Shoji White? The best choice is the darkest color on the color strip, Urbane Bronze. They’re from the same family and complement each other wonderfully.

Sherwin Williams Shoji White and Urbane Bronze

To warm up the Shoji White – Urbane Bronze combination, add copper, amber, and warm wood tones.

sherwin williams shoji white sample with urbane bronze and snowbound

In this stylish bathroom, the Urbane Bronze vanity looks so sharp against the Shoji White Walls. Dark teal towels and warm leather are the perfect addition in here. And the chocolate lab, of course.

What colors go with Sherwin Williams Shoji White

There really aren’t too many colors that don’t go with Shoji White, but some look better than others. I’ve curated a couple of color palettes including a printable chart for you to keep in your decorating files. Keep scrolling to the bottom of the post to download it.


In summary, Shoji White is a wonderful almost white that you can use for trim, walls, cabinets, and exteriors. It has a slightly warm undertone, and is a light color with and LRV of 74. If you’re looking for a softer and muted white then it might be a great choice for you.

Try a Sample

You’ve seen how different Shoji White looks in various rooms. Trying the color in your home with your lighting is always the best policy and you can get a peel and stick sample here: Shoji White Peel and Stick Paint Sample

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