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A Few of My Favorite Things ~ Milk Glass, Ironstone, Alabaster, and Mercury Glass

What are a few of your favorite things? I didn’t realize how strongly I felt about certain collections until I took a good look around the house. After taking a quick inventory, I can tell you that some of the things I’m most attracted to are milk glass, ironstone, and alabaster lamps. There are also lots of other vintage items including mercury glass Christmas ornaments and anything with hints of turquoise. So if it’s old, white, turquoise, or a shiny holiday object, there’s a good chance I have some of it in our home.

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Today I’m teaming up with a few of my favorite blogging friends and we’re sharing a few of our favorite things. After you’re finished here, click on the photos at the bottom of the page to see my friends’ wonderful collections. And we invite you to join in the fun and share your favorite collections on instagram using the hashtag #whaticollect. We want to see your collections!!

Here are some of my favorite things. 

Milk Glass

Vintage milk glass is a great way to organize crafting supplies.

In my studio/craft room I used a lot of my milk glass collection to hold supplies. Most of these were found at yard sales and thrift shops. They’re very inexpensive and come in lots of different designs and shapes.

Milk glass compotes make great craft storage.

Vintage, inexpensive milk galss is great for organizing craft supplies

This is one of my favorite rooms in the house. Go here to see more of this space.

Vintage mercury glass ornaments resting inside vintage milk glass

Our breakfast room window was decorated with two of my favorite collections…milk glass and vintage mercury glass ornaments. To see more of our decor from 2014 Christmas go here.

Hummingbird cake on a vintage milk glass plate

Cake, anyone? This plate is one of my favorite pieces of milk glass, found at a yard sale. For a great recipe for hummingbird cake, go here.

To learn more about collecting milk glass, go here.

Ironstone and Alabaster

Ironstone pitchers and vintage dishes make a nice Christmas display

I’ve been collecting pitchers and platters over the past 20 years or so. Most came from thrift shops and yard sales. Oh, and I also have several collections of dishes that I change out each season. I’m NOT a hoarder though. Collector is a much nicer term. To see how we decorated our home for Christmas go here.

Pretty display of ironstone, vintage silver, and pottery with touches of turquoise

My favorite colors here with the turqouise and white. And peeking out from the back are a few spoons from my vintage silver collection. But I wasn’t born with one in my mouth, for sure. 

There’s not any ironstone in this shot of the living room, but the alabaster lamp is one of several that I’ve collected over the years, mostly from estate sales. This room recently got a little spring makeover and the pieces behind the sofa were added for some turquoise color. To see more of this space, go here.

Interested in starting a collection of turquoise bottles? Go here to find some very affordable ones. 

Our nightstands have alabaster lamps that I bought from a former neighbor. And of course, a touch of turquiose in here too. To learn the story behind our night stands, read this.

Using vintage ironstone, alabaster, and painted furniture in your decor

Surprise!!! More ironstone and alabaster! This time they’re sitting on top of one of my favorite painted pieces. To see how I painted this piece, go here. It was very simple to do.

Use small ironstone dishes in the bathroom for soaps, etc.

In our new powder bath I added an old white mirror and used a couple of old ironstone dishes for soaps. The little bowl is the perfect size for a bar of soap and the small platter is a great catchall. To see more of this room, go here.

To find out more about collecting ironstone, go here.

Vintage mercury glass ornaments

Gorgeous, colorful shiny brite ornaments used on the tree and in wooden bowls at Christmas time

Since Christmas is many months away I won’t bore you with more photos of my beloved ornament collection. But if you do want to see more, you can go here. I might actually be a hoarder of these. 🙂

To start your own collection of mercury glass ornaments, go here.

Thanks for dropping by. 

Don’t forget to visit my blog friends and share your favorite collections in instagram using #whaticollect.



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  1. What a beautiful collection. I have some milk glass too and you have inspired me to keep collecting them. I love how you used them in your office too.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I've been collecting them from thrift shops and yard sales for years. They're fun and usually pretty cheap!

  2. I adore all of your milk glass and the way you have used and displayed it — just beautiful!
    I always think of the milk glass at my grandma's house — she had the prettiest little hobnail milk glass lamp on the bedside table next to the bed where I slept when I stayed at her house. If I ever find one like it I will buy it immediately!

    1. Thanks, Julie. I love the little hobnail lamps too but don't have any of those.

  3. Oh Angie! Your milk glass and alabaster collects are just beautiful Each piece is so versatile and ideal in your home. I may or may not need to pick up a piece of milk glass for my home, now 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Haha. I've been seeing several things today that I might need to start collecting too! Maybe we should all just switch collections every now and then! 🙂

  4. Your collections are exactly the kinds of things that I like! I've been on the hunt for an alabaster lamp for a few years but have yet to find one at a reasonable price. I love yours!

    1. Thank you, Paula. We definitely have similar tastes. I think that to myself every time I visit your blog. The alabaster lamps are some of my favorite things and I must admit I went over my budget for the ones in the bedroom but have never regretted it.

  5. Wow! You have so many different collections, and I love how well they all work together in your decor! The milk glass for office supply storage is a darling idea! Thanks for playing along!

    1. Collections…hoards…I do have a lot of stuff, most of which makes me really happy. I love the milk glass in the office too and am glad to be able to put those pieces to good use! Thanks for putting the tour together!

  6. Wow Angie, Your craft room is so organized. I'm in awe! I love the milk glass. Also love your china cabinet display.

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