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Summer Updates to the Master Bedroom

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Since hazy, hot, and humid are words commonly used to describe our summer weather, keeping things light and airy around here in the summer months is crucial. Anything we can do to lighten things up makes a difference especially when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

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Bedroom ideas - farmhouse style bedroom decor. So cozy! Postcards from the Ridge

I haven’t shared pictures of the master bedroom in a long time and have made a few changes since then. The biggest upgrade? Our headboard. It really made a the room seem more finished even though not too much of it can be seen due to our Euro shams. Before this, we hadn’t had a headboard in several years, I’m ashamed to say! 

For the bedding, a white quilt and blue duvet cover folded at the bottom give the space a lighter feeling for the summer. I like to change out the colors seasonally with the pillows and throws. The blues and neutrals are perfect for creating a summer time feeling in here. The rug matches the wall color and doesn’t get changed out.

The flowers give a pop of color to the white accents on my night stand. I found the flowers at Marshalls a couple of months ago for less than $10 and just love them here.

Over on the Mr’s side I added a simple preserved boxwood topiary for color. It ‘s a nice item to have there any time of the year, really. The vintage lilac candy box was one that belonged to my father-in-law and there are postcards from his mother to him inside there from the 1940’s. 

I know, the throw isn’t exactly lightweight, but it’s one of my favorite things and I keep it out year round. At least it’s a light color! And on nights when there’s a little chill in the air I pull it up over me to keep warm.

On the bench at the foot of the bed I added a white tray from Ikea along with some old books, dried roses, and a monogrammed linen. It has a summer cottage look, wouldn’t you say? 

If you saw my summer home tour over at Shelstring blog then you’ve already seen these along with our summer decor in the living room and breakfast room. Go here to see more. And go here to see our summer front porch decor.

What are some changes you make to your home decor for summer? Comment below and let me know. 


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I’ll share more about it next week here and this weekend over on instagram. Follow along there to see real time happenings.

Have a great weekend!

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Update – We’ve made a few minor tweaks to the room and you can see them all by clicking HERE.

For more farmhouse decor ideas be sure to visit our virtual home tour here.

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  1. Your bedroom looks so cozy and yet finished. Sometimes bedrooms look like they are just for show and I'd be afraid to touch the bedding. I like your headboard in front of the windows — the windows look like colorful art behind the bed. In fact I showed your photo to hubby and I said "See you can put a bed in front of windows". Then he said, " Well you can't look out the window". And then I said, " We never look out the windows in the bedroom, besides we have 20 ft. tall bushes right outside the windows, you can't see anything anyway." Sheesh!! I don't know why some men try to get involved in decorating. Your bedroom looks great — very inspirational. Thank you Angie!

    1. Haha. Thanks, Marisa. We had the bed on a different wall but it actally looks so much better in front if the window. It's a short, wide window.so we're not covering up very much of it. Thankfully my husband likes it in this spot but I agree that most men just need to trust their wives on the decorating decisions!

  2. what color of blue is on the walls? I've been trying to find the right blue and everything is either too baby blue or too grey. Thanks!

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