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Antique Hutch Decorating Ideas

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Discover creative antique hutch decorating ideas that can also be used on shelves, mantels and more. Featuring vintage and thrifted items.

white ironstone with green and black and white accents in antique oak hutch

Ideas for decorating a hutch

Decorating a hutch or cabinet is one of the easiest ways to celebrate the current season, whatever it may be. I enjoy changing out the decor in our hutches depending on my mood or whatever holiday is approaching. Stick around and you’ll find lots of ideas for decorating your hutch in today’s post!

Today I’m joining a team of vintage-loving bloggers for a blog hop hosted by Cindy at County Road 407.  We’re all sharing ideas for decorating hutches and cabinets so I’m sure you’ll see something that works for you! Links to everyone’s posts are at the bottom of this post, so be sure to keep scrolling when you finish here.

If you’re coming over from Cindy’s post at County Road 407, welcome! She always has the prettiest ideas for decorating your home! Be sure to see her ideas if you haven’t already done so.

little white ironstone pitchers with black and white napkins

In our house, we have an antique oak hutch as well as a traditional China cabinet. I enjoy styling both of them, but especially the antique oak hutch.

Maybe it’s because it’s wood and it’s somewhat neutral, but it just seems to go with whatever colors I put in here. I’m sharing both hutches today and how I have them decorated for early summer, plus some ideas that I’ve done in the past.

Items to decorate a hutch with

1. White Ironstone

white ironstone and lettuce ware with black and white cloth napkins

My vintage white ironstone collection has been accumulating for 20+ years and has grown into something I really love. It’s always in the hutch in some form or another, and serves as a base for the accent colors and decor that I add here.

(Napkins found here: Black and White Gingham Cloth Napkins with Fringed Edges)

antique oak hutch with vintage white ironstone platters and pitchers

Most of my pieces have come from thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales, or have been given to me. And there are a couple of reproduction pieces from my online shop, Emory Valley Mercantile. (See the collection of vintage style pitchers here: Reproduction vintage pitchers)

white ironstone with green, black and white in antique oak hutch

2. Blue and White dishes

blue willow dishes and green depression glass in painted china cabinet

In addition to collecting white ironstone, I also collect (hoard) vintage blue and white dishes. Like my white pieces, most of these are from thrift stores, estate sales, etc., and have accumulated into a sizeable collection. Most of them are now in the living room China cabinet. 

3. Copper Pieces

white ironstone, blue willow, and copper pieces in a vintage oak hutch

Copper mixes beautifully with blue and white. It doesn’t take much to make an impact. I love this look for late summer/early fall. See more of this look here: 20+ Ways to Decorate with Blue and White

4. Flower and Natural Items

white ironstone sugar and creamer with lily of the valley

For late spring/early summer, I added some Lily of the Valley flowers that are blooming in my yard right now. I love using flowers whenever possible, and these little ones are so pretty. 

succulents in blue and green post

In the living room hutch I added some succulents for a little dose of nature. They go perfectly with the blue and green theme that I have in here. 

5. Glassware & Pottery Pieces

green depression glass and blue willow dishes in a painted china cabinet

Add pops of color with colored glassware and pottery pieces. You don’t have to have many of these to make a statement, and they’re usually pretty easy to find at reasonable prices. My living room China cabinet has some vintage green depression glassware and some vintage blue stoneware bowls as accent pieces. 

6. Vintage Books

vintage books and a blue willow teacup

Old books are a fun way to add color and texture to any hutch, shelf, cabinet, or display. And they’re great to add height to an item whenever you need it. 

7. Vintage Silverware

black and white napkins and white stoneware in a vintage oak hutch

Are you team polished silver or team tarnished silver? Whatever your preference, adding some
vintage silver pieces is an easy way to add a bit of sparkle to a vignette. Obviously I’m team
tarnished silver, lol. (Artichoke tealight holders available in my shop here: Handmade Stoneware Artichoke Tealight Holders)

lily of the valley and vintage silver with white ironstone

8. Vintage wooden butter molds

wooden butter molds and white ironstone in antique oak hutch

Got an unusual collection that you want to display? Add them to a hutch or cabinet! I picked up these pretty, old wooden butter molds at an estate auction last year and added them to the hutch for a fall look. I also added some pears and dried hydrangeas for a touch a nature.

9. Christmas Decor

vintage mercury glass Christmas ornaments in a vintage oak hutch

Adding your favorite vintage Christmas items to your hutch is a quick and easy way to make the space look festive. A few of my favorite vintage mercury glass Christmas ornaments placed strategically gave the hutch a very merry look without much effort at all. Little preserved boxwood items add to the festive look.

vintage white ironstone and christmas ornaments in antique oak hutch

The Bottom Line

living room with blue and white decor

The most important rule? Use what you have and what you love. 

I always try to use my stash/hoard when I’m decorating anything. If you’re just starting out, watch for sales and check thrift stores, etsy, eBay, and your other favorite sources for whatever it is that makes you happy, and display them wherever you can see them.

(Get my best tips for estate sale shopping here: How to Shop Estate Sales Like a Pro)

Use a cabinet, shelf, hutch, tabletop, or anywhere you like. It’s your home and you should love everything inside of it. (See more of my newly updated living room here: New Blue and White Living Room Decor)

painted china cabinet with blue and white dishes

Now it’s time to visit the lovely and talented Michele at The Painted Hinge to see her ideas. You’ll love her style, so be sure to drop by and see what she’s done! And visit all the posts below.

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  1. You are the master at styling a hutch! I love how you decorated both your antique wood hutch and your china cabinet for summer. Seeing your Lilly of the Valley blooms has me eager to get into my yard today to see if mine are in bloom. I don't want to miss cutting a few for arrangements after seeing how great yours look in your hutch. I also really, really enjoyed seeing how you styled your hutch for different seasons.

  2. These hutches looks amazing in every season, Angie! Love all your pretty peieces of ironstone and transferware and how you layered in so many festive touches throughout the year too. It's all really beautiful! Hugs and hope your weekend is a happy one, CoCo

  3. So many beautiful ideas! I've been wanting to change the décor in one of my hutches and I pinned this for inspiration!

  4. Your hutches are incredible! You have styled them beautifully no matter what you choose to put in them. I only hope I can add to Ironstone collection. Yours is amazing. And I'm in love with your blue and white collection. So much inspiration.

  5. Angie, thank you for all the awesome hutch styling tips! You've styled your hutches so pretty for each season – so much eye candy and I can't choose a favorite because they're all so pretty!

  6. One, I can't get over how you've beautifully styled each hutch. Two, I can hardly belive how many wonderul treasures you have to style them. Three, I have never ever ever seen a butter mold. They are fantastic! Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas. I love each and every one. You are so creative! Thanks for joining in. Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Angie,
    All of your ideas are fabulous, but I think my favorite look is with the black and white check napkins. That hutch is so beautiful!

  8. Hi Angie, I love both your cabinets. The antique piece is amazing, and is perfect for your ironstone collection. I think my favorite style is with the copper pieces. I don't think I've ever used copper with ironstone and yours looks so old world and a beautiful compliment to the blue/white dishes.

  9. This was such a fun post, Angie! I love your styling and loved seeing all the beautiful ways you style your hutches. Your new blue and green display takes my breath away. But I honestly love each and every one!

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