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Fall Hutch with Vintage White Ironstone and Wooden Butter Molds

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Vintage oak hutch with white ironstone and wooden butter molds

wooden butter molds and white ironstone pitchers and platter in antique oak hutch

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Fall Hutch with Vintage Ironstone and Wooden Butter Molds

Confession time…I’ve started another vintage collection. This time it’s
wooden butter molds. I really didn’t mean to start
another collection 😂, but I saw these at an auction and loved the intricate
designs and patina on them. I just couldn’t resist! Have you ever seen one? 

dried hydrangeas, white ironstone, wooden butter molds in antique oak hutch

I can just imagine the proud moment when the hostess (or host) revealed her butter that had been shaped with one of these beauties. These days we’re so used to
plain blocks of butter we wouldn’t know what to do if we saw it molded into
something this pretty. 

vintage white ironstone, dried hydrangeas, and wooden butter mold

I also thought these might be used to create some interesting pottery pieces. My Friday
afternoon pottery class has been on hiatus since March, but when we
eventually start meeting again I’ll definitely be using these pretty butter molds with
clay somehow. 

white creamer with pear on top, vintage wooden butter mold in antique oak hutch

The little “U” is probably an individual butter mold, which would likely
have been set at each place setting. How fancy! 

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vintage wooden butter mold, white ironstone, copper tin

The character and patina of these molds, which are probably all hand-carved,
drew me in as soon as I saw them. 

vintage wooden butter mold and white creamer with pear in antique oak hutch

There are various sizes in the collection, and a couple of them have had the
handles broken off. But that’s okay with me. I mainly just want to look at
them and doubt I’ll be making butter any time soon.

You can learn how to take care of your vintage wooden kitchen utensils here → How to Clean and Care for Vintage Wooden Spoons and Utensils

antique oak hutch with vintage wooden butter molds, white ironstone pitchers and platters, and dried hydrangeas

They look just right in our antique oak hutch with some of my other
collections…vintage white ironstone pitchers and platters. I tucked some pears and dried
hydrangeas in here for a bit more texture. Decorating with wood and whites is
so easy. 

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vintage wooden butter molds, glass bottles, dish

I also got a few vintage bottles from the auction to add to my collection of those. I think I’m going to have to start selling off parts of my collections soon because they’re getting a bit out of hand. I’ll be sure to announce it here if that happens!

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Have you found any amazing items lately? Leave me a comment and let me know!

vintage white ironstone pitchers and platters, wooden butter molds, dried hydrangeas in an antique oak hutch


  1. Angie I don't blame you for starting another collection! They are beautiful and so neat. I can't wait to see what else you do with them!

  2. I don't believe I've ever heard or seen a wooden butter mold. What a novel idea and I'm crazy about how you've styled your hutch Angie. It's a beautiful way to showcase all those special pieces

  3. I love everything about the way you styled your hutch Angie! I am embarrassed to say that I have never seen a wooden butter mold. Now that I've seen your beautiful post, I want to find more ironstone!

  4. I'm loving these wooden butter molds and like Kim I have never seen them. They have so much character. Love your hutch especially dried hydrangeas and walnuts. Natural elements I love for this time of year.


  5. Wow, you hutch is stunning and the way you have decorated it looks great. So many pretty items to look at.

  6. I have never seen a butter mold, but I have to say I love them!! What a cool idea! Beautiful hutch styling too. Pinned.

  7. The butter molds add a gorgeous statement to Fall decorating. I like the various patterns that each on has. Thanks for the ideas. Your new collection is so fun!

  8. This is so pretty! I love the butter molds and they're the perfect pairing with the white ironstone. Wood and white are a favorite combo of mine right now!

  9. I love your collections and your hutch is pretty too. I like the wood tones and white ironstone together.

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