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Kitchen Organization Tips

Lots of great organizing ideas for the whole kitchen!

Is having a better organized kitchen on your to-do list? It’s definitely on ours and I’m always working to make it more organized. I’m no expert, but in 20+ years of home ownership hopefully I’ve learned a thing or two about having an organized kitchen. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips and organizing items, plus I’m teaming up with 22 other bloggers who are sharing their favorite organizing tips this week too! Be sure to check out all of their ideas at the bottom of the post.

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Sink Area

The sink area is one of the hardest working places in a home. There are several ways to make it efficient and attractive with just a little effort.

It’s always fun to get creative with your organization efforts. And it’s a great way to show your personality. Our dish soap is in a glass soda bottle with a spout attached for easy pouring. It’s up off the counter resting on a cake pedestal along with a a little dish to put my jewelry in while I’m washing dishes, and some dish towels.

Love this for storing all those pesky plastic shopping bags. Tons of other great organizing ideas on this site..

grocery bag dispenser is a total space saver. This one can be attached with screws or mounting tape.  

Colander under the sink. Great idea! Tons of other ideas on this site.

A small key rack is a great place to hang a colander under the sink. And a basket organizer is perfect for storing cleaners, scrubbing sponges and microfiber cleaning cloths. 

Dish cloths and towels in a drawer next to the sink. Lots of other great ideas at Postcards from the Ridge.

Folding your kitchen dish cloths and towels so they can be stored efficiently helps them fit better inside a drawer.

Kitchen Drawers

We all have a junk drawer, but there are ways to make almost any drawer more organized and efficient.

Great ideas for drawer organization plus many more for the kitchen.

Drawer organizers make all the difference in how easy it is to find things in your kitchen drawers, or in any other room. This one keeps our measuring cups and spoons and our other baking gadgets organized and accessible. 

Store bags and wraps in a drawer plus lots of other great kitchen organization ideas.

Storing wraps and bags together in a drawer makes them easy to find as well. 

Cooking utensils stored in a drawer next to the stove plus lots of other great ideas for kitchen organization.

Next to our stove is a drawer with cooking utensils. Keeping them in a mesh drawer organizer and lining the drawer with non skid drawer liner keeps them from going everywhere in the drawer.

Cooking Zone

The cooking area is the most productive area of any kitchen and needs to be super organized. Oven mitts and utensils should be within reach of the stove top and oven. Here’s a breakdown of the contents in the cabinets and drawers in our cooking zone.

Lots of kitchen organization ideas. Keep the most used items within easy reach.

Corral the counter clutter with a pretty basket plus many more kitchen organizing ideas.

I like to keep our most used items corralled in a shallow basket on the counter. To add some personality, you could store your olive oil in a pretty glass dispenser and use an old ironstone pitcher for utensils. Add some wooden cutting boards and an ironstone platter for a bit more of a decorated look. Pretty kitchen linens and a colorful cast iron dutch oven finish off the look .

Lazy susans for your spices plus many more great ideas for kitchen organization.

2 tier lazy Susan/turntable is one of the very best ways to get organized in the kitchen. We have two of them in our spice cabinet. One has spice blends and the other one has pure spices. All of them are stored alphabetically so we can find them easily. 

Lazy susan in the baking cabinet plus many more kitchen organization ideas.

Another lazy Susan in the baking cabinet holds extracts, food coloring, and small items used for baking. Boxes of mixes are stored on their sides, and cupcake liners are stored in a glass jar. I’m looking at this and thinking that I might invest in some clear storage containers like these for dry ingredients. It will look much more uniform. What do you use to store your baking items?


Store cereal boxes on their sides. Many more great kitchen organization ideas.

Pull out shelves make everything easy to find in a pantry. Storing like items together also helps when searching for something or making out your grocery list. You can get creative and use wine crates or baskets for this. 

Need to store tall cereal boxes? Lay them on their side to store them in short shelves. 

Pantry door organizer plus many more ideas for kitchen organization.

Make use of the space on the back of a door by attaching a door organizer. We have extra items stored in this small pantry closet along with our aprons and larger electric appliances like our stand mixer, bread maker, toaster, and crock pot. 

A vintage wooden milk crate is a fun way to store trash bags and various other items. 

Kitchen Landing Zone

Kitchen landing zone plus many more ideas for kitchen organization.

For many people including our family, the kitchen is the first stop when you get home. Designating a landing zone will help keep things from getting cluttered. If you don’t have much space, a wall shelf or small table can be a great place to drop your mail and bags. 

We added this long table in our kitchen and it’s been so helpful in keeping things organized. We also have a wall mounted mail sorter, a small bowl for keys, a large bulletin board to help us keep up with upcoming events, a vintage olive basket that we use as a recycling bin, and pens and other necessities in the drawers. 

Storing pens, etc in small pretty bowls. Plus many more ideas for organizing the kitchen.

Small bowls and tins keep the drawers organized. 

Stash magazines and catalogs in a planter. Plus many more ideas for kitchen organization.

An unused planter is a fun way to store magazines and catalogs.

Pretty place to drop your keys plus many more kitchen organization ideas.

Weekly menu planning with recipes. Many more great ideas for kitchen organizing ideas.

Another good way to get organized is with a weekly menu. This makes shopping so much easier and you never have to wonder what you’re having for dinner. 

For our weekly menu we use emeals for a good variety. We plan our menu, then I print the recipes and attach them next to the menu board so everything is easy to find. 

Pretty kitchen landing zone. Plus many more kitchen organizing ideas.

Now it’s time to see all of the great organizing ideas from my blog friends. We’ve created the ultimate cleaning and organizing resource for you to use as a guideline for your entire house. Click on the links for each day to get some wonderful ideas. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Thanks for dropping by today. I’d love to hear your organizing ideas.

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  1. I would caution against decanting products from their original packaging into containers even though it looks terrific. I totally redid a pantry using this method, complete with labels, only to find that the containers don't hold everything, especially if you're replenishing your supply, so then you are left with part of the product in the original package and even more clutter!

    1. Thanks so much for pointing that out. It would be awful to go to all the trouble (and expense) to switch things to uniform containers and not have everything fit. If I order them I'll be sure they're the right size, for sure!!

  2. Wow, you've got loads of tips in here for us, some of which I'm doing but loads I'm not. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Marie! We're always working to make things more efficient around here. I wish all of the house was this organized!

  3. Angie… Fabulous tips and ideas in your supremely organized kitchen! Won't you come down and make mine look as good as yours does? Love all the ideas and inspiration!

    1. Thanks Wendi! A visit to Florida is always a great idea, even if it means organizing a kitchen!

  4. Wow, Angie! Such a detailed and complete organized kitchen! I love some of the ways you placed items in certain cabinet areas! I'm pinning and when I get to my kitchen area for purging and organizing, I'll be using some of your great ideas!

    1. Thanks Doreen! We're always tweaking things in the kitchen and so far it gets more organized with each tweak!

  5. Angie, Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. I like the "landing zone" and the sink organization with the cake pedestal. You are so organized. It is fun to see how others work efficiently.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy New Year.

    1. Thanks Meegan! The landing zone helps keep the island cleared off most of the time. And the cake pedestal is just pretty! Happy New Year to you too!

  6. Awesome tips, I especially love the dish towel storage tip! Makes so much more sense than folding them flat like I've been doing. Thanks and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Malia. Folding them like that makes them fit so much better! Happy New Year to you too!

  7. Love the kitchen and your ideas. Especially the soda bottle dispenser. We have added it to our 2017 shopping list in addition to the bag dispenser and pull out drawers. I am so looking forward to my upgraded kitchen after we finish No SPEND 2016.

  8. Your landing zone is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing all of these amazing tips with us, Angie!

  9. I have been using Oxo push button storage containers for over 5 years in my kitchen. Love them. They are see-through so you can identify products immediately and they hold up well. I use them for my sugar, flour, dried beans, pasta, etc. You will love them!

  10. Great ideas! Love the key rack and the bowls in the drawers… I NEED to try that in my junk drawer – oh my!

  11. Awesome ideas, Angie! I wish we had room for a landing zone in our kitchen. My counters stay cluttered with "stuff."

  12. So many great ideas for organizing our kitchens. Having a much smaller kitchen right now has forced me to be more creative for storage…kind of a fun challenge.
    Mary Alice

  13. Oh my goodness, I love all these kitchen organizing ideas. The kitchen landing zone is my favorite. Pinning so I can implement some of these ideas.

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