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How to revive wood furniture without refinishing it

Hello, friends.  I hope you’re having a great year so far and making progress in reaching those new year’s goals that we all set at the start of each new year.  I’ve done some organizing and exercising and freshening up around the house, and made a few minor updates to the blog.  So that’s all good.

One thing that I did recently was give one of our tables a minor facelift.  It was tired looking and a little dried out, but still in great shape.  It just needed to be refreshed.

The left side of the table shows how it looked before I refreshed it.  A little faded and dried out, and in need of a bit of TLC. The right side had already been treated.

Here’s my go-to product for dried out wood.  Howard’s Feed-n-Wax.  I also use it on our cabinets around the handles and pulls and anywhere that they get dried out and the finish shows wear.  And I use it on our wood doors and floors whenever they get a scratch.  The Feed-n-Wax covers up the scratches nicely and protects the wood.  

It’s used by furniture makers and refinishers and antique dealers.  I love the soft orange scent that it has.  And it’s so easy to use.

How to use feed-n-wax

1.  Squirt a small amount on a soft cloth.  I use an old washcloth.  The feed-n-wax isn’t thick, but isn’t exactly runny either.  It has the consitency of shampoo.

2. Apply in a circular motion, working the feed-n-wax down into the wood grain.

You can see the difference in the wood that has been treated and the wood that hasn’t yet had the feed-n-wax applied.

3.  After covering the entire surface, let the feed-n-wax soak in for about 10 to 20 minutes.  Then wipe off any excess that hasn’t soaked in.

4.  Buff with a soft cloth.  Or if you don’t like a gloss finish, you can skip this step.  I prefer more of a matte finish, so I didn’t buff mine.

That’s all there is to it.  You can find feed-n-wax at Amazon, and also your local paint store (we carry it at Kittrell Paint & Wallpaper), antique shops, and possibly hardware stores.  

Let me know if you use feed-n-wax in other ways. I’m always looking for new uses for great products.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this .. I will go check it out on amazon . Thank you and have a blessed weekend

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