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How to Make a Reusable Stencil With Cricut

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut. All opinions are 100% mine.

Learn how to create a custom stencil with your Cricut Maker

Hello, friends! I’ve got a fun new makeover to share with you today! I gave our basement bathroom floor a much needed refresh with paint and DIY stencils I made with my Cricut Maker. I’m sharing how simple it is to do this project and others like it.

You won’t believe how this floor looked before. The new look really gives the space an updated look and no saws or grout were required!

bathroom floor with painted stencil tile design

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I love the fact that I can use my Cricut Maker to cut virtually any design I want, in the size that I need. The sky is the limit on design choices. And that’s a good thing! Especially for this stenciled tile floor project.

Cricut Maker Machine

And with the Cricut Maker, you can cut over 300 different materials ranging from delicate materials like crepe paper, and fabric, and thicker materials like chip board, balsa wood, and leather. It’s very easy to set up and if you’re a DIY’er, you can get started on your projects quickly.

How to Make a Custom Stencil with a Cricut Maker

This project could be completed over a weekend if you don’t have other obligations. There are multiple layers and you must allow for drying time for each layer. I strongly recommend cutting multiple stencils for this project to help speed up the time needed for completion.

Using the Cricut Maker, you can do endless DIY projects like this one as well as use the machine to draw, score, deboss, engrave, as well as create wavy lines and perforated lines. It’s definitely worth the investment because of all of the potential DIY projects you can do with it.

stenciled tile floor in bathroom


Supplies Needed:

  • Cricut Maker
  • Fresh Fine Point Blade – especially if you’re cutting multiple stencils (highly recommended)
  • Cutting Mat or Long Cutting Mat
  • Cricut Brayer
  • Tile Design from Cricut Design Space
  • Mylar (if you’re only using the stencil one time on a small project, I recommend Cricut Stencil Vinyl.)
  • Repositionable Spray Adhesive
  • Primer, Paint, Acrylic Clear Finish
  • Paint Brush, Roller, Pan, and Pole
  • Painter’s Tape
  • A boatload of patience


How to Make a Stencil with a Cricut

1. Choose your stencil pattern

tile stencil design from Cricut

There are dozens of great tile stencil images available in Cricut Design Space. You can choose one of those and adjust it to the size you need for your project.

For my project, I used #M2358107 as the design. I determined how many of the tiles I wanted and calculated the stencil size accordingly.

Cricut Design Space is available on both desktop and mobile so you have the ability to design and make projects quickly and easily from anywhere in your home.

Note – You can also import designs into the Cricut Design Space if you want to.

2. Cut Your Stencils

Note – You can do this project without a Cricut Maker by using a TrueControl knife and self-healing mat. You’ll need to print the design on paper and place the paper underneath the mylar, then carefully cut the design.

tile stencil being cut with Cricut machine

Since I needed to reuse my stencil multiple times, I used 6 mil mylar for this project. It’s thick enough that it won’t tear when you remove it from the floor surface, but can still be cut nicely with your Cricut Maker.

*Tip – Using a Long Cutting Mat will allow you to cut 2 stencils at a time.

Be sure your machine has a Fresh Fine Point Blade so you’ll get clean cuts. And making multiple stencils will really speed up the process on this project. I used 6 stencils on my floor stenciling project.

Note – If you’re only going to be using the stencil one time, I recommend the Cricut Stencil Vinyl.

3. Clean the floor and tape off the edges

While your stencils are being cut, thoroughly clean the floor and tape around the edges.

4. Apply Primer

A bonding or high adhesion primer will be best for this stenciled floor project over a linoleum surface. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for best results. Allow to dry completely.

I tinted my primer so it could be used as the base coat for the project.

5. Stencil the Floor

  • After your stencils are cut, you’ll need to weed out the parts you don’t need and remove them from the cutting mat.
  • Then apply repositionable spray adhesive to the back of your stencils and place on the floor.
  • Roll over the stencils with a Cricut Brayer to make sure all areas are adhered to the floor.
  • Tape the edges to prevent paint from going where you don’t want it to go.
  • Repeat the process until the entire floor is stenciled, allowing each area to dry before taping over it.

7. Apply Clear Coat

I recommend applying at least 2 coats of a clear acrylic for durability. Oil-based polyurethane or other clear products will often have an amber or yellow tint, so stay away from those.

8. Enjoy your “new” floor!

tile design in bathroom painted with DIY cricut stencil

See the full tutorial of the painting process with all of the details here: How to Paint a Vinyl or Linoleum Floor

DIY Cricut Stencil Supplies

mylar for stencil
cricut maker
cutting mat
repositionable adhesive
safe release tape

You can get inspired and learn how to do many more DIY projects on the Cricut Blog.

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  1. I have one of those machines and have only used it a handful of times. Need to try this! It's gorgeous. Love how it turned out and the pattern you made. Pinned!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! I've only used my Cricut a few times too but am amazed at all it does! I've got lots of future projects planned.

  2. Oh Angie! It turned out so gorgeous! Congrats girl. I can’t believe you made the stencil too!

  3. WOW Angie, of all the stencilled floors I've seen this much the prettiest by far. How lovely and I totally agree with you about having multiple stencils to make it easier. One day I'm going to get me a cricut for sure.

  4. The floor looks amazing! I stencilled my bathroom floor with a hand cut stencil; wish I had a Cricut back then (and now); it really speeds things up!

  5. Wow! Gorgeous work, Angie… I have a Cricut and never would have thought to use it for floor stenciling. Great idea and your bathroom is so pretty now!!!

    Enjoy it,
    Barb 🙂

  6. This is really beautiful. I love my Cricut, but had no idea you could buy a stencil vinyl I always use Mylar which is expensive. This opens up lots of new projects ts for me.

  7. Hi Angie, your floor looks amazing! I had no idea my Cricut Maker could cut mylar, I've using stencil vinyl and a few times wished I could make reusable stencils. This opens so much crafting potential. I would love to try stenciling a floor aftering seeing this!

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