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A visit to Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market and 5 things to know before you visit


A visit to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market

magnolia silos black and white sign painted on brick wall

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I did it. I visited Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market, bakery, garden, and their original little shop a few miles away. But it wasn’t actually a planned trip. It was kind of impromptu.

How did that happen since we live nearly 1,000 miles away? Well, earlier this month my husband and I drove 15 hours from east Tennessee to Austin, Texas to help our oldest daughter move for her new job there. 

As we drove away, I was feeling sad about her living so far away. Wanting to cheer me up, my sweet husband asked me if I’d like to visit the Magnolia Silos since we would be driving right through Waco anyway. Of course I would.

magnolia market storefront and lawn with square stones

I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and snapped lots of pictures and wanted to share what I saw with any other Fixer Upper fans who’ve ever wondered what it’s like there. 

The Magnolia Market at the Silos

store kitchen display with white subway tile, black cabinets, and open shelving

The Magnolia shop has a front building that’s sort of like a showroom. It has areas set up somewhat like you’d see in a home. The kitchen area has subway tile, concrete counters, black cabinets, and open shelving. 

open wood shelves with kitchen items on white subway tiled wall

There’s also long wall with several mantels decorated for the season. Everything you would need to recreate each look is located in the shelving next to the mantels, made to look like built-in bookcases.

long wall of black shelving in Magnolia market store

Lots of eye candy and great ideas. They really know how to show off their merchandise. 

antique white mantel with blue glass vases and large clock

I think the one below was my favorite mantel. I love the colors and those mirrors with the different shaped raw wood frames.

antique mantel with glass jars and wood framed mirrors

This mantel with the books is so original. 

antique mantel with old books and white vases and flowers for decor

A very interesting area is this arched opening. There are actual books embedded in the walls. 

arched opening with books embedded into the walls

Another favorite area of mine was the flower shop area. It’s set up like a street vendor with a cart full of flowers. 

artificial flowers in metal buckets at Magnolia market

And they were all very realistic looking. 

old table with metal buckets and artificial flowers and baskets

green painted windowpane door with wreath

If you walk through the front area and down a few steps there’s another area that’s mostly merchandise and not as much of a showroom. Lots of pretty items are located there too.

galvanized metal buckets at Magnolia Market

shelves with mugs, pillows, books, and buckets at Magnolia market

The Garden

The outside area is just as inspiring as the inside. I enjoyed walking around the garden area and getting ideas for sprucing up the yard back home. 

Magnolia seed and supply building and gardens at magnolia market

The raised beds and a little garden shed with a cupola made me want to come home and plant a garden. 

small white garden shed and herb gardens at magnolia market

herb gardens and white painted building at magnolia market

There were little nooks to sit and relax in the shade also. This one had a charming bench made from woven willow, I think.

rustic woven willow bench in shaded area at magnolia market

And what kid wouldn’t love to hide out in this tee pee? The mushrooms were fun too. 

garden vine covered tee pee and concrete mushrooms at magnolia market

old green jeep and tall white metal silo

There were also a few of these rustic wooden bench swings. We sat on this one for a while and rested our feet while sipping on some cold water. Texas is hot, y’all. 

rustic reclaimed wooden swing with ropes

large grassy lawn at magnolia market

Back near the garden area there is a row of food trucks so you don’t have to worry about going hungry. 

row of food trucks at magnolia market

The Magnolia Bakery

Who doesn’t love giant cupcakes and pastries?

letter board sign at magnolia bakery

The bakery was cute and charming and had a large variety of cupcakes, cookies, and croissants. 

vintage style magnolia bakery with black counter and white subway tiles

I got a strawberry cupcake and ate it before I thought to take a picture of it, lol. It was very sweet but was moist and tasted great.

vintage style magnolia bakery with black counter, brick wall, and white subway tiles

chocolate croissants behind glass at magnolia bakery

campfire cupcakes behind glass at magnolia bakery

The Original Magnolia Shop

Before Chip and Jo had the shops at the silos, they had a little shop several miles away in an old house that had been remodeled.

outside of little magnolia home shop

The original Magnolia shop is still there but now it’s where they have their sale items. We visited in early fall and the little shop had mostly spring and summer items at good prices. The flowers were very pretty and I love how they had them displayed.

store display with lots of artificial flowers against white wall

Lots of faux greenery and vases were there as well. I’m sure the merchandise changes depending on what they’re trying to sell out of. The prices were pretty good on everything there, I thought.

store shelves full of artificial plants and vases

The best prices were on the items located outside in a covered area.

store shelves full of vases and candle lanterns

When we were there it was mostly garden items but again, I’m sure it varies depending on when you visit. It’s worth visiting though because the prices are good there. 

store shelves full of metal garden containers

What I came home with

Are you wondering what I bought while I was there? Of course I got a few pretty goodies. Here’s a look at some of my finds.

I got this woven tray which is the perfect size for our living room coffee table. 

woven basket with wooden candlesticks on plaid blanket on wood coffee table

The sienna eucalyptus branches really caught my eye for fall, so I also got a few of those.

large glass jug in crate on white painted brick hearth

The berries and wheat stems also came from there. I love the muted colors for fall.

dried hydrangeas and soft flowers with large tin tiles on painted brick fireplace

To see more of my fall fireplace decor and fall decor ideas from 28 other bloggers, go here → Fall Ideas Tour

I also got a burlap and jute shopping bag while I was there. It was rather expensive and I like it, but wish I would have saved some money and got one from here → burlap and jute tote bag instead. It’s the same bag, just without the Magnolia logo. 

brown boots and burlap tote with fall scarf on slate floor in entry

To see more of our entry, tiered tray, and bar cart styled for fall, go here → Fall Entry, Bar Cart, and Tiered Tray.

What to know before you visit

Are you planning a visit or wanting to go to the Magnolia Silos market? Here are a few things to know before you visit:

  1. It’s usually hot. Unless you’re there sometime in November through March, dress light and stay hydrated. We were there in early September and it was blazing hot. 
  2. It’s crowded. Bring a large dose of patience. If you can visit during the week and in an off season then it won’t be as crowded. We were there on a Thursday and it wasn’t too bad, but there were lines of people both in the shop and the bakery.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll probably be on your feet for a while, so wear something that won’t be too uncomfortable.
  4. You won’t find anything cheap. This is more of an experience than a bargain hunt so don’t be surprised if you see prices that are high. Not exorbitant, but kind of like Pottery Barn prices. But most of the items I saw seemed to be good quality just as you would expect.
  5. Chip and Jo probably won’t be there. Sure, they own the place, but they own several other businesses as well and are also busy starting their own television network so they have other people running the shops for them. The do make appearances there a few times a year. 

So that’s a wrap up of my visit to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia shops in Waco, Texas. Would I go again? Sure. I don’t think I’d make a special trip to Texas just for that, but I’m so glad we dropped by as we were driving through. It’s only a few miles off the interstate and definitely cheered me up. If you’re planning on going there for a visit, you can find some nice places to stay nearby here → Waco, Texas lodging.

Have you been there before? What did you think? Leave me a comment below and let me know that or what your favorite part of my visit was.

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  1. Fantastic post, I really enjoyed it very much. I remember seeing all of those spots being built on Fixer Upper.

    Love all the goodies you brought back with you.

    Enjoy the rest of your day


    1. Thanks, Cindy! It was a fun place to visit and I couldn't resist bringing a few of the pretty goodies home with me! Have a great week!

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