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Bathroom Inspiration ~ Open Shelf Vanity


Postcards from the Ridge: Unique vanity ideas

 Apparently we have another bathroom remodel in our future.  Such is the risk when you try to make an update in a 50-year-old house.  Last year we had to remodel our master bath, and now it’s the guest bath that needs our attention.  Here’s a peek at how our master bath turned out:

Postcards from the Ridge: Use a dining room buffet for a bathroom vanity.

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You can see more of it and get the complete how-to for the conversion of our dining room buffet into the vanity in this post.

For the guest bath, it all started out simple enough.  We had overnight visitors coming to stay and the guest bath needed the shower head and controls changed out because they weren’t working great. No big deal, right?   Or so I thought.

I purchased a decent replacement for the controls and the plumber came over to change them out for me.  Then he called out, “Ma’am, you need to come in here and see this.”  Those aren’t words that you want to hear when someone is working on your home.

That was actually a few months ago and the bathroom hasn’t fallen apart yet, but it’s time to say goodbye to our 1964 bathroom.  The remodel will hopefully occur in August, but I’m already getting my ideas together and trying to make some decisions.  Today I’m sharing some of my inspirations, mostly for open shelf vanities, but on other elements as well.

**update: the guest bath remodel is complete. go here to see how our vanity turned out!**

Postcards from the Ridge: Making a vanity from a vintage table. 

From the Southern Living 2012 Idea House

I’m loving the open shelf vanity concept with baskets underneath.  I don’t even mind the exposed plumbing.  I really like the idea of converting a table into a vanity with a vessel sink on top like this one.

Unique sink 

I found a sink like the top photo here.  Now if I could only find a cool old table to convert.  Anybody have one to spare?


 Postcards from the Ridge: Unique Vanity Ideas.  Open shelf Vanity.

I love this one too.   I like the idea of having two shelves with a variety of baskets.  Again, I don’t mind the exposed plumbing.  This one might not be too hard to replicate.  I also really like the floor in this photo.

I found a similar sink here.  And with basic wood and paint the vanity could be recreated.

Postcards from the Ridge: Unique Vanity Made from a Table

I would love to find something like this old wooden table to use for our vanity.  It adds such warmth and character to this space.  All that would need to be done to it is to cut a hole for the sink.  And apply several coats of waterproof varnish, but that’s easy enough.

I couldn’t locate the exact sink, but this one is pretty close.  Found here.

Postcards from the Ridge: Vanity from a table or desk 

 Another pretty simple redo here.  I like the combination of the painted and unpainted wood.

Beverly 48-inch Bathroom Vanity (White/White): Includes Marble Countertop, Solid Wood Cabinet, and Ceramic Sink by Kitchen Bath Collection, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0092R0L06/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_roSZrb0VNZHRW

From Amazon

This one doesn’t have as much character as the others, but is available as shown.  No need for hunting down or building a vanity.  It’s ready to go.  I’m still on the lookout for something a little different though.

From Amazon

I must admit I love the color and personality of this vanity, but it’s too small for our bathroom.  Maybe the half bath???  That one needs an update as well.  Bookmarking this one for sure.

Postcards from the Ridge: Using furniture in the bathroom for linen storage

I like the idea of using a piece of furniture for towel storage, and we just happen to have a piece almost identical to this in our garage, feeling very neglected.  It’s from my late in-laws and we haven’t found a good place for it.  It might be getting a paint job and take the place of the closet that’s currently in this bathroom. We’ll see how that works out.

So that’s the state of things around here.  Planning for a remodel and trying to make decisions.

What do you think of open shelf vanities?  Do you have one?  Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. I love the double shelf, rustic gray one. We are going to re-do our vanity soon, and I'd love to go that route, but not sure the hubby will buy into it!

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