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5 ways to create a cozy and inviting room

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Explore some of the cozy benefits of carpet

cozy family room with carpet and fireplace

Hello, friends! Is there anything like a cozy room to make you feel good? It warms your soul and helps you forget about everything else in the world. And it wraps you up in a great big hug every time you enter it. 

Do you have a room like that in your home? Have you ever wanted to create a cozy space like that ? Today I’m partnering with The Carpet & Rug Institute to give you ideas for making just such a room.

cozy carpeted living room

In our home, the family room is our cozy cocoon. It’s the place we spend the most time with our family and friends. When we’re in here we feel insulated from the rest of the world and can kick off our shoes and relax. 

What makes a room cozy? Here are a few elements of most cozy spaces:

How to Create Cozy Room

1. Soft Surfaces

Soft surfaces provide sound absorption and make a space more hushed and relaxed. And they offer a more comfortable setting than hard surfaces. 

cozy carpeted floor with game board and fireplace

cozy room with fireplace and carpet

  • Think about your favorite chair. Is it hard or soft? 
  • What about your favorite cozy getaway? I bet it has lots of soft surfaces too, like carpet on the floors. 
  • Nice restaurants are made more cozy and intimate with soft surfaces and carpet. 

2. Textures

Textures add character and interest to a room. An easy way to add cozy textures to a room is by using throw blankets and pillows. And a carpeted floor gives you an abundance of soft, cozy texture.

 soft textured pillow and cozy throw blanket

cozy throw blanket with pom poms and hydrangeas

3. A Fireplace

cozy carpeted room with throw blankets

Whether it’s wood-burning, gas, or electric, a fireplace is another great way to make a room feel cozy. 

girls and kitty lying in the floor on the carpet next to a fire

The most popular spot in our family room is on the carpet in front of the fireplace. Our girls and our kitty were
all relaxing in this spot recently and I couldn’t help but snap a picture of
them laying there. 
Don’t they look comfortable?  It’s the
perfect place to scroll on their phones, lol. 

4. Candles

cozy candle on small table

Much like a fire in the fireplace, candles also make a room feel really cozy. The soft glow and subtle scents add a soothing ambience to a room. Personal photos are another nice way to make a room feel cozy.

5. Plants

vintage books and old pitcher with fall branches

Live plants bring an organic warmth to a room, especially during colder months when everything is gray and brown outside. Simply place branches or flowers in a pretty pitcher or vase and you have instant charm. A few vintage books add even more coziness to this vignette.

Here are just a few other benefits of having a carpeted room:

  • It’s a great way to cover ugly floors
  • It Cushions our footsteps and potentially reduces knee, hip, and back pain
  • Carpet provides wonderful sound and temperature insulation
  • It improves indoor air quality by acting as a passive air filter and trapping dust, pollen, and particles
  • Carpet is one of the lowest emitters of VOC’s of all flooring options

cozy carpeted room with fire in the fireplace

Have you gotten some
ideas for making your home cozy for the holidays and colder months? Be sure to
drop by and read more about all the benefits of carpet and get help selecting the right one at the CRI HERE.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Carpet & Rug Institute. All opinions are 100% mine.


    1. Thanks, Julie. Me too. Living rooms and bedrooms with carpet are so much cozier. Thanks for dropping by!

  1. Angie, your room is so cozy and the carpet is gorgeous. My daughter was just visiting us and had the fire and candles going now that the cold weather is here. We were feeling very cozy indeed.

    1. Thanks, Patti! I hope you enjoyed your vist with your daughter. Nothing like spending time in a cozy room!

  2. You have really created the perfect cozy or Hygge. I think anyone would want to curl right up in front of your beautiful fireplace.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! It's definitely a great place to curl up when it's cold and dreary outside like it has been lately.

  3. Your family room is very cozy looking! I always love the look of wood in the entryway and more formal areas, but I adore carpeting in the rooms I actually "live" in! It's much more cozy and easier to care for!

  4. I know hardwood floors are the in thing, but you really can't sprawl out on them (like your kids here) and be cozy. Your family room looks so inviting and the carpet it beautiful!

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