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21 Ways to Use Vintage Items in Your Christmas Decor


Ideas for using vintage items in your Christmas decor

vintage silver spoons with red velvet ribbon

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Hello, friends. Do you love using vintage items for your Christmas decorating as much as I do? There are so many unique ways to use them and today I’m sharing some of my favorites. Take a stroll through the past few holiday seasons at our house and hopefully you’ll get some great ideas.

1. Vintage Christmas Ornaments

vintage mercury glass ornaments on a Christmas tree

It goes without saying that vintage ornaments are perfect on your tree. They’re so colorful and festive. 

wood lantern with vintage mercury glass ornaments

But you can also just place them around the house to add a pop of festive color. 

old glass bottles and mercury glass ornaments

The vibrant hues make any area ready for the holidays.

old mercury glass ornaments in a wooden dough bowl

They’re also great in a wooden bowl with a strand of garland thrown over them.

wood bowl full of old mercury glass ornaments
colorful old mercury glass ornaments in a wooden bowl
vintage mercury glass ornaments and jello molds

Find vintage ornaments here: Vintage Mercury Glass Christmas Ornaments

See more creative ways to use colorful vintage Christmas ornaments here: Shiny Brites history, sources, and creative display ideas

2. Vintage Silver

ironstone creamer with old silver spoons

Another great vintage item to use at Christmas is vintage silverware. Place a few pieces in a little ironstone creamer with some sprigs of boxwood for a simple and quick vignette. 

old silver spoons and red velvet ribbon

Or tie an strand of elegant velvet ribbon around a few pieces.

old silverware with green velvet ribbon Christmas place setting
small tree with baby silverware attached

A few years ago I tied some childrens’ silverware and sugar spoons to a little tree in the kitchen. 

Find vintage silver here: Vintage Silverware Pieces

3. Vintage Glassware

white dishes with vintage green goblets

Green vintage glassware adds a nice punch of color to a holiday table. These were favorites of my late mother-in-law and they’re perfect with this tablescape

vintage red goblets on a cart

Dress up a rolling cart with some red glasses and candy canes. 

candy canes in vintage red goblets

4. Vintage Milk Glass

milk glass vases with vintage mercury glass ornaments

Milk glass goes with any season and is a fun way to display vintage ornaments. 

Find vintage milk glass here: Vintage Milk Glass

5. Vintage Glass Cake Pedestal

glass cake stand as centerpiece

Add some sparkle to your table by using a vintage glass cake pedestal as a centerpiece. 

6. Vintage Glass Candle Holders

glass cake stand and candle holders

Old glass candle holders are another great vintage item to use at Christmas. Little tart tins are
perfect votive holders too. 

7. Vintage Dishes

vintage oak hutch with ironstone dishes

Christmas is the perfect time to dress up a hutch or shelf with some holiday dishes. 

vintage oak hutch with Christmas dishes

These red and white dishes and red trimmed glasses look so festive. 

vintage oak hutch with brown transferware

And the winter scene on these dishes have a more subtle effect but still have a holiday vibe.

8. Vintage Ironstone

white creamer with peppermint sticks

Ironstone goes with any color and looks especially pretty with reds and greens at Christmas. I simply added some candy canes to a little ironstone creamer above.

little boxwood wreath on glass door
old ironstone sugar bowl and mini Christmas ornament
white ironstone mugs at hot cocoa station

Vintage ironstone mugs are the perfect way to offer hot chocolate mix-ins. 

Shop for vintage mugs here: Vintage Stoneware Mugs

old bowl with wrapped gifts

And large ironstone bowls are good for so many things like holding small packages. 

9. Vintage Olive Basket

vintage olive bucket with tree in red wagon

Vintage metal olive baskets are nice for small trees and branches. They’re also great for storing logs, blankets, and toilet paper!

10. Vintage Tobacco Basket

tobacco basket on wall of porch

A vintage tobacco basket fills up a large wall space with character and charm. Layer a wreath for a
more festive look. 

11. Vintage Throw Blankets

cozy Christmas tree

Plaid throw blankets are so cozy at the holidays. Hang them from ladders or simply fold them up and set them out for Christmas charm.

hot cocoa cart

12. Vintage Sled & Skates

ice skates and sled on front porch

Whether or not you get a white Christmas, it’s still fun to decorate with vintage wooden sleds
and ice skates. 

Vin Yet Etc

My friend Laurie at Vin Yet Etc made her old hocky skates look pretty with a sprig of holly.  She
always has the most amazing ideas for vintage items.

13. Vintage Stoneware Crocks

old crock with green branches and wood bead strand

Old stoneware crocks are so versatile are make wonderful places for branch clippings and small

red wagon with Christmas tree and branches
old ironstone crock with rosemary tree

14. Vintage Red Wagon

My dad’s old red wagon is my all-time favorite thing to decorate our porch with. It’s especially nice
at Christmas.  

15. Vintage Sheet Music

small gift wrapped with vintage sheet music

Small gifts look so pretty wrapped in vintage sheet music. Red velvet ribbon finishes it off so nicely. 

16. Vintage Quilt Used as Tree Skirt

old quilt used as Christmas tree skirt

Got a pretty vintage quilt? Wrap it around the base of your tree for a cozy tree skirt. 

Christmas tree with colorful ornaments at night

17. Vintage Linens

vintage red stripe kitchen towel

Vintage linens add such warmth and character at Christmas and any time. Red grain sack linens
are especially pretty for the holidays. 

old baby silverware and red velvet ribbon
old oak hutch with white ironstone dishes

Place them on a flat surface, hang them on a towel bar, or tuck them into bowls and pitchers for a soft touch. 

18. Jadeite

Serendipity Refined

Jadeite dishes and bowls look perfect with this collection of vintage santa mugs belonging to Kimberly at Serendipity Refined. Isn’t it adorable?

19. Picnic Baskets

House of Hawthornes

Pam at House of Hawthornes always has the best vintage goodies. And her vintage plaid metal
picnic basket makes a great addition to her Christmas decor. 

20. Vintage Thermoses

vintage red plaid thermoses in a wood crate

Vintage thermoses are another fun thing to use at Christmas. I added my collection to a little wood crate and they look perfect on our living room coffee table. See more of them here: Vintage Thermos Christmas Vignette

Find vintage thermoses here: Vintage Red Thermoses

21. Holiday Punch Bowl Set

Sweet Pea

My friend Paula at Sweet Pea has so many wonderful vintage items, including several holiday punch
bowl sets. Aren’t they festive?

22. Santa Mugs

Santa Christmas mugs

For some whimsical fun, use some Santa mugs. Mine aren’t vintage but are close reproductions.

Shop for vintage Santa Mugs here: Vintage Santa Mugs

Christmas tree with red ribbon at night

What are some ways you use vintage items in your Christmas decor? Leave me a
comment below and let me know!

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vintage Christmas decor


  1. I’ve died and gone to holiday heaven. I don’t come visit here enough!
    All of your images are off the charts – your styling, your photography, your design! All so good.
    Thanks for the inspiration. The flatware used with the red velvet ribbon and in another place setting is the same pattern As some hand-me-downs from my grandmother. I’m totally going to polish it up to use in holiday decorating! Brilliant ideas!

    1. Awww, thank you so much Jeri! I'm glad you like it and please visit here more often! You're so lucky to have nice hand-me-down flatware. I've had to buy all of mine and although it's nice, it doesn't have the same sentimental value as a family item. Have a great day and happy holiday decorating! ~ Angie

  2. Hi Angie Oh my! I love it. you had me at the sterling silverware and ribbon. Love it all! Have a great Thanksgiving! laura

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks so much! That silverware and ribbon is one of my favorite little holiday touches. You have a great Thanksgiving too! ~ Angie

  3. These are such wonderful ideas! Very creative…Christmas at your house must be wonderful! Thanks very much for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Mimi! Christmas is my favorite time of year so I love to decorate the house for it. Thanks for dropping by. ~ Angie

  4. I love love the vintage ideas!! I have some of the items like the Tom and Jerry punch bowls. I loved the silverware ideas too. Thank you so much for the ideas. Rhonda Godwin

    1. Thank you, Rhonda! Those punch bowls are so fun and festive. Thanks for dropping by! ~ Angie

  5. I pinned it so when i get through with Thanksgiving i can look again. Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you, Karen! It's always nice when you can use what you have and not have to worry about buying something new. Thanks for dropping by. ~ Angie

  6. Love the ideas! Now I know what to do with all of my old silver pieces, totally inspired, thank you! 😀

    Lori Jo – 50 With Flair

  7. Your vintage post warms my heart. So many great ideas and I love your ironstone collection decorated for the holidays! Perfect holiday decor. Pinning!

  8. You know that I LOVE me some vintage style. Angie, your ideas and creativity are always inspiring me. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love every single thing you show. I do use most things you show and love it! I use wood soda crates that are vintage and red and white, fabric vintage ornaments as well as the shiny brite types, a wooden apple crate to hold pillows (it has an old label on it and is antique and in great shape), and two brass deer that are gorgeous that I found this year. Everything vintage or antique I find is from thrift stores. I have not bought anything online because I love the treasure hunt. I use vintage Christmas aprons for display and love them and my vintage potholders. I have a cute vintage Santa ornament, just his face and a red hat. :). I have a Christmas bell and brass bell collection. I use vintage teacups and a teapot in a display in the bedroom and just add ornaments to them. I also have old Christmas records, and like the album covers as decor and to play.

    I use some of my grandmother's jewelry on the tree every year, just to remember her by. There are a few small pieces, and I am careful with them. The tree is only done once her jewelry is on it as a finishing touch.

    I have some glasses she gave me that have the letter T and are very pretty. No one in the family has a T in their first or last name, except me, and she felt led to buy them a good 25 to 30 years before I was born. She was a deeply Christian lady and felt led by the Lord to buy them. 25 to 30 years later I was born to her oldest daughter, who was a baby when Memaw bought them. My mom made sure to give them to me when I was an adult. The glasses were expensive, and God led her at a time that was hard financially, but Memaw listened to His voice and got them. It made zero sense to buy glasses with a letter on them that no one in the family had, but I love that about the story and her faith and God guiding her to do it. At a time of poverty, doing it was a sacrifice in faith. Mom did not know about the vintage fancy glasses existing until she and my dad had told my Memaw my name, which is Tracie.

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