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Postcards from The World’s Longest Yard Sale.


This past weekend I checked off something from my bucket list…the Highway 127 yard sale. Also known as the world’s longest yard sale, it stretches from Alabama to Ohio. And there was a lot to see.

Today I’m sharing a few snapshots of my favorites like the vintage blue child’s rider above. Come along and see all the treasures!

This ice cream truck was so much fun! Who doesn’t love homemade ice cream in August?

There were lots of these beautiful old blue mason jars. 

Vintage wooden crates were aplenty as well. 

Architectural remnants were easy to find.

And you just never know when you’ll need extra basketballs, right? This was the first time I had seen a collection of used basketballs in an old industrial sink, but there was a little bit of everything. 

These colorful vintage table cloths were so fun.

Coca cola memorabilia was seen in several spots.

I loved these old suitcases. The colors were so pretty.

Old tin ceiling tiles would make great wall hangings. 

These brackets were huge! 

We saw several booths with painted furniture.

Here’s a snap of the traffic. Bring an extra large dose of patience if you come. 

Pyrex lovers paradise.

Me and one of the vintage sap buckets that I bought. I’m planning to use them with my fall decor soon.

Here’s a peek at how I used them. You can see the rest of them HERE.

My junkin’ buddy Kathy from Petticoat Junktion. We stayed out of trouble for the most part. 🙂

That concludes the tour. Have you ever been to the world’s longest yard sale? What’s the best thing you’ve found there or at any yard sale? I’d love to know!

If you love vintage items but can’t stand the crowds or live far away, Etsy is a great place to shop. You don’t even have to leave your house! Go HERE to see what’s currently being offered.

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  1. I live in Jamestown, TN, the headquarters and original site of the 127. It is amazing and annoying for 4 days every fall, drawing people from everywhere, even other countries. By the way, it extends up into Michigan as well.

    1. We were in Crossville, just down the road from you. It must be a big inconvenience for those of you that live near 127. People were everywhere!

    1. Maybe next year if it's not too hot. I might forget about the traffic nightmare by then. 🙂

  2. Love the pictures, the brackets and architectural pieces would've cost me money. Love that stuff. Thanks for sharing


    1. The architectural things were great, but were also a bit pricey. Lots of dealers and lots of neat things.

  3. Looks like you all had a great time! I am not sure I have that much patience. It looks a lot like the traffic for Round Top week here in Texas and that can get crazy.

    1. It was fun but did test our patience, for sure. I'd love to visit Round Top someday but it's probably the same vendors as we had here in Tennessee. They came from all over the country. Neat stuff, lots of people!!

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