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Just some frosting on the flower buds

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday I posted some pictures of the ice storm that I had taken in the morning.  I ventured back out into the yard in the late afternoon and the ice had accumulated even more.

The bushes and trees in the yard look like they’re encrusted in glass.  Just thought I’d share what I saw.

I hope the ice doesn’t completely kill the tender flower buds on this dogwood tree.

I used to dislike these nandina bushes.  But I’ve grown to really like them.  They’re great to decorate with around the holidays and they photograph beautifully.

I can’t believe how long the icicles grew on this holly bush.  It looks sort of like they’re old men with really long white beards.

I clipped some of the branches from this quince bush last week to bring inside to force bloom.  I’m so glad I didn’t wait!  The blooms might die from being frozen in the ice.

Thanks for stopping by.  Stay safe and warm today!

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