Let's explore realistic faux pumpkins and get ideas for using them with your fall decor.

On a hearth

Adding faux pumpkins to your hearth is just one way to make your home more cozy for the fall months.

Up on a pedestal

Elevate the look of your faux pumpkins by placing them on pedestals or candle holders.

No pedestal? No problem.

Making your own pedestals for faux pumpkins is an easy project that you can complete in a couple of hours.

Sweet & Simple

There's no need to do anything complicated with your faux pumpkins. Simple displays are sometimes the prettiest ones.

Tiered Tray Decor

Small faux pumpkins are the perfect addition to fall-themed tiered trays.

Under a wire cloche

Add a rustic touch by using a chicken wire cloche over your faux pumpkins.

Realistic Faux Pumpkins

See lots of creative ways to use faux pumpkins and explore the most realistic ones here.