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How to Create a Super Fun Photo Booth, Plus More Party Decoration Ideas

If you want to see grown adults acting like kids, and kids having a great time being silly together, just add a photo booth to your next gathering. It’s extremely easy and everyone will love it. We did this last year at our oldest daughter’s graduation party and again this year at my nephew and nieces’ party. It’s so much fun (and easy) that I wanted to share it with you.

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Using thrifted, painted frames for a photo booth. How fun is that?!

For our photo booth, I found some old ornate frames at various yard sales and estate sales and painted them in bright, fun colors. The brighter the better for this project. The colors I used were Benjamin Moore Yellow Green, Blue Spa, and Million Dollar Red. 

Great ideas for a photo booth for your next party. This is great!

I took 3 frames and attached them to a rope that I had tied between two trees. I simply used ribbons to attach the frames to the rope. 

I added these photo booth props to a galvanized bucket next to the frames. 

Two bags of beans were placed in the bottom of the bucket the keep the props standing upright.

How to create a fun photo booth for your next party. Everyone loves this!

After a little nudge, almost everyone wanted their photo made in the “booth”. And we laughed until we almost cried. (Bonus points if you spot the photo bomber. He was feeling left out.)

I highly recommend this for your next party. It’s simple and fun and gets everyone into a good mood. Here are a few of the other decorations we used.

Party decorations including vintage blue mason jars and vintage tablecloths. Love it.

Vintage mason jars with flowers on vintage tablecloths. 

Great ideas and decorations for an outdoor party. I love this stand!

Graduation cupcakes in a tiered galvanized stand. (Similar one found here – Tiered Metal Tray)

A large round galvanized tray held yummy fruits and cheese.

Gift buckets for each of the graduates. 

We definitely had a galvanized theme going on! What’s your favorite thing from this party? 

Sources for the party items:

  • For fun photo booth props that we used, go here.
  • For affordable, ready to use frames, go here
  • To get a sign similar to ours, go here.
  • Go here for a similar tiered galvanized stand. 
  • For blue mason jars, go here.
  • A similar large round galvanized tray can be found here.

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