Pink is a super hot color right now in fashion, beauty, and home decor

Add a small dose of  pink paint

A little pink goes a long way in many cases. And painting an accent piece of furniture or light fixture is a great idea.

Hot pink accents

Or paint the back of a bookcase with a fun hot pink paint. Everything will stand out against this color.

Make a grand entrance with pink paint

If you want to make a statement with your front door, paint it with a vibrant shade of pink!

Pink wallpaper

Add a bit of drama in a bathroom by installing a bold pink wallpaper.

Pink Area Rug

Or dress up your floors by using an area rug with pink. It actually goes with a lot of different colors and styles.

Add style with a  pink velvet sofa

Pink is a timeless color and is the perfect choice for a cozy velvet sofa. Your living room will thank you.

What colors go with pink?

Use one of several pink color palettes in your home. Go muted, classic, or bold. The choice is yours!

Let's explore!

See all the creative ways to add this lively color to your home by clicking below!