Free Color Tracker and Paint Sheen Guide

Looking for an easier way to remember your paint colors? This paint color tracker will help you keep track of all of them in one place. And the paint sheen guide is super handy when trying decide which finish to get.

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free paint color tracker and sheen chart

I’m Angie!

Are you wondering how I know so much about paint? (I’m sure it’s keeping you awake at night😄) Here’s the scoop. Paint is in my DNA. My parents owned a paint and decorating shop in east Tennessee for 40+ years, and my husband and I also owned an independent paint and decorating store in Nashville for 13 years. I’ve spent 30+ years answering every imaginable question related to painting, wallpapering, and choosing colors. Thousands, literally.

They say to write about what you know, so you’ll find my best tips here on my blog. If you have a question, send me an email at and I’ll either answer you directly or possibly write a new post! See all of my paint related posts here: Favorite Paint Colors & More