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15 Best Beige Paint Colors for your home

Step aside, gray! Beige is back as a popular paint and fashion color. After several years of cooler whites and grays dominating the top paint color choices, the trends are shifting to warmer, cozier colors. We’re craving simplicity and familiarity and beige colors bring that to our homes.

best beige paint colors

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Best beige paint colors

Why is beige so popular now?

In a chaotic world full of increasingly strong and often harsh opinions, we all need a place that we can retreat to and press the reset button. We want a color in our homes that makes us feel safe. Enter beige. Once called “boring beige” because it was EVERYWHERE, we grew tired of it and stopped using it as much in our homes.

How does beige make a room feel?

Beiges and other neutral paint colors have a calming and relaxing effect. They make people feel like they’re in a familiar place. So if you’re searching for a color to reduce the stress in your home then you should take a look at beige.

Beige is like your favorite oversized, cozy sweater that you love to wear on Saturday mornings while drinking warm coffee in your favorite stoneware mug. It’s the ultimate Hygge color.

Is beige coming back?

What’s old is new again, amiright? Beige is currently trending with designers and is hailed as a color that calms anxieties and makes us feel protected. It’s non-controversial, timeless, and as a bonus it plays well with almost every other color.

Is beige outdated?

Just like hairstyles and blue jeans, paint color trends change every few years. And the gray colors that have been so popular for the past several years are looking dated.

Grays are being replaced with warmer colors like greige and beige which are are cozier and a bit more welcoming than gray. All that to say that beige is not outdated but is actually trending.

All about the color Beige

What color is beige?

Beige is usually a warm neutral that’s a wonderful backdrop to many different colors. It’s like the favorite aunt of white and off white. It’s cozy, welcoming, and makes you feel like your getting a big hug.

Beige takes its name from French, where the word originally meant natural wool that has been neither bleached nor dyed, hence also the color of natural wool. It has come to be used to describe a variety of light tints chosen for their neutral or pale warm appearance.


Is beige warm or cool?

Beige is on the warmer side of the color spectrum but there are still warmer and cooler versions. It’s made up of a combination of yellow, red, blue, and black colorants and the amount of each one in your paint color formula will determine how warm or cool it appears.

It can be tricky to get the right beige color because they all appear different in various lighting conditions and based on what colors are next to them. For example, if your floor has gray undertones it can make a beige paint color look slightly more orange or yellow.

Is beige brown or tan?

It’s more of a light brown and it can sometimes fall into a tan category. Also, you can’t judge a color by it’s name just like you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. There are a range of color names for beige including buff, sand, khaki, tan, and more.

What are the undertones of beige

Beige colors typically have warm neutral undertones that can sometimes appear slightly fleshy, yellow, or orange Here’s how beige compares to other neutral colors in terms of undertones.

Color familyCompared to Beige
GrayCooler with more blue undertones
GreigeCooler with more blue and red undertones
TaupeCooler with more red and blue undertones
CreamWarmer with more yellow undertones
beige paint color chart comparison

Beige vs Tan

Tan colors typically have more yellow and brown undertones than beiges. They’re very similar and certain shades can fall into both categories. Here’s a comparison of Benjamin Moore Clay Beige OC-11 and Hush AF-95.

beige vs. tan

Beige vs taupe

Beige is warmer than taupe, which usually has more gray or blue undertones. Taupe colors can take on slightly mauve, purple, or blue appearances based on what they’re next to and what the lighting conditions are, so it’s always crucial to test the color in your home. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Benjamin Moore Clay Beige OC-11 and Smokey Taupe 983.

beige vs taupe

Beige vs greige

Greige colors fall in between beige and gray. They’re a bit cooler than beige but not as cool as gray colors. This is how Clay Beige looks next to Pale Oak OC-20, a very popular greige paint color.

beige vs greige

Is beige the same as khaki?

Khaki colors usually have more green undertones. They’re made up of less red and more black colorant which in essence gives them the cooler undertones. Take a look at this comparison of Clay Beige and Inner Balance 1522.

beige vs khaki

Is beige a good interior paint color?

Yes! Beige is a great color to use on the interior of your home if you want a warm neutral that’s not off-white but not too dark. Most beige colors are versatile enough to mix with almost any color accessories, fabrics, rugs, and more.

Best areas to use beige color paint

Since beige is a neutral color it’s suitable for any room. It’s the perfect choice for common areas like living rooms, entryways, hallways, great rooms, kitchens, and more.

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Best beige paint color combinations

What colors go best with beige?

One of the best things about the color beige is how neutral it is. You can use a variety of warm and cool coordinating colors including blue, red, rust, green, white and off white, dark gray, navy, hunter green, coral, dark teal, black.

Here’s a sample color palette with the most popular shade of beige paint, Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige SW7036. You can get a free downloadable version of this with all color names when you sign up for my email. Scroll to the bottom for the sign up form.

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige Coordinating Colors

Sherwin Williams SW 7036 Accessible Beige Coordinating colors

Can I use gray with beige?

Yes! It’s easy to transition from gray to beige by using the two colors together. Beige looks best with grays that have cool undertones. Here’s a great example of that with the pairing of Accessible Beige and Comfort Gray, which has slight blue undertones.

sw accessible beige and comfort gray

What color trim goes with beige painted walls?

Since most beige paint colors fall on the warm side of the spectrum, they look best with whites that have warm or neutral undertones.

Most popular beige paint colors from Sherwin Williams

Now let’s take a look at the most popular beige paint colors from Sherwin Williams. They’re all in the Top 50 colors and are customer favorites year after year.

Sherwin Williams beige paint colors

FYI: The 2024 Sherwin Williams color trends have just been released and you can see them all here: 2024 Sherwin Williams Colors

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige SW7036

The most popular beige paint color is Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige SW7036 and is a favorite of many homeowners, designers, and contractors. It has subtle warm gray undertones which keep it from looking too fleshy or peachy. But it’s neutral enough to use with both warm or cool colors.

Accessible Beige Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Consider using Accessible Beige or a similar warm beige on your kitchen cabinets if you want a light color that’s not white or off-white. This kitchen from McGee and company has Accessible Beige painted cabinets and they’re warm and light but not harsh like a stark white would be. Natural stone, medium and dark wood tones, and black accessories really give this space a timeless look.

Accessible beige kitchen cabinets

Image courtesy of McGee & Co

Accessible Beige SW7036

  • LRV: 58
  • Undertones: warm gray, greige
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Color Collections: Living Well (Balance), Top 50 Colors, Colormix Forecast 2022 (Method)

Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige SW7037

Balanced Beige is another great beige paint color that’s part of the Sherwin Williams Pottery Barn paint color palette and is also one of the Top 50 colors.

sw balanced beige bedroom

Image Courtesy of Pottery Barn

It has warm gray undertones and looks great with greens, blues, cinnamon, dark brown, and warm whites.

Balanced Beige SW7037

  • LRV: 46
  • Undertones: warm gray, greige
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Color Collections: Top 50 Colors, Pottery Barn (Fall/Winter)

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen SW9109

Sherwin Williams Natural Linen is an “Expert Pick” (a favorite of designers) and is one of the colors in the “Inspire” color palette from the Living Well collection. It’s also one of the top 50 paint colors from Sherwin Williams.

It has warm cozy undertones and looks great with terracotta and russet colors, navy, deep brown, black, and even green. It’s a very versatile beige.

Natural Linen SW9109

  • LRV: 66
  • Undertones: warm
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Color Collections: Color ID (Enthusiast), Living Well (Inspire), Top 50 Colors, Pottery Barn Kids (Fall/Winter), Pottery Barn Teen (Fall/Winter), Colormix Forecast 2022 (Dreamland), Rejuvenation (Fall/Winter), Finest Whites & Neutrals (Warm Neutrals)

Divine White SW6105

Divine White SW6105 is part of the Finest Whites & Neutrals collection and the Warm Neutrals curated color collections from Sherwin Williams. It has creamy warm undertones and is a great backdrop for almost any color. Use it on walls, trim, cabinets, and more. It’s also part of the Sherwin Williams Pottery Barn paint color palette.

Sherwin Williams Divine White SW6105

Divine White SW6105

  • LRV: 72
  • Undertones: warm beige, neutral
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Color Collections: Color ID (Dreamer), Top 50 Colors, Finest Whites & Neutrals (Finest Whites), Finest Whites & Neutrals (Warm Neutrals), Pottery Barn 2023 Paint Color Palette

Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige SW6106

Kilim Beige is a warm beige paint color with slight fleshy undertones. It’s one of the top 50 colors from Sherwin Williams. Use warm woods, rich earthy tones, and creamy whites with this timeless beige color.

Kilim Beige SW6106

  • LRV: 57
  • Undertones: warm beige, muted peach
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Color Collections: Top 50 Colors
Pottery Barn paint color palette

Best Benjamin Moore Neutral Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore also has some great neutral beige paint colors that we’ll take a look at now. They’re similar to the ones from Sherwin Williams and will work with almost any color. Let’s see the most popular ones.

Benjamin Moore Beige Paint Colors

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Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige HC-45

Shaker Beige HC-45 is an all-time best selling color and is part of the Benjamin Moore Favorites collection. It was our best selling neutral in the paint shop in the early 2000’s and is still very popular. Unlike other popular neutrals like Revere Pewter and Agreeable Gray, Shaker Beige doesn’t have gray undertones.

Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige

Shaker Beige HC-45

  • LRV: 53.53
  • Undertones: warm beige, muted fleshy undertones
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Collections: Historical Colors, Colors for Vinyl

Alexandria Beige HC-77

With an LRV of 29, Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige is on the darker side of the spectrum compared to most beige paint colors. It’s neutral and rich, and looks amazing with reds, navy blue, hunter green, as well as light greige paint colors. It gives this bedroom a cozy look and works great with all the various neutral shades.

Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige bedroom

Image courtesy of Savvy Southern Style

Alexandria Beige HC-77

  • LRV: 29.03
  • Undertones: cool beige
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Collections: Arborcoat Stain Colors, Historical Colors, Colors for Vinyl

Tapestry Beige OC-32

From the Off-White collection, Tapestry Beige OC-32 (also known as 975) is a little lighter than some other beige colors with an LRV of 66. It has a balance of warm and cool undertones and can also be classified as a greige. Pair it with blues, greens, terracotta, and browns.

Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige living room

Tapestry Beige OC-32

  • LRV: 66
  • Undertones: neutral
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Collections: Off White Collection
  • Also known as: 975 Tapestry Beige

Grant Beige HC-83

Grant Beige HC-83 is from the Historical Colors collection. It has a mix of gray and beige undertones and is a wonderful backdrop for a variety of colors like navy blue, deep terracotta, burgundy, deep brown, and black. Use it in south and west facing rooms for best results.

Benjamin Moore Grant Beige living room

Grant Beige HC-83

  • LRV: 55.81
  • Undertones: neutral
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Collections: Historical Colors, Colors for Vinyl

Bar Harbor Beige 1032

Bar Harbor Beige 1032 was THE most popular neutral paint color in the 90’s. AKA CC-320, it’s part of the Designer Classics collection and is a warm and cozy color that’s great for common spaces.

Benjamin Moore Bar Harbor Beige living room

Bar Harbor Beige 1032

  • LRV: 51.11
  • Undertones: warm with hints of gray in certain lighting
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Collections: Classic color collection, Designer Classics
  • Also known as: CC-320 Bar Harbor Beige

Benjamin Moore Muslin OC-12

Muslin OC-12 (aka 1037 and CC-110) is a warm muted beige paint color with neutral undertones. It can lean slightly yellow in certain lighting conditions so keep that in mind.

It’s perfect for rooms that face east and north, and works in any area. It’s a light beige color and would be great for any room that doesn’t get much natural light.

Benjamin Moore Muslin kitchen walls

Muslin OC-12 (1037)

  • LRV: 66.54
  • Undertones: warm neutral tones
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Collections: Off White collection
  • Also known as: 1037 Muslin

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81

Manchester Tan HC-81 is one of the most popular neutral beige paint colors from Benjamin Moore and has been for years. It’s from the Historical Color Collection and is perfect for any era. Designers, homeowners, and painter love it because of its versatility.

See my full review of this color here: Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81 Review

living room with vaulted ceilings and Manchester Tan walls

Manchester Tan HC-81

  • LRV: 63.24
  • Undertones: warm neutral tones
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Collections: Historical Colors
  • Also known as: 955 Berber White

Bleeker Beige HC-80

Bleeker Beige is another classic beige paint color that has been a favorite for years. It has a little more depth to it than other beiges and creates a warm and cozy vibe.

Use white or off white paint colors on trim for a timeless look. And it pairs great with Newburyport Blue HC-155 and white, as well as Dinner Party AF-300 and Night Horizon 2134-10.

Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige mudroom

Image courtesy of Main Street Design Build

Bleeker Beige HC-80

  • LRV: 51.66
  • Undertones: warm neutral tones
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Collections: Historical Colors

Jute AF-80

Benjamin Moore Jute AF-80 is another nice warm beige that works with many different colors. It has brown and gray undertones and is perfect for walls, trim, cabinets, exterior siding, and more.

Benjamin Moore Jute living room

Jute AF-80

  • LRV: 63.3
  • Undertones: warm with hints of gray and brown in certain lighting
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Collections: Affinity Color Collection

Benjamin Moore Clay Beige OC-11

One of my personal favorite beige paint colors is Clay Beige OC-11. I recently painted our family room in this color and it looks amazing. In our home it’s paired with navy, off white, and a variety of accent colors depending on what time of year it is.

It looks great with hot pink, hunter green, terracotta and black. It’s very similar but slightly warmer than the ever-popular Accessible Beige.

Use it in north or east-facing rooms to brighten them up.

Benjamin Moore Clay Beige living room

Clay Beige OC-11

  • LRV: 61.61
  • Undertones: warm sandy undertones
  • Where to Use: walls, trim, cabinets, exterior trim or siding
  • Collections: Off White Collection
  • Also known as: 965 Temporal Spirit

How Do I Know Which Beige Is Right for My Home?

That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? With so many good options it can be difficult to know which one is the best for your space. Colors will appear different based on the lighting in the room, the other items in the room, the amount of natural sunlight that’s present, and more.

That’s why it’s so important to test the color before you buy a large quantity. There are several good ways to sample paint colors and I discuss all of them in this post: 5 Ways to Test Paint Colors.

For each color above, I’ve linked to peel and stick paint samples and 8 oz color sample paint pots for the Benjamin Moore colors.

the best beige paint colors

Recap of popular beige paint colors

Let’s recap everything about the color beige.

  • Beige is a color that’s timeless, warm, cozy, and possibly has the ability to lower stress levels.
  • It can be used in practically any room in your home and on walls, trim, cabinets, and exterior surfaces.
  • Depending on the undertones, various warm and cool colors can be used with beige.
  • Warm creamy whites and crisp whites look best as contrasting trim colors with beige painted walls.
  • Always test beige (and any other color) before painting your walls. Lighting conditions will make it look different.

Have you used beige paint in your home? Let me know which one you’ve used and which of these popular beige colors is your favorite in the comments below!


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