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25 Clever Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas You Can Easily Make

Here are 25 Christmas gift wrap ideas in all kinds of decorating styles including sustainable wrapping paper, classic red and green and more!

Add a personal touch to your wrapping paper this year by creating your own gift tags, gift topper or even a DIY gift box. It’s easier than you think with these step-by-step tutorials.

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DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

One of the things I love about DIY wrapping paper is you can customize it with a certain color scheme or add unique ribbons and bows to make just the right presentation for friends and family.

Wrap a gift with colored paper, kraft paper or even use paper bags that you can decorate with stamps, pretty gift tags or even add a vintage ornament for an extra holiday gift.

Think of how pretty these DIY wrapped presents will look under the Christmas Tree. So much more personal than store-bought.

25 Creative Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Finding the right gift for friends and family can be tough, but wrapping the perfect present is easy with these creative Christmas gift wrap ideas.

What do you think? Did you find a gift wrap idea to try? I sure did!

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