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5 Reasons to visit Grand Tetons National Park and Jackson, Wyoming

5 reasons to visit Grand Tetons

grand tetons mountains with chapel in foreground

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Hello, friends! Are you itching to travel to a beautiful place with amazing
views? Do you love our national parks? We’ve visited many of them and today I’m
sharing why
Grand Teton National Park
is one of our favorites. 

grand teton mountains and trails

If you love hiking, wildflowers, or just gorgeous scenery, then this needs to
be near the top of your bucket list. We visited there and Yellowstone in
the same trip. And while we thoroughly enjoyed both places, the smaller crowds
and dramatic peaks of Grand Tetons made it a much more peaceful

I recommend visiting both parks if you can. They’re not too far apart and you
can do them both in a single trip if you have enough time. Here are the best
things about Grand Tetons and Jackson, Wyoming.

5 Reasons to visit Grand Tetons and Jackson, Wyoming

Breathtaking Scenery

tall pines and river with blue sky and white clouds in Grand Teton National Park

The scenery in Grand Tetons is simply breathtaking. Dramatic mountain peaks,
tall pines, meandering streams….it’s all there.

grand tetons mountains

The peaks are beautiful from all sides. This view is from the northern part of
the park. 

schwabacher landing at grand tetons national park

Schwabacher Landing is a very scenic spot with the shallow waters and views of the

schwabacker landing in Grand Tetons Nationa Park at sunset

It’s an amazing place to watch the sunset, especially with the reflections on
the water. 

Beautiful Trails

hiking on jenny lake trail at Grand Tetons National Park

Whether you’re an avid hiker or just want to take a stroll on a gentle path
through the woods, you’ll find what you want in Grand Tetons. 

hiking the trails in Grand Tetons National Park

The trails are well maintained and easy to follow. And they aren’t usually
very crowded at all. 

Abundant Wildlife

buffalo herd at Grand Tetons National Park

Buffalo and elk and birds, oh my! And many other animal friends as well.
You’re sure to see plenty of wildlife throughout the park. 

blue bird on a wooden fence post at Grand Tetons National Park

There are many beautiful species of birds. Isn’t the color on this bluebird

elk in a stream at Grand Tetons National Park

We spotted this elk taking a drink from a small stream after a rain

And this little chipmunk was begging us for a snack. He obviously gets plenty
of them. (Please don’t feed the wildlife.)

mama and baby ducks at Grand Tetons national park

A mama duck and her babies were taking an evening swim during one of our
outings at the park. Such a peaceful scene. 


lupines and other wildflowers at Grand Tetons National Park

The warm season is a short one at Grand Tetons, but there are so many
beautiful wildflowers in bloom.

alpine sunflower at Grand Tetons National Park

fairy orchid at Grand Tetons National Park

We spotted this little fairy orchid on one of our hikes. It’s very small but
so unusual and pretty. 

wild geraniums at Grand Tetons National Park

wildflowers at Grand Tetons National Park

wildflowers seen at Grand Tetons National Park

Historical & Interesting Buildings

visitor center at Grand Tetons National Park

The visitors’ center is a newer structure with a wall of windows showcasing
the mountain peaks. The building itself is a showpiece. 

chapel at Grand Tetons National Park

And the little chapel is so picturesque. You can go inside and take pictures
from there as well. 

old general store at Grand Tetons National Park

The old general store is a relic from the early 1900’s and still sells a few
basic items like huckleberry sodas. Our girls were enjoying some here. 

And there are some fun items inside that remind us of days gone by.



There’s no better way to experience the park than immersing yourself in it on
the trails and footpaths. If your health allows it, I highly recommend it.

young ladies hiking at Grand Tetons National Park

Being comfortable and safe is much more important than being fashionable when
you’re in the great outdoors. Here’s what you’ll need if you go out on the

  • Bear Spray  – You can’t fly with it but you can order it ahead of time and have
    it shipped to your hotel for about half of what you’ll pay there. Find it
    here: bear spray.)
  • Water Bottle – An insulated one will keep your water nice and cold. I really like this
    one: insulated water bottle.
  • Lightweight Backpack – I use love and use this one: lightweight backpack.
  • Hiking Shoes – The right shoes really do make your feet feel better. I have
    these women’s hiking shoes and love them. They’ve seen trails in several different national
  • Snacks – almonds, peanut butter crackers, fruit, and granola bars are a
    great choice.
  • Hat – the sun can be brutal and a hat will help keep you comfortable. I
    really like this ventilated sun hat.
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain Jacket or Poncho – Weather can change very quickly in the mountains and it’s
    no fun to get soaked. A rain jacket or poncho fits easily into a backpack. 
  • Layers and breathable clothing. Even if you’re just doing a short trail you
    still want to be comfortable. See my favorites here Favorite Hiking Items.
  • Trail Map 

shop for trail hiking necessities


view from a car at Grand Tetons National Park

Grand Teton is a great park to see from the comfort of your car. There are
plenty of scenic overlooks just steps away from the road throughout the park.
If you decide to tour the park this way, these items will make the journey
more enjoyable:

shop for car travel necessities


boat tour at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park

Boat tours are available for a unique vantage point. Or you can rent kayaks or
take a float tour for a more adventurous experience. You can find out more
here: Boating and Kayaking in Grand Tetons National Park.


There are some wonderful paved bike paths that follow the road inside the
park. You can rent bicycles at the entrance to the park. It’s a fun way to
see everything. 


If visiting Grand Teton National Park is high on your bucket list but you’d
rather have someone else drive and plan all of the stops, a
bus tour
might be the perfect way to see it. They’ll take you to the best views and
most popular spots and you won’t even have to get out your gps.

You can also ride horses in certain areas of the park and take an airplane
tour. So many great ways to see it.


There are so many wonderful things to do during your stay. Here are the most
popular ones, according to visitors who’ve experienced it first hand:

The best outdoor activities in Grand Tetons National Park


Inside the Park

There are plenty of accommodations including cabins and lodges
inside the park. Be sure to book early because they fill up fast.

Jackson Lake Lodge 

jackson lake lodge, Grand Tetons National Park

Jenny Lake Lodge

jenny lake lodge, Grand Tetons National Park

Just Outside the Park

You can find a large variety of hotels, lodges, inns, and more to stay at in
Teton Village
Jackson Hole. Each area is only a short drive from the park entrance.

Camping sites

There are several nice camping sites if you prefer to stay in the park this

  • Colter Bay Campground
  • Gros Venture Campground
  • Jenny Lake Campground
  • Lizard Creek Campgound
  • Signal Mountain Campground
  • Headwaters Campground and RV sites at Flagg Ranch


We stayed and ate in
Jackson Hole
on our trip where there are a plethora of great restaurants. (There are also
dozens of charming local shops along with some touristy ones if you want a
souvenir t-shirt.)

margherita pizzas

These were our favorite dining spots:


Lunch & Dinner

Winter Activities

If you don’t mind the cold and snow, Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National
Park are a beautiful place to visit in the winter. One of the most unique
attractions is the National Elk Refuge, where thousands of elk winter in the
valley. Sleigh rides through the refuge area are a great way to see the
animals up close and personal. Find our more here: National Elk Refuge Day Trip.

Love skiing? Jackson Hole has some of the best ski resorts in
the country. You can ski all day and relax in a cozy cabin or luxurious resort
when you’re done. Get details
Jackson Hole Skiing.

 Rockefeller wall quote at Grand Tetons National Park

This quote pretty much says it all. It was on the wall of one of the buildings
inside the park and couldn’t be truer.

split rail fence and old log chapel in Grand Tetons National Park.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of the Grand Tetons and have seen why
it’s such a wonderful place to visit. 

Want to learn more? Go here for visitor
favorites and reviews:
Explore Grand Teton National Park

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! Going out west is on my bucket list and Jackson Hole is a place that I want to see. Now I know that visiting Grand Tetons is a must. We will drive out west because Sherman will come with us. Do you happen to know if any of your lodging suggestions are dog friendly?

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