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DIY Wooden Tool Box Mail Organizer

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Wooden Tool Box Gets New Life as Mail Organizer

wooden toolbox mail organizer with magazines, pencil, and a label created with cricut

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Hey, friends! Do you struggle with where to put your incoming mail? I sure do. It seems like it always ends up on the kitchen island and I’m fed up with it. In an effort to curb the clutter, I’m now utilizing a freebie wooden tool box that wasn’t being used for anything. 

This simple little idea is my project for this month’s Thrifty Style Team challenge. My friend Julie at Redhead can Decorate hosts this challenge each month and there are 12 home bloggers who share ideas for thrifty decorating. There are always so many creative ideas, so be sure to keep scrolling to the bottom of the post and visit all the other home bloggers. 

Here are my previous Thrifty Style Team projects:

wooden toolbox mail organizer with magazines, pencil, and a label created with cricut

The wooden tool box was part of some free swag from the Haven conference a couple of years ago. It came in pieces as a kit. I put it together and painted it a while ago, but haven’t really used it for anything up until now. I don’t know what I was waiting for since it’s perfect for this spot. 

wooden toolbox mail organizer with magazines, pencil, and a label created with cricut

I used my cricut maker to create a pretty label from cardstock. You could also use vinyl or paint a design with a stencil or even freehand if you don’t have a cutting machine. Or you could simply leave it blank. 

I used the card stock because I couldn’t commit to a permanent design and I can change this out whenever I feel like it. I attached a large paint swatch to the backside so it would look more finished. It’s pretty much the same color as the tool box though. 

rifle paper pencils in a blue and white little creamer pitcher

I found the little blue and white creamer at the Habitat Re-Store for $1 a few months ago and love the colors. It’s perfect for pens and pretty pencils.  

Polish pottery small dish with change

And my sister gave me this pretty little Polish pottery dish for Christmas. It’s ideal for corralling spare change.

wooden toolbox mail organizer with magazines, pencil, and a label created with cricut

The tool box is hopefully where incoming mail will be landing. Directly underneath is our recycling basket, which is actually made from recycled newspapers. Junk mail and other recyclables go here until we take them out to the curbside bin. (I’ve had this basket for probably at least 10 years, but I think Trader Joe’s had some similar ones recently.)

wooden toolbox mail organizer with magazines, pencil, and a label created with cricut

I call this our “landing zone” and honestly, it doesn’t usually look this neat. But since I was photographing it I thought I would tidy it up. Y’all don’t want to see the reusable shopping bags and other things that sometimes end up here, lol. 

painted brick wall and wooden toolbox mail organizer with magazines, pencil, and a label created with cricut

This is basically the only wall space in our kitchen and it isn’t even an actual wall. It’s the backside of the living room fireplace and it’s the only place I have to hang pretty things like cutting boards and artwork. It’s really hard to photograph this wall because the kitchen island is right in front of it. 

painted brick wall with wooden cutting boards, candlesticks, wooden toolbox mail organizer with magazines, pencil, and a label created with cricut

Fingers crossed that we can keep this up so I keep the kitchen island clear. 

Supplies used for this simple little project (scroll down for complete tutorial):

Other items shown:

Here’s a detailed tutorial for the label if you want to make one just like it.

mail organizer, cricut mail organizer label, tool box mail organizer

Yield: 1

Author: Angie @ Postcards from the Ridge

Estimated cost: $20

wooden toolbox mail organizer with magazines, pencil, and a label created with cricut

DIY Mail Organizer

Here’s a simple and quick way to organize your incoming mail and try to keep your counters clear.

prep time: 5 Mperform time: 30 Mtotal time: 35 M



  • Cricut
  • Scoring Stylus or Scoring Wheel


Simple DIY Wooden Tool Box Mail Organizer

  1. Assemble your tool box if necessary. Add any desired paint or finish to the tool box. 

  2. In Cricut Design Space, begin a new project and search through the images for the following items: 1) Heart Book Cover Design #M41E92; 2) Flourish #M85D4433. Add these images to your design. You’ll need to click “detach” for the Heart Book Cover Design in the canvas area and remove the little heart and other shaded area. Then you’ll need to rotate it 45 degrees so the point is facing downward. The flourish design will need to be flipped horizontally by using the “flip” option in the tool bar.
  3. From the left sidebar in the Canvas area, click “shapes” and add a score line.  The line will need to be rotated 45 degrees so it’s horizontal. Duplicate the line and place them so they’ll be spaced apart the same distance as the thickness of your tool box. Mine was 3/4″.  This will give you nice, sharp lines/creases where the label hangs over the side of the tool box. 
  4. In canvas, click “text” from the left sidebar and search for the following font:  Belwe Std Medium, and type your message/label title. Enlarge it to fit your label. You can also increase the amount of space between each letter by using the “letter space” option in the toolbar. I did this for my label.
  5. Center all of your elements by dragging them into place. I’ve found that the easiest way to do this is as follows: On the right side of the screen, click the eye icon (this will hide the element) for all elements except the one you’re centering. Once you’ve placed that one where it needs to be, do the same for each element until they’re all lined up. Then unhide the elements (by clicking the eye icon for each one) to make sure they’re all where you want them to be. Here’s how it should all line up:

  6. When everything is lined up like you want them, click “select all” from the tool bar at the top of the screen.
  7. Then click “attach” in the lower right corner of canvas. 
  8. Next,  click the “make it” in the top right corner.  You’ll want to select “cardstock” for you material, make sure you have the correct tools loaded, and click “mirror” on the left sidebar. This will allow the scoring lines to be on the back of the label.  The letters will be backwards on the screen. Now, you’re ready to create the label. 

  9. After you’ve cut and removed the label, attach a contrasting piece of card stock or a large paint swatch to the back side. I used a glue stick, but you could use an adhesive applicator.
  10. Fold the label on the scored lines and hang it over the side of the tool box.

Created using Craft Card Maker

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  1. This little tote is perfect for organizing your mail. I like that you didn't make the label for it permanent. If you decide to use it elsewhere in your home, you can make a new label and be ready to go!

  2. This is a great project Angie, the mail clutter is my nemesis! I love the vintage ceramics that you incorporated and that whole wall is so beautiful!

  3. So clever! We could definitely use something like this to prevent all the mail from being tossed on the kitchen table! I actually have several old wooden tool boxes with no purpose currently, so this might be perfect!

  4. Hi Angie,

    I love this wall in your kitchen. I wouldn't realize it was the back of a fireplace wall if you didn't mention it. Always styled so pretty.

    Love what you cam up with for your mail.

    Enjoy your day!


  5. I love visiting your blog to see your fresh and unique ideas. Who knew that a simple tool box would be a perfect way to keep important papers organized! I just love your style, Angie.

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