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Media Console Makeover


Budget-friendly makeover for our media console

painted media console makeover

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Hello, friends! Welcome to Week #3 of the One Room Challenge. It’s a 6 week challenge to give one room in your home a brand new look. I’m working on our family room and am doing several small projects and adding new furniture to give this room an update. 

This week I’m sharing how I gave our black media console a fresh new look with paint and new baskets. It was a really easy project that you could do in an afternoon. 

Here’s how the media console looked before. Not bad, but we’re going with a lighter look in here and the black needed to go. I don’t dislike the cabinet so I chose to paint it instead of replace it. Most of my budget is going toward our giant sectional sofa which you’ll see soon. 

Supplies needed for this project:

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How to give a media console a makeover

1. Empty and clean

After removing everything, clean the surfaces with a pre-paint cleaner. My favorite one is this one. Also sand any rough spots.

2. Prime & Paint

painted media console makeover

Priming is usually a good idea. I recommend an acrylic bonding primer like this one. After the primer dries, paint the console with a durable paint. I used an eggshell finish in Benjamin Moore Steep Cliff Gray.

3. Apply wax or clear coat

painted finish on media console

This step isn’t absolutely necessary, but we’ll be moving the baskets in and out of the console so I wanted it to be extra durable. Plus I wanted the piece to have a bit of a rustic look. I used this dark wax and buffed it to a medium sheen once it set up (about 30 minutes after I applied it).

4. Add new baskets

painted media console makeover

I wanted to add some warmth and texture so I found baskets that fit the openings and placed our way-too-large collection of dvd’s in them. I used these baskets in the medium size. (They were out of stock online, but my local store had them so I ordered them for store pickup and they were waiting for me when I got there!) 

Just in case you’re wondering, I think I spent half a day trying to find the right size baskets. There are so many to choose from! I wanted baskets that hold 2 rows of dvds because apparently we hoard those along with everything else in the world. These baskets each accommodate two rows so everything now looks so much neater and tidier. The cords are another issue that hopefully my husband will be taking care of very soon. 😉

painted media console with baskets for dvds

Since I wanted a new look I decided to leave the doors off and have a more open style. At this point I don’t have it styled exactly like I want it and ALL of the cords are showing, but I’ll update the post after we put it all together. I’ll also have images in the reveal post in a couple of weeks. 

Here’s what I’ve shared the first two weeks:

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  • Week Two – Updating the built-in bar area counter top found HERE.

And here’s the plan, subject to small changes. You’ll see the entire space in the reveal on May 9th so stay tuned for that!

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Paisley Pillow Cover // Blue Pillow Cover // Stonewashed throw blanket // 

Macrame pillow cover // Ikat blue pillow cover // Sectional // wallpaper sign // 

foyer table // media console // lamps

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  1. I love the color of your newly painted media console. By the way, those baskets were a perfect size for this console!

    1. Thanks, Tee! I'm really liking the color too. And I searched all over for baskets that were the right size! So glad I finally found these.

  2. Such a beautiful color and the dark wax is a perfect touch. Your room is going to be fabulous. Can't wait!!!

    1. Thanks, Susie! The dark wax gives it so much more personality. I'm anxious for the projects to all be done and we can just enjoy the room!

    1. Thanks, Emy! I'm so glad I was able to use it and not have to buy a different piece. It saved us several hundred dollars!

    1. Thanks, Mary. I think it looks much better too! So glad I was able to use it.

  3. Love the color. You have been busy and doing a great job,this is so fun and gaining lots of ideas along this journey with you. Till next time.

    1. Thanks Marlene! I've got a few more projects planned for the room but am anxious to be done with them. 😀

  4. This looks amazing and love to see older pieces reworked and given a new life. Plus the color is spectacular too great job!

    1. Thank you, Jen. I love it when I can use something I already have or something used/old. It's the ultimate in recycling plus it saves so much money!

  5. Love the color change. Makes it fresh and changed the entire feel of this piece. Loving the baskets and the wax added to.


  6. Wow, that looks like a totally different cabinet! Love it! Loving your design plans for the room too. Can't wait to see it come together. Good luck in week 4!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I'm hoping to be able to get all of the projects done before the reveal day. Fingers crossed!

  7. You have completely updated this console with paint! That grey is such a pretty color, and the baskets add such warmth

    1. Thanks, Jackie. It's amazing what a difference a little paint and some accessories can do to make something look completely different!

  8. This console looks amazing! The combination of the beautiful color and the texture of the baskets is just gorgeous. It looks like a brand new piece of furniture. And thank you for taking the time to walk us through the steps you took as you painted it. It really is so very helpful!

    1. Thanks so much, Kristine. I'm happy with the way it turned out. It was a pretty simple project but makes a big difference in the room.

  9. Your console looks like a brand new piece! Can’t wait to see the rest of your redo!

  10. Thanks, Jane! It really does look like a new piece and was an easy project to do. Saved us some money too!

  11. Oh wow! This looks so fresh and modern now. I love the color you chose and it really looks great with the natural baskets.

    1. Thanks, Patti! I'm hoping the color will go with any color decor since I tend to change things out during the year.

  12. The console looks fabulous! I would have never guessed what it looked like before. Well done! Love you inspiration board too!

    1. Thank you! It definitely looks a lot different. It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of paint!

  13. Looks great Angie! It is such a difference from the black! Can't wait to see the room when finished!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad I was able to use it and not have to find something else. I'm anxious for the room to be done!

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