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Christmas at Night

A nighttime tour of our Christmas decor, plus nighttime Christmas memories

wood lantern with led candles

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There’s nothing quite as magical as Christmas lights at night. 

Traditional Christmas tree at night

I remember as a little girl I would lay on the floor almost underneath the Christmas tree and stare at the lights, dreaming of what Santa might bring me. 

Christmas tree at night

And every year we would hop in the car and drive around looking at the outdoor decorations in our town. My favorite was always a giant spruce tree that had big colored bulbs. It was so tall that the fire department would come out and install the lights. Everyone in town loved it.

Wooden lantern with LED candles

As we drove around, some homes would have their curtains open, showing off their Christmas tree for all to see. It was fun getting a little peek into their homes and seeing their holiday lights and their decor.

little houses on a mantel lit up at night

We still enjoy seeing the lights with our daughters. And one of our favorite nighttime holiday activities is the midnight Christmas Eve service at our church. 

little church on a mantel lit up at night

It begins at 11:00 on Christmas Eve.

The sanctuary is always packed.

We sing traditional carols and hear the story of the birth of Christ from our pastor.

At end of the service the lights are all turned off, everyone lights their candle, and we softly sing “Silent Night” by candlelight.

And then quietly, we exit the sanctuary at midnight and head home for a few hours sleep before the activities of Christmas day begin.   

It’s a beautiful service that we all look forward to and it brings tears to my eyes every year.

What are you favorite nighttime activities and memories of Christmas? Share yours in the comments.


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  1. Beautiful by day and beautiful by night. Love your holiday home! ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. Your photos and décor is gorgeous! Night time is my favorite time for Christmas décor inside and outside.

  3. Memories are what is one of the wonders of Christmas, beautiful lights at night, driving around looking at lights and church services to help us remember what it is all about and last is our family watching them open the gifts and hoping they like what we picked and seeing the glow on their faces when we know we have made a good choice.

  4. I too love both your day and nighttime Christmas. You decoration is so fabulous, with a wonderful feel of sitting around the fireplace/Christmas tree, opening presents, drinking hot chocolate . Seeing the smiles on the kids faces as they open their presents. Your home truly brings out the spirit of Christmas. Thank you, and Happy Holidays.

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