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Fall Mantel with Plaids, Metals, and Farmhouse Charm

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Ideas for decorating your fall mantel and more from 25 home bloggers.

Happy fall, y’all! Well, it’s not officially fall yet, but in our house and in the homes of many of my home blogger friends, autumn has arrived! We’re sharing ideas for decorating your home for fall including mantels, tablescapes, wreaths, printables, and porches. So many great ideas! You’ll see sneak peeks and links to my friends homes at the bottom of the post so be sure to drop by and visit them throughout the week.

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Lots of charming ways to add French farmhouse decor to your fall fireplace.

Our living room fireplace has a mix of farmhouse and French country, old and new, plaid and metal. Eclectic? Yes. Cozy? I hope so.

So many ideas for adding farmhouse and French country style to your fall mantel.

Apparently I’m drawn to rusty metals and have accumulated quite a collection over the past few years. The vintage metal sap buckets were found at the Highway 127 (world’s longest) yard sale a couple of years ago. I loved them but didn’t know what I would do with them. Do you ever do that? 

My mantra is buy it if you love it (and if it’s in your budget!) and you’ll find a home for it.

Love the mix of metals and plaids on this French country farmhouse fall mantel.

The cotton stems add a nice soft texture to the metal buckets. 

Lots of charming ideas for French country farmhouse fall decor.

Another thing I collect is plaid throw blankets and oversize scarfs. There are actually 4 different ones here…one on the mantel shelf and 3 in the old egg crate. 

Such a cozy fireplace! Lots of great ideas for French country farmhouse fall decor.

So many great ideas for adding farmhouse charm to your fall fireplace.

The vintage egg crate belonged to my father-in-law who was a collector. I love that it has a Nashville farm on it since we lived there for many years. It’s extra special to me. And my throw blankets fit perfectly inside it.

Charming ways to add farmhouse style to your fall fireplace and mantel.

An old wicker demijohn and some old books add a bit more texture to the hearth. Old books always seem to find their way into our house and decor. The wrought iron fence pieces were found in an antique shop in Asheville last fall. Guess what? I didn’t know what I was going to do with them either!

So many great ideas for adding French country farmhouse style to your fall mantel.

Love these ideas for adding farmhouse charm to your fall fireplace.

I painted our brick fireplace last week and really love the way it turned out. It has lots of twig and branch imprints and I wanted them to show up, so I did a dry brush technique on the bricks. I’ll share a tutorial for it very soon.

Lots of creative ways to add French country farmhouse style to your fall mantel.

Since it’s nowhere near cold enough for a fire, some dried hydrangeas in a metal tool caddy make an ideal filler for the fireplace opening.

Love these dried hydrangeas in the metal caddy as fall fireplace decor.

Any time I can add hydrangeas to our decor I do. They add a nice texture and have such pretty muted colors. 

Clever ideas for adding vintage farmhouse charm to your fall fireplace and mantel.


The little vintage tin tile plaques came from the Vintage Days market. Again, I had no idea where I was going to put them but knew that I loved the textures and patina on them. They fill in the void below the mantel shelf.

Love the rustic touches on this farmhouse style fall mantel.

Creative ways to add rustic farmhouse charm to your fall fireplace.

Last year’s fall mantel vs this year’s, after I painted the brick. Such a huge difference! Do you like the lighter look as much as I do? Watch for a tutorial on how I got this look very soon.

Such a difference on this dated brick fireplace. Love the lighter version!

Click for sources of items:

  • Cotton Stems – HERE
  • Metal Tool Caddies – HERE
  • Metal Sap Buckets – HERE (similar)
  • Vintage Metal Egg Crate – HERE (similar)
  • Wicker Demijohn – HERE (similar)
  • Throw Blanket on Mantel Shelf – HERE
  • Plaid Blanket in Egg Crate (top) – HERE
  • Plaid Blanket in metal crate and on chair above – HERE
  • Plaid blanket in metal crate #3 – HERE

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  1. Oh Angie! I love your mantel in plaids and metals. You stole my heart with the galvanized containers filled with cotton stems. It's totally beautiful, sweet friend. Totally. Wishing you a blessed and happy Fall season. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. Oh I'm lovin' your painted fireplace hearth and the texture you've revealed with your dry brush technique! I'm mad for plaid so your beautiful throws and scarves are calling my name along with your wonderful wrought iron fence fragments!

    1. Thanks, Mary! Those are some of my favorite items too! Can't wait to see your tablescape! ~ Angie

  3. Love your textures on the mantel and hearth!! The cotton I can get my family in Arkansas to collect and save me some! Thank you for sharing and God bless Have a blessed and safe Labor Day

    1. You're so lucky to have family that can gather cotton stems for you. I'm jealous! Happy Labor Day to you, too! ~ Angie

  4. Your Fall home looks inviting and cozy. Your fireplace looks great painted. Thanks for inspiring me.

  5. Such a pretty fall mantel, Angie! Love all of those plaid blankets and those tin tiles are amazing! So cozy and warm!

    1. Thanks, Doreen. I'm mad about plaid for sure! And those little tin tiles stole my heart when I saw them. ~ Angie

  6. Your mantel and fireplace are absolute perfection, Angie! Everything about it made me feel warm and cozy and ready for fall with the exception of the book on calculus…that gave me chilly high school flashbacks. 😉

    1. Haha. Yes, let's call that calculus book a Halloween decoration because it's frightening! ~ Angie

  7. My goodness it always amazes me how a little paint can make such a complete change on a brick fireplace. We painted ours a few year ago too and afterwards I wondered what had taken me so long. LOL I LOVE all your plaid. I have a few too and loved pulling them out this year. Your mantel is just perfect and I know the rest of your home is all decked for Fall, too.

    1. You're so right, paint can change so many things! And I wish I had done it years ago. Enjoy your plaid throws. There's nothing like to to make the house feel more cozy. ~ Angie

  8. Love how you used the throw blanket on the mantel and the use of different metals is just gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Maryann! I needed something to fill in the dead space on the mantel and grabbed the blanket. It's definitely different but I like it! ~ Angie

  9. I am totally in love with your painted fireplace! I just love the leaf imprints….did the brick come that way? One of my favorite things in Fall are the leaves. The way you styled your mantel and fireplace is perfect for Fall and very cozy.

    1. Thanks so much, AnnMarie! Lucky for us, the imprints were already in the bricks. I did a special paint technique that allowed them to show and not be painted. So glad you like the way I styled it! Thanks for dropping by! ~ Angie

  10. What a lovely tour, thank you so much for including me, I hope you like the tablescape I whipped up. I see we have the same mantra… I do that all of the time, some people actually know what they will do with all of the things they buy, imagine? 😉

    1. Haha, yes. I can only imagine actually knowing what I would do with some of the crazy things that end up in our house! They always seem to find a purpose, though. Love your tablescape! It's so perfect for fall!

  11. Your mantel is fall perfection! I love the combination of metal, wood, old books, scarves, and cotton. I can imagine you lighting a fire this fall and enjoying an evening at home surrounded by your beautiful decor.

    I am really looking forward to your brick tutorial. I love how you imprinted twigs and leaves into the paint. The lighter look really is pretty.

    1. Thanks Paula! All of my favorite things piled up around the fireplace make me happy every time I look at it. And the imprints were already in the bricks. I did a heavy dry brush type paint technique to make the show up against the white paint.

  12. I just love how you've used one of your plaid scarves on your mantel, and the painted fireplace looks awesome!

    1. Thanks, Jane! I needed something to fill in some dead space and the big scarf worked perfectly. Glad you like the painted look.

  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who shops this way. My garage and attic are filled with things I love that I'm still figuring out how to use! But like you did with your mantel, I know I'll find a place for them at some point. Love everything about your fireplace. I covet your plaid blanket collection.

    1. Haha. Yes, if something really speaks to me I try to get it even if I don't know what I'll do with it. Eventually I figure it out. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Lindsay! I have way too many plaid blankets and scarves. It definitely comes in handy when decorating for fall and winter though!

  14. ANGIE! thanks so much for including me in this tour! I love your tartans and plaids. You even have our family tartan represented. What a warm and beautiful and creative fall mantel!

  15. I love every detail that you shared. I love the way you painted your brick! Using the dry brush technique makes it look beautifully muted!

  16. Angie, I am planning on 'getting my fall on' this weekend so love the inspiration you just gave me. And that egg carrier!!! What a great piece with a fantastic history. And what a super group of bloggers…lots of inspiration here.

    Have a great day!

    Hugs, Lynn

  17. When I think of fall, these are all of the things that come to mind…plaid, cotton, and loads of fun textures!! Such a gorgeous mantel, Angie. Love all of the amazing details. And wow…paint made such a lovely difference, too!

  18. Those gorgeous galvanized vases, the plaid and cotton … everything about this is so perfectly Fall!

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