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Small Laundry Room Refresh – $100 Room Challenge

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The reveal and total cost for our low budget laundry room refresh.

small laundry room ideas

Finally. Our little laundry room makeover project is finished! And it’s so
much brighter and fresher in here that it’s making me want to redo several
more rooms. Does that ever happen to you? Redo one thing and then you
want to redo so much more. I like to call it the domino effect and it happens
to me all. the. time. For now, let’s focus on the refreshed teeny tiny laundry

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Here’s how it all started. A group of home bloggers and myself decided to
accept a challenge to makeover a room in our home for no more than $100. A big
thanks to
Erin at Lemon, Lavender, & Laundry
for coordinating the whole thing. You can see all of the awesome room
makeovers at the bottom of the page. You won’t believe the talent and
creativity in these projects!

Knowing that $100 doesn’t go very far when giving a room a makeover, I decided
to stay small and try to use mostly things from my oversize stash. Our tiny
laundry room desperately needed a refresh so it got the attention for this

Here’s what it looked like at the beginning of January. 

I was so over the yellow and the wood door. And apparently I did a sloppy job
painting around the door the last time. Oops! I had purchased the rug to add a
pop of color, which it did, but I was tired of it as well. I knew I wanted to
make the room lighter and fresher and that I had most of the supplies I would
need to do it.

Go here to see the previous weeks’ posts and the progress of the room:

WEEK 1 | WEEK 2 | WEEK 3

Here’s how it looks now. 

*All sources are listed below the idea board at the bottom of the

small laundry room makeover

Such a big difference in such a small space. This room is open to our kitchen
so it’s always in view and now I don’t cringe when I see it. 

It’s a tiny room, so small that you feel like you’re in a closet. The lighter
colors and softer rug help keep the space light and bright now and make it
seem bigger than it really is.

brick wallpaper

I had just enough
brick wallpaper
for the end wall. It’s an outer wall that has brick on the outside and I
wanted the illusion of painted brick.
It looks so realistic, doesn’t it? It turned out better than I had

brick wallpaper

Here’s a close up of the
wallpaper. The texture is very authentic.

As I was installing the wallpaper I made a how-to video and will be sharing
it soon. I’ve never shared a how-to video before so you’ll have to be
forgiving, but I’ll be showing all the steps for hanging wallpaper. I’ve
been hanging it for years and hopefully will have some tips you find
helpful. Stay tuned! I hope to have it posted soon.

vintage clothes pins

vintage wooden clothes pins are some I’ve had for years. They were previously on the shelf above
the washer and dryer. I didn’t put them back up there and now I’m able to see
them all the time. Why keep them stashed away? It’s much more fun to
have them down lower where they can be seen and enjoyed. 

ironing board cover from Pottery Barn

New baskets on the top shelf help keep the space tidy. And a
new cover for our ironing board
gave it a fresh new look.

ticking ironing board cover from Pottery Barn

It hangs up and out of the way with the iron on a
wall mounted rack.

wall mounted drying rack

I’ve had the
wall mounted drying rack
for years and use it almost every time I wash clothes. It’s a great space
saver and is perfect for small laundry rooms like ours.

laundry room makeover with brick wallpaper

metal laundry bin
was also something I already had, but it was being used to store the kitty’s
bag of dry food. Isn’t that where everyone keeps the cat food? Anyway,
it got washed and is now where it belongs…in the laundry room. Bleach and
dryer sheets are hidden inside of it.

Some grocery store tulips in a vintage mason jar add a pop of color, and the
woven tray
adds some texture. 

The punch list:

Here’s the complete to-do list for the $100 Laundry Room Makeover, in the
order it was completed:

  • ✓ Remove shelves, baskets, drying rack, and everything except washer and
  • ✓ Caulk around door trim
  • ✓ Patch nail holes and sand them when dry
  • ✓ Paint walls
  • ✓ Prime accent wall for wallpaper
  • ✓ Install Paintable Brick Wallpaper
  • ✓ Paint the wallpaper
  • ✓ Prime and paint wood door and surrounding trim
  • ✓ Reinstall shelf over the washer and dryer, wall mounted drying rack,
    ironing board rack
  • ✓ Add artwork and baskets
  • ✓ Bring laundry supplies back into the space
  • ✓ Add rug and accessories
  • Celebrate with a glass of wine and a massage

small laundry room ideas

The Cost:

I already had some items on hand, either in this room, in my paint/wallpaper/tool stash, or being used somewhere else in the house. 

$0  Zero dollars spent on these items that I already had:

  • Paintable Brick Wallpaper
    – I had a partial roll and that’s all I needed for this small accent
  • Wall Mounted Drying Rack
    – already had it in this room
  • Paint for trim and walls – leftover from previous projects
  • Metal Laundry Powder Bin
    – previously used to store cat food
  • Ironing Board/Iron Rack – already had it in this room
  • Woven tray
    – borrowed from the family room
  • Lidded glass jars
    – already had them in this room
  • Wire shelf over the washer and dryer – already had it in this
  • Large Woven Basket
    – borrowed from the family room
  • Blue Mason Jar – already had it, similar ones
  • Miscellaneous painting and wallpapering tools, caulk, etc., and
    ladder used on this project – already had these

$0  The vintage
artwork was something I created from free online graphics and then
printed them and hung them with clothespins on a piece of twine. I had
these on hand as well.

  • vintage themed artwork can be found

$0  I used a gift
card and customer rewards points for these, so again, zero dollars spent

$73.38  Here’s where
my budget went:

  • Small Area Rug  $14.99 + tax  –  HomeGoods
    (since they’re hit or miss, it’s also available
  • Ironing Board Cover
     $19.60 + tax  –  bought on sale with free
  • Primer for wallpaper
      $8.99 plus tax
  • Roller Cover   $3.29 plus tax
  • Paint for wallpaper $19.99 plus tax

 Total money spent :  $73.38 including local tax (9.75%)

Not bad for a complete makeover! I guess sometimes it’s a good thing to
have too much stuff. 


Rug | Wall Mount Drying Rack | Wallpaper | Baskets | Laundry Soap Bin | Ironing Board Cover | Large Woven Tray | Blue Mason Jar | Printable Laundry Room Art

Wall Paint – Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments, eggshell finish

Wallpaper and Door color – Benjamin Moore White Dove, eggshell finish on
the wallpaper, satin finish on the door.

What do you think? It looks like a brand new space, doesn’t it? 

I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge because it made me think outside the
box and get really creative. When my husband and I were newlyweds 25 years
ago we had a tiny budget so I learned to stretch our dollars on
everything, including home decor. Our budget isn’t quite as tight these
days but I still love projects like this. The next time you’re tired of
the way a room looks, shop your house, get creative, spend a few dollars
and a little time. Before you know it you’ll have a fresh space that you

Have you done any low budget room makeovers? How did you do it?

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low budget laundry room makeover

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  1. Your laundry room looks amazing, Angie! If we have to do chores, we might as well do it in a pretty place.

    1. I completely agree! Make it pretty and then doing laundry doesn't seem like such a chore.

  2. It does look so much brighter! You really made your budget and time count. Adding my laundry room to my "domino" list as well!

  3. The space is so bright and airy now. That brick wallpaper makes the space. I love it all so much. You did a great job!

  4. Wow, what a great makeover. So much brighter, and that brick wallpaper makes such a difference! Nice work girl!

  5. This space looks ah-mazing!!! It is so bright and fresh. The brick wallpaper adds a great texture to the room, and painting the door made a world of difference. It's amazing how items from around the house can take on a new life in a different spaces. Beautiful job!

  6. I can see why you would want to do laundry now! What a bright and happy space to do a boring chore. It is styled beautifully too. That faux brick wall is amazing!

  7. Okay, now I wish I had added more cute artwork to our laundry room re-do! Super cute prints. And that wallpaper is fabulous! Great result – so much better!

  8. It is so light and bright and pretty! The pink tulips add the perfect touch. What a beautiful place to do laundry.

  9. You did amazing with your budget. Having classic items to work with in the first place is a great lesson here and one I'll keep in mind when shopping. Love the faux brick and your whole transformation!

  10. I can't believe you did all that with such a limited budget. It looks like a completely new space. So pretty and fresh! I would love to do laundry in there. (I hear ya on the domino effect 😉 )

  11. Oh my gosh, this is wonderful! I'm collecting ideas for my laundry area makeover this spring. The faux brick is fanstastic and even I wouldn't mind doing laundry in a room such as this!

  12. Angie, your laundry room is just so beautiful! Love the makeover, from the brick wallpaper, the color on the wall, to the printables, and pretty decor items on top of the wash and dryer – it is all perfect! Nicely done!

  13. I am in absolute awe of this transformation. My laundry room is in need of some serious magic and yours has given me hope that I can do it 🙂

  14. This room turned out so beautiful! It is so light and bright now! And I love that you were able to use so many items you already had.

  15. What a gorgeous makeover! You did an amazing job on this room. I'm definitely going to be stealing some of your ideas when we redo our laundry room!

  16. Angie, I loved how you reused items you already had on hand to create a fantastic looking laundry room. The "brick wall" was a super decorative element. I've been trying to download the printables. I added the box app, but I can't find a print option. I copied to my Mac,but it only wants to print the page with download info, but the actual printables. Would love to use these in our laundry room redo. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Carol. I'm so glad you like the look of the room. I'm still enjoying it months later! For the printables, you'll need to drag your cursor over the thumbnail of each graphic, then click the "download" option for each one. After you download each one you should be able to print them from your files. I hope that helps! If not, let me know and we'll figure something else out for you. ~ Angie

  17. Hi! Beautiful job! Where do I find the vintage art free printables? I would love to download them. Thanks!

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