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8 Creative Ways to use Vintage Olive Baskets

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If you’ve read many of my posts, you know how much I love my vintage olive basket. I don’t know what it is that I love about this thing, but it has become my favorite decorating accessory. I seem to have a thing for rusty metal, so maybe that’s it. Today I’m sharing a few ideas on how to use vintage olive buckets in your home and decor, as well as several sources for them at the bottom of the post.

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vintage metal olive bucket

Currently our olive basket is in the kitchen being used as a recycling bin. If you look closely you can see some newspapers inside of it. There’s usually more in there because we’re big recyclers here.

Last summer I popped the olive basket into my dad’s old radio flyer wagon and simply added some flowers for a pop of color. It was such a nice greeting at the front door! The old watering can adds a bit more vintage vibe.

On last fall’s living room heart I placed a plaid wool throw, some faux pumpkins, and some fall branches in the olive bucket to add a fall feeling to the room. 

During the holiday season I added small live tree to the basket and added it to my red wagon. The old ice skates and vintage sled complete the holiday look. 

Springtime means colorful branches and they’re perfect in the olive bucket. I have a container of water down inside the bucket to keep the branches hydrated and more stable. The old bird house is another item I use on our spring porch.

Here are a few more ways to use olive baskets.

On Sutton Place

Ann at On Sutton Place uses 2 olive baskets for fall mums on her front porch. The orange and blue look perfect together! 

Tidbits & Twine

Here’s a great idea from Tidbits & Twine. She uses her olive basket to hold wood and greenery for a festive holiday look.

Savvy Southern Style

An olive basket makes a perfect holder for a small Christmas tree as demonstrated by Kim at Savvy Southern Style. Isn’t this adorable?

Storing toilet paper is a great way to use an olive bucket, like Miss Mustard Seed does.

Isn’t this a clever light fixture? I’ve seen ones like thes ready to use on Etsy.

And here are some places to find these wonderful, versatile baskets. 

They’re always at Etsy for various prices, usually the most affordable ones are found here, and I’ve also seen them HERE.

Mine came from Decor Steals a couple of years ago. They don’t always have them though.

Do you have an olive basket that you use in your decor? How do you use yours or how would you use one if you had it? I’m always looking for new ways to use mine.

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  1. I have always wanted one of these, they just make everything look so pretty! Thanks for sharing where to find and also for of the beautiful decorating inspiration!

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