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Vintage Wood Desk Chair Rescue and Redo


Guess what day it is??? Themed furniture makeover day!! Once a month some of my furniture painting gal pals get together and do themed painted furniture projects. This month’s theme? Chairs.

Simple facelift for a vintage swivel office chair. Anyone can do this! From Postcards from the Ridge.

Who doesn’t have a chair that needs a facelift? This one was in our garage patiently waiting for me to give it a little makeover. And it’s perfect for my studio/craft room.

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A vintage wooden swivel office chair gets a nice facelift with white dove paint and a new lease on life.

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Vintage wooden office chair before repairs, new wheels, and fresh paint

Giving a facelift to a chair can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint. This solid oak chair I found at the thrift shop needed a little more TLC, but it still wasn’t all that difficult.

Making repairs to a vintage wooden swivel office chairs isn't all that difficult.

It was missing all of the wheels, and one of the sockets had been removed and left some damage.

New caster wheels for a vintage wooden swivel office chair.

After two unsuccessful stops, I went to our locally owned hardware store and they had exactly what I was looking for. You can also find them here

I hammered the new socket into the hole where the old one had been removed and then inserted the wheels into all four sockets. Easy as pie.

Fresh white dove paint, new caster wheels, and a new pillow give this vintage wooden swivel office chair a new lease on life.

After a good cleaning with this cleaner, it got 2 coats of Benjamin Moore White Dove paint, eggshell finish.

A vintage wooden swivel office chair gets a fresh coat of white dove paint, new caster wheels, and a new pillow for a new lease on life.

I had a small pillow form and a yard of a pretty bright yellow fabric so I made a pillow to add a bit of color to it. 

New wheels, a new pillow, and a fresh coat of white dove paint give this wooden swivel office chair a new lease on life.

When I get tired of the yellow, it will be easy to make another small pillow to replace this one. 

A new pillow, fresh paint, and new caster wheels give this vintage wooden swivel office chair a new lease on life.

It has great lines and is very sturdy and comfortable too! I’ve seen ones almost identical to this at Pottery Barn for $429 plus delivery. This one cost less than $50 including all the paint, wheels, and even the pillow and fabric (I got those as swag from Online Fabric Store at the Haven conference). Pretty sweet, huh?

An old wooden swivel office chair gets a facelift with a new pillow, fresh white dove paint, and new caster wheels.

And the nice thing about painting it white is that it goes with any color I put with it! 

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  1. White for your chair coordinates perfectly with your office and it looks more feminine than the original wood tone.

    I bought a similar chair from a neighbor last summer and had to replace the wheels just like you did. My chair is so comfortable and is perfect for office work. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do.

    1. Thanks Paula. The white definitely works better for my office. And yes, it's really comfortable and sturdy!

  2. Angie, I love the color scheme of your office and that chair adds the perfect touch. Great makeover!

  3. Beautiful! It reminds me of one I purchased at PB, but yours is even better! I love the colors in your office and the yellow is great!

    1. Thanks! I've seen them at PB and loved them for a long time. So glad I found this one. I love the yellow too!

  4. What a great find! You really brightened it up and the pillow is a cute accent. Your whole office is so cheerful!

  5. What a fabulous makeover, Angie. I love the look of the crisp white in your craft room. It is highlighted by your blue walls and yellow pillow. LOVE this.

  6. Love your chair! It brightens up the pretty blue and of your room. The yellow pillow was just the right touch too:)

  7. I love this! I actually got a chair from my dad that I was going to redo (after seeing the Pottery Barn one, that was painted white)…well, I started by taking it all apart and trying to glue and fix the "issues". It sat outside and got completely destroyed! A neighbor recently posted one just like it so I picked it up for $25. I just got some Annie Sloan paint and am ready to go, but was wondering if I should paint the metal parts. I see that you didn't. Did you tape them off? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I didn't actually tape it off but painted very carefully around them. Good luck with your chair! ~ Angie

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