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Two-toned dresser ~ Furniture Makeover Day


It’s furniture makeover day! Once a month my furniture painting gal pals and I get together and share painted furniture makeovers with a fun theme. This month’s theme is two-toned pieces.

For this piece, I painted all of it except the top in a taupe color. I used Benjamin Moore Eagle Rock #1469 in eggshell finish.

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The piece I’m sharing today isn’t actually a new project, but I’ve never featured it in a post before and let it show off. It’s made a cameo appearance in a couple of posts, but today it’s the star of the show!

I’m not sure how old this piece is but my parents had it in their house for years. My mom got tired of it about 2 years ago and decided she didn’t want it anymore (lucky me!!). I happily adopted it and gave it a little facelift with some paint. 

The pitcher is one I got at a garage sale last week. And I clipped the wheat-looking plants from our yard. They grow like weeds here and I’m not sure what they’re called, but I thought they looked fall-ish so I clipped a few and brought them inside. They probably are weeds but hey, that’s what wildflowers are, right? Anyway….

If you know what they’re called please let me know. 

Here’s how it was for years. A very pretty piece for sure, but it needed a little refreshing.

After cleaning it with my favorite, easy pre paint cleaner, I added one coat of eggshell finish paint to it. Coffee always makes the job easier, doesn’t it?

I sanded the areas that would show wear naturally and then added a coat of dark wax over the whole piece to seal the porous, sanded paint. 

The only thing I did to the top was add a coat of special dark wax


You can see the wood grain on the top in this photo.

I added some of my favorite books, an alabaster lamp, and some accessories to the top.

Here you can see the beautiful egg and dart detailing on it. 

I sanded just enough so the detailing would show up nicely and the edges would have a time-worn look to them. And how do you like my fake succulents? Getting fake ones means that I can’t kill them like I usually do to my indoor plants. I honestly have a black thumb instead of a green one.

Even though the piece was pretty before it got painted, the details show up even more now. And although there are lots of cute, trendy knobs and pulls I could have used, I put the original ones back on. I really do like them and they fit the style of the piece perfectly, of course!

Since I only added one light coat of acrylic paint it will be easy to strip if I ever decide to take it back to the natural version.

We had it in our entry for a while but now it’s in our bedroom. 

I sure am glad my mom got tired of it! Note: the piece looks lighter and a little purple in the photos. It’s more of a taupe or dark linen color in reality. I tried to edit the photos to look the way it does in person, but I couldn’t get the color exactly right. 

Have you done any two-toned furniture pieces? I’d love to hear about it.

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Thanks so much for dropping by!

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  1. What a gorgeous piece Angie. I love the color. I need to do a piece with a stained top. Never stained anything before. Thanks for all the details. I never new that trim was called egg and dart!

  2. Oh my gosh, Angie! This is beautiful. It is definitely the star of the show now! Lucky that your mom passed it along. I'm sure she wishes she had it back now! XO

  3. So pretty!!! I love the taupe with the wood top- and you distressed it in all the right places. 🙂 Also I'm glad you kept the original hardware. <3

  4. Angie, It's beautiful! I absolutely love the color and how you styled it too. I think it's extra special that you made over a family piece too, now you'll have sweet memories attached to your beautiful dresser!

  5. Angie you did a beautiful job with this cabinet – I love the color and that you left the top stained. So pretty! When you're Mom saw it did she want it back? LOL This is an awesome series that I look forward to every month – you gals are talented bunch!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  6. Oh I love how you can appreciate all the pretty details on the piece now! Fabulous paint color you used, Angie and the sanding and dark wax really make it perfect! P.S. If your mom has any other beauties she's grown tired off I can help you out with that 😉

  7. I like to leave a wood top every chance I get. Yours turned out beautifully. I wish I could find the secret to getting the color right in pictures. Even getting the color the same in each picture is hard for me.

  8. What a pretty color! I love how this turned out. The color adds just the change that it needed. Your accessorizing and photos are also fabulous Angie. So pretty!


  9. Angie, I love the color with the wood!!! Simply stunning. I'm doing a painting tips event next weekend and I think I may have to change my color choice! Jeanette

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