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Tips for using natural items for home decor


Hello, friends! Happy spring! I’m loving all of the flowers and trees that are blooming around here. This week is suppposed to be nice and warm so plenty more flowers, bushes, and trees will be showing off their colors soon.

I always love to use fresh and dried flowers and various items from nature in our decor. Today I’m sharing a few ways to use natural items in your home throughout the whole year. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to perk up your space.

These gerber daisies came from the grocery store. I popped them into some vintage glass bottles that I’ve started collecting. They really add a nice punch of color to our kitchen.

Dried lavender not only looks pretty, it also smells wonderful. It adds a nice touch to our master bath decor.

A couple of roses stuck in a wine bottle make a simple statement on our breakfast room table.

Roses again. I picked these up at the grocery store and placed them in a white pitcher for a beautiful centerpiece. It was part of our Valentine’s decor.

More roses, this time from Costco, placed in a tall bucket and added to our family room hearth were also part of our Valentine’s decor this year.  

In early spring, quince branches provide a pretty coral element. Forsythia branches can be easily forced as well. 

Here on the front porch we have daffodils, forsythia, and quince branches. I shared this photo recently on instagram.

In the kitchen or most any space, preserved boxwood topiaries add just the right amount of natural decor.

A few daffodils placed in a white pitcher are the perfect way to welcome spring. The bright yellow nicely complements the stenciled chest of drawers.

In the fall, baby pumpkins, pine cones, Indian corn and other items such as acorns are great for subtle color and texture.

Pears and fall colored sunflowers mix in well with fall themed dishes and decor.

Dried grasses and more baby pumpkins are a nice way to add fall decor to the mantel.

Cut branches placed in a tall bucket fill in the space behind a sofa.

Postcards from the Ridge. Small trees make great tabletop holiday decor. Lots of great ways to use natural items in your home decor.

Tiny trees can easily be placed anywhere around the home during the Christmas season.

Postcards from the Ridge. Use fresh magnolia branches and leaves for holiday decor. Lots of other great ways to use natural items here.

Magnolia branches are always great filler during the holidays. 

What types of natural decor have you used? I would love to hear your ideas.

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  1. Great ideas! I do most of these things but I still love seeing them. I love to have fresh flowers in the house. We buy them at the grocery store all the time. Pretty often I pick up a bundle of baby's breath – it's a large bundle for $5. I can split it up and put it in several places.

  2. Love all your ideas, and your photos are beautiful! The smell of dried lavender is a favorite of mine.

  3. I love how you use touches of nature everywhere! Beautiful, your photos are lovely! I love twigs, moss, jute, pine cones and wood, any natural element with lots of texture (what ever catches my eye really). I must say I adore the quince & forsythia branches! Thank-you so much for sharing!

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