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The simplest Christmas decorations ever in the history of the world

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Hello, friends! Our house has been getting decked out for Christmas and I still have a mess here with boxes and such, but I’ve gotten a few pictures that I wanted to share.  These are some of my favorite decorations because they’re the easiest things you’ll ever see.  In my mind, I like to keep it simple.  Because, as you know, what goes up must come down.  Or be put away a few days after Christmas, anyway.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this.  Shiny ornaments in a pretty bowl.  You’ve probably got these already. If not, stop by Walgreens on your next trip out and you’ve got this one covered.

Decked out rain boots.  I’ve been seeing this idea for a couple of years and think it’s so fun.  I scored these boots at Costco a couple of months ago and inserted a couple of large sprigs and then set them next to the front door.  BAM.  The entry is now decorated.

More Christmas ornaments with some velvet ribbon and photos from year’s past also decorate the entry. I snagged the ribbon at Marshall’s a couple of weeks ago.

Surprise!  More ornaments!  I seem to have a slight obsession with them, don’t I?  There SO easy to decorate with.  

And at last, chalkboard design that I can handle.  The tree drawing is so simple it’s ridiculous. This chalkboard is one that I made and I have another one just like it for sale in my shop, if you’re interested.  I’ll even draw a tree on it for you.  🙂

Do you have some pretty glasses?  Pop a candy cane in them and set them out for display.  You can also find the cutest bottle decorations at World Market.  I got this one last year, but they have some cute ones this year too.  

The whole cart is getting into the Christmas spirit, wouldn’t you say?  

I hung a pretty towel that I’ve had for a few years over the handle to add a bit more pizzazz to it.

And my favorite wreath in the whole house is this one.  I stuck some wine and champagne corks and a few miniature ornaments (surprise again) in a wreath and called it done.  I took a roll of narrow ribbon and tucked it into various spots around the wreath.  It’s a five minute project, tops.  

There you go.  We DO also have a tree that has tons of vintage glass ornaments.  I’ll share pictures of it in the next few days.  I’m waiting for the elves to show up and help me get the boxes and other carnage out of the room first.

So, what do you think of my simple decorations?  What’s the easiest decoration you’ve ever done that turned out great?  I’d really love to know!

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  1. Love your holiday decorating. Most homes are way over done for my taste. Give me simple creative design any day. Love your blog. Yarlette

  2. I love your red stemware. I've been looking all over for a set just like them for a few years now. Any chance you will remember where you got them?

    1. Hi Linda. My stemware came from an antique store almost 20 years ago, but I found a very similar one on Wayfair. Here's the link if you're still looking for them: http://shrsl.com/?~4ojj Thanks for stopping by! ~ Angie

  3. You're so right! Is that a silver dish they're in or glass? Whatver it is I love the reflection and to me Christmas decorating is all about lights. So very pretty.

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