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Solid maple black painted dresser


Do you ever feel like inanimate things in your home have a
personality?  Sometimes I do.  And this is one of those times, even
though this piece is in my retail space and not my home….yet.

I bought it from a nice local lady a few weeks ago and have been trying to figure out what to do with it since then.

It seemed masculine to me, and I was trying to decide on a masculine color to paint it.  I was going back and forth between black, red, and even strongly considered painting the Union Jack on the front of it.  I’ve been dying to do that to a piece.

You can see it in the bottom right hand corner of the photo above.  The top badly needed refinishing, but I really wanted to paint the rest of it.

I’ve been seeing some beautiful black painted pieces lately and that helped me decide to go that route.  Here it is after I sanded the top and painted the rest of it black.  The maple has a pretty wood grain.  I used Benjamin Moore Matte Aura paint mixed to the color Onyx for the paint.

I stained the top of it in Zar Teak Natural, mainly because I thought I wanted to leave the knobs as they were and not paint them.

The knobs in their original state.  I wasn’t crazy about it, even though the top matched them.  It was just too busy.  It didn’t look content like that.

So I went ahead and painted them onyx too.  I’ll show you the lazy way to paint knobs in an upcoming post.  I’m lazy….and that causes me to think creatively sometimes!

I lightly distressed the edges and knobs, applied a coat of Minwax dark wax, and called it done.  I will be adding a coat of polyurethane to the top as well, but it won’t change the overall look of the piece.  It will just give it super durability for the future.

It’s very sturdy, has large dovetailed drawers, and would be perfect for a boy’s room, foyer, or family room.

It’s for sale in my retail space currently for $249.  But I’m thinking it might have to come hang out in our living room if it doesn’t sell right away.  Is that wrong?

With three females plus a female cat in our house, I think my husband would welcome something masculine in the decor.  We shall see.

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  1. Oh I love this piece. A simple piece, but the black with the natural top looks amazing. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks Marty! I like the simplicity of the piece too. Have a great day! ~ Angie

  2. Beautiful Angie! I could see that in the sneak peek yesterday but the full reveal is gorgeous. I love the wood top and the combination of wood tones and black paint never gets old for me! Thanks for sharing! -Holly

    1. Thanks, Holly! I like the wood combination too…it keeps it warm and cozy. And the black is so classic, like the little black dress! Have a great week! ~ Angie

    1. Thanks, Laurel. I'm hoping it will be a classic, like a little black dress! Have a great day! ~ Angie

  3. LOVE what you did! I have one very similar to this, now I know what I'll be doing with it! Saw your staining on Instagram and was wondering what you were up to… just awesome! Pinning!

    ~Laurie @ Vin'yet Etc.

    1. Hey thanks, Laurie! It was a pretty easy project, thankfully. Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by! ~ Angie

  4. Yes, this is a masculine-looking piece! You did a great job with it. I saw your post over at Miss Mustard Seed's party along with the green piece that you did this week. Wish I could get two pieces of furntiure painted a week!

    1. Thanks! Two pieces finished this close together is a small miracle for me. But it's finally spring and I'm feeling energized! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment (or 2)! ~ Angie

    1. Thanks Deanne. I think the black is both trendy and timeless, kinda like a little black dress! Thanks for stopping by. ~ Angie

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