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When Mother Nature gives you lemons…or an ice storm

We’re in middle of an ice storm here in the ridge.  Not to worry, the Mr. and the kids plus one extra are all home safe and sound.

We’ve got bread.

We’ve got milk.

We’ve got firewood ready in case the ice causes any power outages.

Most people would see this as a major inconvenience, which it is, no doubt.  I see it as an opportunity.  To take some really cool pictures.  Seriously…how often do you get an ice storm??

I ventured out to the front porch and under the eaves earlier today and snapped what I could safely get to.  I tweaked them a tad and thought I would share the images with those of you who aren’t lucky enough to be experiencing an ice storm today.

The drops are frozen.  I think they look beautiful.

Encapsulated with ice.

It’s still coming down, so the frozen drips will probably get even longer.

Close up.  This bush is right next to the house so I didn’t have to walk on any ice.

Icicles on our gutters.

The Mr. said these look like hearts.  Frozen buds.  I hope they don’t die.

I love the black and white here.

Brought to you in technicolor.

I can’t remember what this bush is called, but I called it Sprite.  On ice.  Or actually ice on Sprite.

The hearts again.  This time in color.

Frozen grasses.

And some more.

More frozen buds.

And a little hungry bird.  There were 8 cardinals in the front yard at one time.

Lonely, frozen buds.

If you’re in the ice storm, please stay safe.  As I said, I didn’t stray away from dry ground when taking these. They are all from my front porch or under the eaves.  

If you don’t have an ice storm where you are, you can pretend.  Without the nasty roads!

Have a great day and stay warm.

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  1. Beautiful photos! I'm homebound with an ice storm in Idaho, too. Our stairs and sidewalks are sheer ice, and my car is encapsulated in a thick coat of it. Good day to snuggle down and stay off the roads.

    1. Our cars are also encapsulated and our sidewalks are slick. We'll be staying in all day today! Be safe and stay warm!

  2. Ack! I keep trying to comment and my logins are all messed up! If I've posted this comment three times, forgive me. Your pics are beautiful!

    1. Thanks! My replies have been a little uncooperative today too. Must be something up with blogger.

    1. Thanks! It's not too bad if you don't try to get out and drive in it! Thanks for stopping by! ~ Angie

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