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Scrappy, crafty Valentine’s banner


Happy Saturday, friends!  We’ve got some gorgeous sunshine here in the ridge today.  Many areas around us got snow on Thursday, but we got nothin’ here except some disappointed kids.

I’ve been seeing some of the cutest Valentine’s banners on the web lately and thought I’d try my hand at making one for us.  I’m not usually the crafty type, but I really wanted to do this one.

I have a collection of fabric sample books at work with the prettiest swatches in them.  Many of these books are discontinued, but I can’t seem to part with them.  My hoarder tendencies just won’t let me purge them.

For this project, I actually used a few of the pages from one of these sample books.  I showed some of the swatches on my facebook page a couple of days ago, so you might have seen them already if you follow me there.

My 16-year-old daughter has already told me she’s going to swipe it and take it to the basement, where her bedroom is and also our rec room.  I thought I’d better go ahead and take some pics while it’s still on the living room mantel.

The swatches were already cut into this size and bound into the sample books.  I used a sharp utility knife to cut them out and them trimmed up the top edge, which you can’t even see.

I already had the burlap fabric, leftover from my command center project.  I cut the pieces a little larger than the fabric samples and pulled out a few of the threads to give it a sort of fringed edge.  I layered the pieces on top of each other, the folded the top edge over a piece of twine and attached them with some clothes pins.

I already had the twine and clothes pins.  The only thing I bought for this project was the little felt hearts.  I got a package of about 20 from Hobby Lobby for $2.39 plus tax.

I think we might add some letters stenciled in black to say “LOVE”, or we might just leave it just like it is. I’ve still got tons of fabric samples that we can make another one or two with, and maybe we’ll ad some words to those.

So there you go.  Even non-crafty people like me can do this simple banner.  I didn’t even use my hot glue gun for this one.

How about you?  Have you put out Valentine’s decor yet?

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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