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Weekend at the lake

I’ve not had much activity to blog about here at the ranch as far as home improvements go, but I have been busy with my camera.  I hope to finish painting the trim in our master bedroom very soon and will do a tour of it when it’s complete.  I seem to be a little slow at these things.  And I’ve forgotten what a pain in the rear it is to paint baseboards.  YUCK!  

We got to spend some time at the lake over the weekend and I was lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of beautiful things to photograph.  Let me know what you think!

 The neighbors have the most beautifully painted Adirondack chairs.  It’s like rainbow row west.

 The geese were out early Sunday morning.

 There was a fog on Sunday morning that gave the lake a calming, peaceful look.

 Dew on the grass.

 “Hens and chickens”.  At least that’s what we call them.

 There’s nothing as beautiful as a spider web with early morning dew on it.

 The sky was so blue and the white puffy clouds were just gorgeous.

 Another shot of the dock in the leftover fog.

 Headed west.

 Purple clematis.

 Tender young peaches.

 Poppies by the lake.

I hope you’re having a great week and have plans for a fabulous Memorial Day!

Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Angie I LOVE the pic of the chairs! I am going to show it to my mom who does watercolors as inspiration!

    1. Thanks, Kristin. I love those chairs too. That would make a wonderful watercolor. Let me know if she paints one. I'd love to see it!
      Have a great day.

    1. Thanks, Jane. It's always a good time to go to the lake! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I really like them all – but am partial to the chairs, also. I really wish I was sitting in one right now!

    1. Thanks, Karen. I wish I was too. They're just so colorful and fun, kinda makes you forget about anything that's not right in the world! Thanks for visiting.

  3. Your photographs are stunning! Seriously – you should frame these and put them in your bedroom.

    And that lineup of colorful chairs looks like heaven to me!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I'm hoping to frame some of these and my other faves and do a gallery wall probably in my hallway. It's screaming for some artwork and I might as well use my own! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Angie,

    Your photographs are absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty around you with us. My favorite is the dew on the grass.


    Happy Memorial Day!


    1. Thanks, Karianne. I always enjoy your pictures too. And I love everything you've done with your house. It's all so gorgeous.

      Have a great week.


  5. Angie,

    These pictures are beautiful! You have a great eye for the special shot! I especially like the colorful chairs and the fog over the lake.

    Hope to see you soon, Patti

    1. Thanks, Patti! It's my own private form of therapy! I'd rather be taking pictures than doing anything else.
      I love the chairs too, and the fog pictures are magical.
      Have a great week. And I hope your summer is off to a good start!
      See you soon.

  6. I think your blog header should be famous, and I came back to feature your photo on Friday Finds.

    1. Thanks so much. I can't tell you how much that makes me smile. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures. I've thought about not doing any more photo posts because I don't get the same "numbers" as I do with my project posts. I have to remind myself that those numbers don't really matter anyway since I'm not in this for the money, just for fun!
      Have a great weekend, and thanks again.

    1. Thanks, Maria. I really enjoy taking these. Glad you enjoyed seeing them!
      Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by.

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