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Quick, cheap and easy sofa slipcover


Are you tired of looking at your sofa fabric but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars having it reupholstered? Today I’m showing you a cheap easy sofa slipcover project.

cheap easy sofa slipcover

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If the price for a new sofa isn’t in the budget but you can’t stand the one you have, I totally understand. Our old sofa was structurally in good shape, but the upholstery had faded in some spots and the cat had scratched the ends a little, and it was looking a bit dated. Here’s how it looked:

Not to mention that I was really tired of looking at it and never really liked it all that much.  We had it re-upholstered in the red paisley fabric many years ago mainly because that fabric was dark, busy and heavy weight.  At the time our girls were 2 and 5 and durability was our top priority.

cheap easy sofa slipcover

On a bit of a whim, I gave our outdated sofa a quick, cheap, and easy update and never looked back! Here’s what I did:

Cheap Easy Sofa Slipcover

Supplies needed to

  • For this easy and budget-friendly slipcover, I used a >>12′ x 15′ dropcloth<< which retails for around $30 – $35. 
  • To help keep your slipcover in place, I recommend using this item.

NOTE – See dozens of affordable slipcovers in various styles and colors here: Sofa Slipcover Collection

If you want a casual drop cloth covered sofa, follow these instructions.

How to cover your sofa with a dropcloth

It’s a pretty simple process, but here’s what I did:

slipcovered sofa

How to slipcover a sofa

Yield: 1
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Give your old, dated sofa a new look with a quick and easy slipcover. It's low budget and washable too.


  • 12′ x 15′ dropcloth
  • tuck-in grips


  1. Remove the cushions if possible and vacuum the crud out of the crevices. With any luck, you’ll find enough change in there to treat yourself to a trip to Starbucks. Replace the cushions.
  2. If you have a dryer with a steam setting, fluff the drop cloth to remove any wrinkles. If not, don’t worry, the wrinkles will smooth out over time.
  3. Drape the drop cloth loosely over the sofa, centering it as much as possible width-wise.
  4. Line up the front edge of the drop cloth with the bottom edge of the sofa. It can be touching the floor or not, depending on your personal preference.
  5. Smooth the drop cloth over the cushions.
  6. Line up the bottom of the sides of the drop cloth with the bottom side edges of the sofa.
  7. Tuck the excess into the crevices between the sides of the cushions and the arms.
  8. Adjust the back side of the drop cloth so that the bottom of the drop cloth touches the floor.
  9. Then tuck in the excess of the back of the sofa between the back of the seat cushions and the seat backs/cushions.
  10. Use the tuck-in grips  to hold it all in place and keep it from getting all wonky. Note: You can also use a piece of plastic pipe cut to the size needed, or a long carboard tube like the ones that fabric stores use.

How do I keep it straight?

The drop cloth will need to be re-tucked in occasionally but it’s easy enough to do. These tuck-in grips will keep it tucked in pretty well and will cut back on the amount of straightening that you have to do.

Is it washable?

Yes. If the drop cloth gets dirty you can wash it on cold water and dry it on low or hang it to dry.

Cheap Easy Sofa Slipcover

cheap easy sofa slipcover

Here are a few more pictures of the sofa with the drop cloth on it.  It’s a bit slouchy and messy, but I like it that way.

NOTE: I wouldn’t recommend it on a sofa that the whole family spends a lot of time on unless you don’t mind it coming untucked often. I’m usually the only one who goes in here. No television, no computer, no electronics. Just me and the fireplace and the view.  What’s not to like?

cheap easy sofa slipcover

The soft pleats on the arms are pretty easy to arrange. It just takes a few minutes of working with it.

cheap easy sofa slipcover

I know I won’t keep it like this forever, but for now it works great for us in this room.  

Update: After I had a spill on my drop cloth slipcover that wouldn’t come out in the wash, I replaced it with this cotton sofa slipcover.

cotton slipcover on sofa in living room

Slipcovered dining room chairs

Recently I lightened the look of our dining room by slipcovering the dark wood chairs with this slipcover: dining room chair slipcover. You can see the big difference it made below.

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  1. Your sofa looks great. I just love drop cloths. They are so versatile. I have one being used as a tablecloth right now. Your room is lovely.

    1. Thanks. I love them too. Using one for a tablecloth is a great idea. Thanks for visiting!

  2. That looks fantastic! Love how nicely it drapes and those pillows are perfect with it. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

    1. Thanks! It's such an easy and inexpensive fix. And thanks for hosting the link party. This is my first time linking to your blog. You have a great site.

  3. I love this idea!! I have a couch and loveseat I want to do this to now! I've used them as curtains and tablecloths but never thought to use them as slipcovers. Cool idea! Visiting from ATPF!
    Jeri =)

    1. Thanks. I haven't used them for anything else YET, but I'm sure I will. Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend.

    1. They're so versatile, aren't they? Thanks for hosting the party and for visiting. ~ Angie

  4. I love this! I've been debated on weather or not to get one of those pricey slip covers online and really didn't want to spend the money. I just bought one of those natural toned painters drop cloths at Harbor Freight this weekend for $14. I'm going to have a new purpose for it I think. 🙂 Too awesome! Thanks!

    1. It's such a quick and easy project, especially if you already have the drop cloth. Thanks for stopping by. ~ Angie

  5. I was browsing through your blog and found your drop cloth slipcover. I love it and am going to give it a try this weekend on my red living room sofa. I've been wanting to cover it with a neutral color, but I'm too cheap to spend a lot of money on a pre-made slipcover. Yours looks fantastic! Thanks for the absolutely great idea. (I featured it today, too.)

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